The 7 Best Virtual Landline UK Services Compared for 2024

The best virtual phone number providers offer high-quality voice calls, a wide range of features, and excellent scalability. Thanks to the many benefits, virtual phone numbers have become a popular choice for UK businesses of all sizes.

To help you find a virtual landline service for your business, we’ve compared several providers, such as 8×8, Vonage, and, based on factors like pricing, reliability, features, and customer service. Our comparison will help you make an informed decision.

The 7 Best Virtual Phone Number Providers Ranked

What makes a great virtual phone number provider is a combination of features and price. Here’s a quick breakdown of the top 7 virtual phone number providers in the UK for 2024:

  • 8×8 — The best for reliability and unlimited international calls to 14 countries — including the UK.
  • Vonage — Popular UK virtual phone number service for solid uptime and security; plus, you’ll have unlimited international calling and toll-free numbers for your business.
  • — Perfect for freelancers looking for a reliable and inexpensive virtual phone number solution to place unlimited calls in the UK.
  • Nextiva — Ideal for larger businesses looking for a cheap alternative to traditional landlines as it offers free calling to 50+ countries and advanced call tracking.
  • DialPad — A solid option for businesses of all sizes looking for a tool that packs a punch with features at a reasonable price. This includes unlimited video meetings, call routing, and ring groups.
  • MightyCall — The best virtual communications solution if you’re looking for an international or toll-free number to boost your business’ presence.
  • Ooma — A popular virtual phone number service for both business and residential needs, and it boasts useful features like a virtual receptionist. Plus, the home plan is free.

The Best Virtual Landline UK Services Compared

As for comparing the providers, the table below shows their differences. From their pricing and features, check out the table and decide which is best for you:

Virtual Phone Number Cheapest Plan Top 3 Features Voicemail Transcription Toll-free Numbers
8×8 £10/user/month Collaboration, unlimited calls to 14 countries, app integrations
Vonage £9/user/month Unlimited international calls, robust security, toll-free numbers £9.67/user/month Text messaging, HIPPA-compliant video conferencing, IP desk phone compatible
Nextiva £19.32/user/month Auto Attendant, voicemail transcription, call forwarding
DialPad £12/user/month AI call and voicemail transcriptions, unlimited video meetings, web and chat support
MightyCall £12.10/user/month Toll-free numbers, extra phone number, International phone number
Ooma £16.12/user/month Caller info matches, hot desking, white-glove onboarding

The Best Virtual Phone Number UK Providers Reviewed

Let’s take a closer look at the 7 best virtual landline number providers for 2024.

8×8 — Best for Home and Small UK Businesses

A logo of 8x8

Cheapest Plan Top 3 Features Voicemail Transcription Toll-free Numbers
£10/user/month Collaboration, unlimited calls to 14 countries, app integrations

8×8 is the perfect solution for both residential and small businesses in the UK — anyone looking for a feature-rich, affordable virtual phone number provider to place calls.

With its SMS, MMS, and team chat features, 8×8 provides an all-in-one communication solution. Whether you’re working with colleagues or clients nationwide, this UK VoIP ensures reliable connection quality and secure conversations every time.

Beyond this, 8×8’s unlimited voice calling to 14 countries is an invaluable asset for businesses that frequently collaborate with people in other countries.

Unlike traditional phone numbers, everyone can stay connected regardless of location. This makes international collaboration a lot easier and much more cost-effective than traditional phone services.

Moreover, 8×8 lets you integrate with popular third-party apps like Slack and Zoom, letting you incorporate VoIP into your existing workflow for seamless syncing between different apps.

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8×8 offers a comprehensive suite of features to help your business grow. For just £10/user/month, you get unlimited calls to 14 countries, including the UK. Here are all the plans on offer:

  • Express: £10/user/month
  • X2: £19/user/month
  • X4: £36/user/month

Overall, 8×8 is an excellent choice for small businesses in the UK looking for a cost-effective virtual phone number provider with ample call management and collaboration features.

Beyond this, it offers reliable connection quality and secure conversations. Take advantage of the 30-day risk-free trial now.


