The Best VoIP for International Calls in 2024 – Top 10 Services Compared

The best VoIP apps for international calls are indispensable if you have global clients or a presence in several countries. However, with so many on the market, choosing one can be difficult. To help, we’ve tested the top international VoIP services and ranked, reviewed, and compared them in this article.

The 10 Best VoIP Apps for International Calls

Here’s a quick look at our top picks for the best VoIP international call providers, which we’ve picked based on criteria like calling rates, features offered, countries covered, and customer support:

  1. Ooma $17.99/m — The best VoIP provider for international calls with a dedicated World Plan that offers unlimited calling in 60 countries.
  2. Vonage$13.99/m A premium VoIP service with 99.99% uptime. You can opt for toll-free numbers, 1800 numbers, and international calling numbers.
  3. Nextiva$21.95/m Popular VoIP solution with call rates as low as $0.01/minute + offers a Caller AI to improve the customer experience.
  4. $12.74/m Ideal for businesses looking for an affordable pay-as-you-go model. Calls to several countries are only billed at US rates.
  5. MightyCall$15/m Highly recommended for its excellent base plan with unlimited messages, minutes, and MMS, + you get call recording with all plans.
  6. RingCentral$14.99/m Offers simplified cross-border internal communications, + you can choose from a wide range of countries to call.
  7. Zoho Meeting$2.56/m Primarily a video-conferencing platform that doubles up as a webinar solution. Offers features like live polls, Raise Hand, and Toll-free numbers.
  8. Voiply$27.90/m A plug-and-play VoIP solution with free international calling to 50 countries, + plans are customizable with several hardware options.
  9. CloudPhone$24/m Ideal for solopreneurs and small businesses. Features like automated SMS and IVR assistant come in handy.
  10. GoToMeeting$27/m Offers international calling to 50+ countries with smart call management features and tons of integrations.

VoIP International Calling Services Compared

Below is a table highlighting the key differences between the best international calling VoIP providers. This will help you make an informed decision:

International VoIP Apps Top Features Starting Price Free Version Guarantee Unlimited Calls (US & Canada) Unlimited International Calls
Ooma PureVoice technology, free Ooma-to-Ooma calls, advanced firewall $17.99/month 60-day trial 30 days Yes Yes
Vonage Integrations,
HD calls, receptionist console
$13.99/month NA 30 days Yes N/A
Nextiva Caller AI, real-time system status alerts $21.95/user/month 7-day  trial 30 days Yes N/A Text messaging, advanced call management, call screening, and blocking $12.74/user/month Free demo 30 days Yes Yes, in select countries
MightyCall Call verification,
multi-level IVR, unlimited minutes, and messages
$15/user/month 7-day trial limited to 100 minutes NA N/A N/A
RingCentral 300+ integrations, AI meeting insights, live transcription, encryption $14.99/user/month 14-day  trial 30 days Yes N/A
Zoho Meeting Recording storage for 25 meetings,
unlimited meetings and webinars
$2.56/month Free forever 30 days (monthly plan), 45 days (annual plan) Yes — video calls Yes — video calls
Voiply Automated phone provisioning, unlimited in 50+ countries, multiple calls per line $27.90 — Business Plan NA 30 days Yes Yes
CloudPhone Automated assistant, SMS automation, user roles management $24/month 30-day trial 30 days Yes N/A
GoToMeeting Smart call routing, customizable plans, caller hold time report $27/user/month 14-day trial NA Yes —  Standard plan Yes — Standard plan

The Best International VoIP Services Reviewed

The best VoIP app for international calls will ultimately depend on your specific needs and budget. To help you decide, we’ve reviewed each one below, outlining where their USPs lie and any flaws you should know before you jump in.

1. Ooma — The Best VoIP Provider for International Calls

Ooma Office VoIP for international calls

Top Features Starting Price Free Version Guarantee Unlimited Calling (US & Canada) Unlimited International Calling
PureVoice technology, free Ooma-to-Ooma calls, advanced firewall $17.99/month 60-day trial 30 days Yes Yes

Ooma tops our list of the best VoIP services for international calls owing to its cheap international calling rates. The Premier Plan offers unlimited free calling to the USA, Mexico, and Canada.

Beyond that, unlimited calling is available for:

  • 60 other countries under the World Plan ($17.99/m)
  • 70 in the World Plus plan ($25.99/m)

If you buy a phone set, you can expect additional discounts, but this isn’t mandatory as all features work on mobile. You’ll also get a free toll-free number, so people can call you from anywhere at no extra cost.

Finally, it’s worth noting that Ooma is no regular VoIP phone system. It can double up as an intercom to make announcements through certain extensions or as a pager to send one-way signals to team members.