  • Unlimited international calls
  • Excellent mobile and desktop apps
  • Seamless integrations


  • Not the best after-sales support

Vonage — Popular Option for Unlimited International Calling

A logo of Vonage

Cheapest Plan Top 3 Features Voicemail Transcription Toll-free Numbers
£9/user/month Unlimited international calling, robust security, toll-free numbers

Vonage is one of the top unlimited virtual phone systems in the UK. Its services are designed to be an affordable replacement for traditional landlines and provide excellent value for money.

With its unlimited international calling capabilities, you can stay connected with family and friends abroad without worrying about the cost of long-distance calls.

The connection quality is also excellent. Beyond this, one of the concerns with virtual phone systems is VoIP security. For this, Vonage offers robust encryption capabilities.

Your calls are also completely private. This makes it an ideal choice for business owners who must keep their discussions safe from prying eyes.

On top of this, Vonage’s toll-free numbers make it easy for customers to reach you without paying long-distance charges. This is ideal to ensure that customers can easily contact you.

Plus, the numbers are easy to remember, making it convenient for customers to contact you.

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Vonage offers two additional plans if you require more features after its most basic plans, Express and Core. The Pro plan incorporates everything in the Core plan and adds unlimited international calling and call recording.

  • Express: £9/user/month
  • Core: £18/user/month
  • Pro: £20/user/month
  • Max: £25/user/month

As the most extensive option, the Max package provides advanced call routing, API access, an integration suite, and extra features. Overall, it provides excellent quality, affordability, and security.

It’s definitely a standout virtual phone number provider in the UK.


  • Excellent security
  • Comprehensive features
  • Very reliable uptime


  • No extensions — Ideal for Those After an Inexpensive Virtual Phone Service

A logo of

Cheapest Plan Top 3 Features Voicemail Transcription Toll-free Numbers
£9.67/user/month Unlimited international calling, robust security, toll-free numbers is one of the oldest and most reliable VoIP providers in the UK. It offers a robust system with excellent features, such as unlimited minutes and international calls, at competitive prices.

The user interface is easy to understand and use, making it an ideal choice for freelancers who don’t want to be bogged down by technicalities.

Beyond this, it also allows for conversational text messaging in real-time with colleagues and clients alike. This is extremely useful for remote teams, for example.

Plus, you’ll also be covered when it comes to HIPAA-compliant video conferencing. This is ideal for those who need to conduct sensitive meetings or conversations.

With end-to-end encryption and server-side security protocols, you can rest assured knowing your data is secure. Furthermore, is IP desk phone compatible.

This makes it an excellent choice for businesses that require reliable hands-free communication directly from your desktop.


The Plus Plan, which costs £12.90/user/month, is ideal for freelancers as it provides unlimited calls, video conferencing for up to 25 people, and custom greetings.

Additionally, all plans are covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can switch your plan if needed:

  • Basic: £9.67/user/month
  • Plus: £12.90/user/month
  • Pro: £19.35/user/month


  • Flexible pricing
  • Free number porting
  • Very affordable


  • Fewer integrations

Nextiva — Affordable Option for Larger Enterprises

A logo of PNextiva

Cheapest Plan Top 3 Features Voicemail Transcription Toll-free Numbers
£19.32/user/month Auto attendant, voicemail transcription, call forwarding

Nextiva is undoubtedly one of the best unlimited VoIP providers in the UK, offering an affordable and reliable solution for larger enterprises.

With features like free calling to over 50 countries, unlimited local and long-distance calls within the US, and advanced call-tracking capabilities as a softphone, it’s an ideal choice for businesses.

For scaling businesses, there’s nothing more valuable than an auto-attendant. With Nextiva, businesses can automatically manage incoming calls with a professional voice greeting and menu system.

This allows customers to get the information they need quickly and efficiently. Nextiva also offers advanced voicemail transcription that allows you to convert audio messages into text in seconds.

This makes it easy to review important messages without having to listen to them. Plus, the transcription is highly accurate, so you can trust that you won’t miss any important details.