  • Easy to install
  • Doubles up as an intercom or pager
  • Unlimited free international calling is available
  • World and World Plus plans cover 60-70 countries


  • The World plans can be pricey for startups

2. Vonage — A Premium VoIP Provider with 99.99% Uptime

Screenshot of Vonage's dashboard

Top Features Starting Price Free Version Guarantee Unlimited Calling (US & Canada) Unlimited International Calling
HD calls, receptionist console
$13.99/month N/A 30 days Yes N/A

Vonage provides unlimited domestic calling, but it’s not the cheapest option for international calling. Countries are divided into two groups — Tier 1 and Tier 2 and are priced accordingly.

The cheapest minutes plan starts at $50/month. However, we still recommend it owing to its high call qualities. Every conversation is supported by HD audio quality, and you get 99.99% uptime.

Another benefit of using Vonage for international business is it gives you local, 1800, and international calling and toll-free numbers. They also offer many calling features, including call recording.

Beyond this, you can handle double the call volume (at the same price) by just adding another line — you don’t need to get a second phone system.


  • HD audio quality
  • Call recording on demand available
  • Lets you add a secondary line on the same device
  • International, local, toll-free, and 1800 numbers


  • Can be expensive

3. Nextiva — Offers VoIP International Calls at $0.01/Minute

Screenshot of Nextiva's dashboard

Top Features Starting Price Free Version Guarantee Unlimited Calling (US & Canada) Unlimited International Calling
Caller AI,
real-time system status alerts
$21.95/user/ month 7-day trial 30 days Yes N/A

Nextiva supports international calling in as many as 7,505 area codes, including 100+ countries. The lowest rate is $0.01/minute for calls to Paris and the UK.

There’s a call center plan ($50/user/m) that’s great for businesses looking to set up an international call center with features like call recording, local and toll-free VoIP numbers, and call routing.

You can queue as many as 525 calls at a time, too, but this is an add-on. That said, the platform also offers 3 plans for small businesses with free unlimited calling in the US and Canada.

We also loved its Caller AI feature, where all the customer’s information, such as their call journey, surveys, customer experience score and the like, is displayed on the screen.


  • Offers a special VoIP plan for call centers
  • Caters to 7,500+ area codes
  • Offers the best customer support in the industry
  • Ideal small business VoIP solution


  • Most integrations are only available on the top-tier plan

4. — Affordable Pay-As-You-Go VoIP VoIP on various devices

Top Features Starting Price Free Version Guarantee Unlimited Calling (US & Canada) Unlimited International Calling
Text messaging, advanced call management, call screening, and blocking $12.74/user/month Free demo 30 days Yes Yes, in selected countries has a pay-per-user model, which is ideal for small businesses. Plus, unlike Nextiva, which has a 45-minute cap on each meeting, offers unlimited minutes on every plan.

Moreover, international phone calls to countries like France, Italy, Germany, Canada, the United Kingdom, the USA, and iNUM global numbers are billed at US rates and are already included in the plans.

Calls to others, like India, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland, can be made at just 3.9¢/minute. Local numbers in countries like Italy, France, Denmark, and 25 others, also cost just $4.99/month.

Local numbers for countless, like Columbia, Chile, Mexico, and 22 others, are a bit higher, at $14.99/month. Overall, it’s cheap, and the features are invaluable. This includes very in-depth call analytics.


  • Leading call tracking software
  • Offers call transcription and voice tagging
  • Excellent call screening and blocking
  • Pay-per-user-based pricing


  • Doesn’t offer a free trial

5. MightyCall — Base Plan Offers Unlimited Minutes

MightyCall VoIP on Mac and iPhone

Top Features Starting Price Free Version Guarantee Unlimited Calling (US & Canada) Unlimited International Calling
Call verification,
multi-level IVR, unlimited minutes on all plans
$15/user/month 7-days trial (100 minutes) N/A N/A N/A

MightyCall is a popular VoIP service that offers unlimited messages, minutes, and MMS on all plans, and you can get an international number for just $10.

You also get 2 local or toll-free numbers with the first two plans, and we were impressed that the service supports 2,700 area codes. The lowest rate from their list of countries was $0.05/minute for Mexico.

On average, though, the rates range between $0.5 to $2, depending on the country. You can make calls to countries like Italy, New Zealand, and Germany for just 7 cents a minute.

Moving on, MightyCall offers a boatload of features like call recording. call notes, and even call verification to protect against robocalls and caller ID spoofing — all at a bargain price.