For businesses that need to stay connected on the go, you’ll also get advanced call-forwarding features to forward incoming calls to any number or device to take business calls from wherever you are.

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The Essential plan includes unlimited calling and basic features such as call forwarding and caller ID.

  • Essential: £19.32/user/month
  • Professional: £22.55/user/month
  • Enterprise: £30.62/user/month

Moving up to the Enterprise plan comes with extra extras like call recording and analytics. Overall, Nextiva is an excellent option for large businesses seeking a reliable and affordable VoIP solution.

Its powerful call-tracking capabilities and free international calling options will make it an excellent choice for your business.


  • Personally branded call attendant
  • Professional call management
  • Personal account manager

DialPad — Great for Businesses of All Sizes

A logo of DialPad AI

Cheapest Plan Top 3 Features Voicemail Transcription Toll-free Numbers
£12/user/month AI call and voicemail transcriptions, unlimited video meetings, web and chat support

DialPad is an AI-powered business landline system known for its robust features. From high call quality to seamless internal collaboration, everything can be managed through DialPad.

For internal team communication, DialPad also offers 5-hour long online video meetings complete with in-meeting chats and waiting rooms.

If you prefer audio calls, you can also get on a three-way call directly through DialPad and record the entire conversation in case you want to refer back to some of the points made during the call.

For customer calls, DialPad offers countless advanced call management features such as call routing, call forwarding, and creating multiple ring groups.

All these features together ensure that you can attend to every caller as soon as possible, connect them to the best-suited agent, and offer them a wonderful experience.

To help you understand your customer satisfaction, you’ll also be provided an automated post-call summary where you’ll have all the details of your caller, recordings (if any), and other call details.

While DialPad is truly a diverse business phone system, it doesn’t have everything. That’s why it offers integration with business apps such as Salesforce, Google Workspace, and Microsoft Teams.

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DialPad’s Standard plan is feature-packed with unlimited MMS, SMS, video meetings, and of course, calling too. Such a range isn’t available even in some VoIP providers’ most lavish plans.

  • Standard: £12/user/month
  • Pro: £20/user/month
  • Enterprise: Custom

That said, one of the unique pricing options by DialPad is its Enterprise plan, which is fully customizable for large-scale businesses with never-ending VoIP requirements.

Is DialPad for you? Find out risk-free now with the 14-day free trial.


  • One of the few AI-powered VoIP services
  • Excellent interface and dashboard
  • Records voicemail with clear audio


  • The international calling feature isn’t that good yet

MightyCall — Best for Business Toll-Free and International Numbers

A logo of MightyCall

Cheapest Plan Top 3 Features Voicemail Transcription Toll-free Numbers
£12.10/user/month Toll-free numbers, extra phone number, international phone number

MightyCall offers various advanced communication tools to help UK businesses stay connected. It offers unlimited VoIP services with features such as virtual numbers and call forwarding and recording.

That said, MightyCall helps UK businesses stand out from the competition with its toll-free numbers. These are great for providing customers with a way to reach you without long-distance charges.

On top of that, it also allows businesses to create a local presence in other parts of the country, opening up new markets and opportunities.

Plus, MightyCall provides an extra phone number for companies that want to keep their personal and business calls separate. Finally, with an international phone number, businesses can establish a presence in other countries.

This is great for companies looking to expand their reach and build new relationships internationally.


MightyCall’s pricing is kept straightforward:

  • Small Team: £12.10/user/month
  • Business: £16.14/user/month
  • Enterprise: £121.03/month

Overall, MightyCall provides an array of advanced communication tools beyond the basics, making it a worthy name on our list of the top unlimited VoIP providers in the UK.


  • After-hours call routing
  • Branded IVR
  • Softphone supported


  • Device syncing issues

Ooma — Popular for Both Business and Residential Needs

A logo of Ooma

Cheapest Plan Top 3 Features Voicemail Transcription Toll-free Numbers
£16.12/user/month Caller info matches, hot desking, white glove onboarding

Ooma’s landline system is available for both residential and commercial needs. While most VoIP systems are only available through a mobile app, Ooma offers the option to choose a landline.