  • Lots of call management features on all plans
  • Easy porting of phone numbers from other carriers
  • Desk phone and softphone support
  • Can form VIP and block lists to avoid or prioritize calls


  • Limited third-party integrations

6. RingCentral — Simplifies Cross-Border Communications

Screenshot of an incoming call on RingCentral

Top Features Starting Price Free Version Guarantee Unlimited Calling (US & Canada) Unlimited International Calling
300+  integrations, AI meeting insights, live transcription,
$14.99/user/month 14-day trial 30 days Yes N/A

RingCentral offers 99.999% uptime, which translates to just 5 minutes of downtime a year. That said, calls are charged as per current tariff rates, regardless of the plan.

If, for example, you’re calling from the US to Australia, France, or South Africa, it’ll cost $0.039/minute, and additional international numbers cost just $5.99/user/month.

RingCentral remains a top choice for global businesses with RingCentral Global MVF which offers a single cloud phone system to manage all communications with end-to-end encryption.

One standout we found in our testing was the AI meeting insights, which generate video “highlight reels” and searchable text summaries from your RingCentral meetings.


  • Affordable international calling tariffs
  • Global MVF offers free, global extension-to-extension calls
  • Comes with live meeting transcriptions
  • Integrate with leading CRMs like Salesforce


  • There’s an additional one-time fee of $25

7. Zoho Meeting — Global Video-Conferencing and Webinar Platform 

Screenshot of a meeting on Zoho Meeting

Top Features Starting Price Free Version Guarantee Unlimited Calling (US & Canada) Unlimited International Calling
Storage for 25 meetings,
unlimited meetings and webinars
$2.56-$16.62/month Free forever plan 30 days (Monthly plan), 45 days (Annual plan) Yes — video calls Yes — video calls

Zoho Meeting is a popular audio and video conferencing platform (like Skype) with a handy, free forever plan that offers unlimited meetings and webinars with 60 minutes for each meeting.

As such, unlike others, you don’t need to worry about international calling rates. The platform is also very simple to use, and it doesn’t require participants to download any apps, no matter where they are.

Besides meetings, you can also host webinars, and we found filtering leads was easy with the registration forms. You can even reject requests for applicants based on your prerequisites.

We also liked all the interactive features, like live polls, Raise Hand, and Allow to Talk, plus, there’s the option to live stream it to YouTube for added reach.

Perfect for global calls and meetings.


  • Offers a handy free-forever plan
  • Allows multiple co-hosts for a meeting
  • Offers various tools to host webinars
  • Comes with recording transcripts and meeting keynotes


  • Doesn’t offer exclusive VoIP services
  • Only suitable for online meetings

8. Voiply — Plug-And-Play VoIP  With Free International Calling to 50 Countries

Voiply on various devices

Top Features Starting Price Free Version Guarantee Unlimited Calling (US & Canada) Unlimited International Calling
Automated phone provisioning, unlimited in 50+ countries, multiple calls per line $27.90/month N/A 30 days Yes Yes

Voiply offers free international calling to 50 countries on its basic plan, with the option to call more locations at additional rates — we found this process of finding the rates a bit tedious.

However, the best part is that Voiply comes with a plug-and-play solution that requires no hardware or installation, and it promises 99.999% uptime.

Other features are on par with other providers. You get call management features like call waiting, call hold, ring groups, call recording, missed call alerts, and even an auto-attendant.

Another noteworthy point is that the plans are custom based on the number of users (up to 15). Apart from the Voiply adapter, which is free, you can also get a Wi-Fi desk phone or connect your own.


  • A 24/7 responsive customer support
  • Easy to set up and launch
  • One of the best VoIP service for home international calls
  • Offers unlimited calling in 50 countries


  • Not transparent about international calling rates

9. CloudPhone — Ideal for Startups

CloudPhone VoIP


Top Features Starting Price Free Version Guarantee Unlimited Calling (US & Canada) Unlimited International Calling
Automated assistant (IVR), SMS automation,
user role management
$24/month 30-day trial 30 days Yes N/A

CloudPhone is a small-business VoIP solution that offers free unlimited calls in the US and Canada on all plans. It offers three plans designed for small businesses and solopreneurs.

If you want to call outside your country, you’ll need the top-tier plan. The basic Solo plan offers call recording, auto-replies, automated SMS, an IVR assistant, and voicemail-to-text.

The top plan offers handy extras, such as automatic spam detection, and analytics and reporting. Given all of this, we were quite impressed, considering it’s a fairly new service.

In fact, several features are in the pipeline, so the service is a work in progress. As such, you can expect to miss out on a couple of features like integrations.