If you choose the landline for residential purposes, you’ll get free shipping and a 60-day trial to check it out. Ooma will walk you through the entire process through their beginner tutorials.

That said, Ooma’s commercial phone systems have a lot more call management options. Features such as call forwarding, virtual receptionists, music-on-hold, and ring groups ensure that your callers have a wonderful experience.

For example, a virtual receptionist will attend to your callers when you’re away. It’ll note their reason for calling and redirect them to the right team member.

Another call management feature that stands out is calling parking. With this, you can put the call on hold on one device and then take it up from a different device without disconnecting the connection.

In a situation where a coworker desperately needs to use the phone you’re on, this will help you transfer the call to another device. After all, it might not be the best idea to make your customer disconnect the call and wait for a ring back.

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While Ooma Home starts free and then you pay for individual features, Ooma Office’s pricing looks like this:

  • Standard: £16.12/user/month
  • Enhanced: £22.58/user/month
  • Call Center: £40.33/user/month

If you’re a small business with basic VoIP requirements, the Standard plan will serve both you and your pocket well. Need CRM integration, video meetings, and unlimited call queues too?

Upgrade to either the Enhance or Call Center plan, depending on your preference for features.

Take Ooma for a trial without risking a single penny, thanks to its 30-day full refund policy. There’s also a 60-day trial period for Ooma Premier subscribers.



  • Can take time to get a hang of

What is VoIP Calling?

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) calls let you make unlimited phone calls to any number worldwide without incurring additional charges. It uses an internet connection instead of traditional phone lines to transmit audio between two or more devices.

That said, the popularity of these systems is drastically on the rise, and it’s important to note that by 2025, the UK aims to phase traditional landlines out.

Benefits of the Best UK Virtual Phone Systems

Aside from convenience and reliability, here are the key benefits of using an unlimited VoIP calling plan:

Cost Savings

Unlimited VoIP plans provide a cost-effective solution for users making frequent calls. These plans offer significant savings over traditional landline or cellphone services by eliminating costly roaming charges and international fees.

Plus, there are no additional taxes or surcharges associated with VoIP services.

Flexible Plans

Virtual phone systems come in various packages to suit the needs of different customers. These plans can be tailored to include specific features such as call forwarding, voicemail, and caller ID.

That said, you’ll find some are best suited as business phone systems and others for residential, or in the instance of Ooma, both.


With a virtual phone service, users can access their phone lines from anywhere in the world. This makes it easy to stay connected while traveling or working remotely without the need for a fixed physical location.

Plus, many virtual number providers offer mobile applications that allow customers to make and receive calls on their smartphones or tablets.

Unrivaled Quality

The best virtual phone systems provide crystal-clear sound quality for all types of conversations, whether local or international. Many providers also offer additional features like noise cancellation and echo suppression for an even more pleasant experience.

Enhanced Features

Lastly, virtual phone systems come with various features that make communication easier and more efficient. For example, customers can store unlimited contacts in their address books, quickly access voicemail messages, and transfer calls to other lines.

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How We Chose the Best Virtual Phone Number Providers

With so many virtual phone number providers on the market, it was difficult to determine which were the best. We took into consideration these factors:

FeaturesSelection of NumbersBudgetUptimeEase of Use

We looked for providers that offer a wide range of features, including HD voice quality, call forwarding and voicemail, auto attendants, conference calling, and virtual numbers, amongst others.

We considered the selection of numbers available from each virtual phone number provider — both local and international — as well as any additional services such as toll-free or vanity numbers.

We considered the cost of plans to ensure that they’re competitively priced and provide excellent value for money.

Service reliability is an important factor in choosing a virtual phone number provider, so we looked for providers with high uptime guarantees.

We evaluated each provider’s interface to ensure that it’s easy to use and offers intuitive features.


Whether you’re a freelancer, a small business owner, or a large corporation, virtual phone systems offer an efficient way to make unlimited calls in the UK.

With a virtual phone number service, you can enjoy low-cost calling and international calls without additional charges. Our research shows that these are the best UK virtual landline providers in 2024.


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