  • Ideal for solopreneurs and partnership ventures
  • Unlimited calls in the US and Canada
  • Fully customizable plans
  • Offers 1-month free trial


  • Lacks lots of advanced features

10. GoToMeeting — Offers International Calling to 50+ Countries

A person waiting on GoToMeeting

Top Features Starting Price Free Version Guarantee Unlimited Calling (US & Canada) Unlimited International Calling
Smart call routing, customizable plans, caller hold time report $27/user/month 14 days N/A Yes —Standard plan Yes — Standard plan

GoToMeeting’s Standard plan offers free international calling to 50+ countries, but you’ll pay per minute on the Basic plan. Calls to countries other than those included also attract additional charges.

The platform has country-specific pages that’ll guide you through the process of placing calls in that particular country. For example, there are detailed pages for Australia, France, and the UK.

In terms of features, you get what you’d expect, such as call routing, Ring Groups (where multiple phones ring simultaneously), and video conferencing for 150 people. Placing calls is super easy, too.

You can use traditional 180 desk phone models, desktops, and laptops to make and receive calls. Plus, it integrates well with platforms like Slack, Salesforce, and HubSpot.


  • Free international calls are included in the Standard plan
  • Various call management features, such as Smart Call Routing
  • Unlimited, customizable dial plans and Ring Groups
  • Low hardware costs


  • International calling is restricted to 50 countries

How Does International Calling by VoIP Work?

Unlike traditional phone networks, VoIP connects phone calls over the internet. They convert voice signals into data packets, which are then transmitted to the user.

While making an international VoIP call, the format is the same as calling from a landline. Start by adding the international dialing prefix, then the country code, area code, and local code.

Sometimes, you might need to buy a standard phone connected to a VoIP router, or you may be able to directly dial from the connected device using the VoIP app.

Can You Make Free International VoIP Calls?

Yes, there are many that offer free international calls, including services like Ooma and Voiply, but it largely depends on your chosen plan and, sometimes, the country.

For example, Ooma offers unlimited international calling to over 60 countries and unlimited calls to the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

How to Choose An International VoIP

So, if you’re upgrading to VoIP for international calls, here are some important things you must consider when choosing the best provider:

International CoverageMobile Apps and the UICall QualityFeaturesIntegrationsCost and PlansTechnical and Customer Service

When looking for VoIP for international calls, be sure to check their international presence and the countries they support. Ones with global reach will offer favorable rates, tailored plans, and excellent sound quality to guarantee reliable service delivery. Also, look out for coverage maps and region-specific features.

An easy-to-use app with an intuitive interface will save you valuable time and simplify the installation and navigation process, both for you and your employees. Moreover, you’ll want to ensure that the apps are compatible with your operating systems.

Days of jitter and latency are long gone. So, find a provider that offers consistent connections, reliable uptime, and impeccable voice transmission, along with redundancy measures and data centers. We’d recommend using any free trials or guarantees to your advantage to test this.

Look into the provider’s feature set and make sure they meet your calling requirements. This can vary depending on the plan. Here are some must-haves to look out for:

  • Auto-attendant
  • Call forwarding and multi-device call routing
  • Voice mail and call transcription
  • Team conferencing
  • Call queuing for call centers
  • VoIP Interactive Voice Responses (IVR)
  • Call reports

One of the main advantages of a VoIP service is that most allow third-party integrations to offer businesses a smooth flow of information between apps they use, increasing end-user experiences and productivity. Compatibility with collaboration tools, email clients, and CRM platforms streamline workflows.

Cost can vary depending on the provider and the package. It’s important to consider one-time charges, add-on features, and other hidden fees, including additional costs like maintenance and setup costs.

Most users won’t even think of customer service until they get into trouble. Reliable customer support is essential, so be sure to assess their availability, channel support (email, chat, messaging, website, and phone), and average response time, and of course, it should be free of cost.

How to Make International VoIP Calls

If you're looking for a how-to, here's a quick rundown for you, using Ooma as an example.

  1. Create an account with Ooma

    Go to Ooma’s website and create an account. Ooma offers 3 pricing plans, and for prepaid accounts, the international call charges vary depending on the country you want to call. Select a plan depending on the countries you call the most.
  2. Dailing instructions

    Ooma includes calls to the US, Canada, and Mexico in your monthly calling package, so you don’t have to pay extra. For other countries, you’ll have to have a prepaid account. Usually, they charge on a per-minute basis, and the rate will depend on the country you’re dialing.
  3. Choose the phone or mobile app

    Get the Ooma mobile app from the Play Store and App Store to make a call, or you can use an IP phone, analog phone, and an Ooma DP1 desk phone by dialing 011 along with the country code and phone number.
  4. Make international calls

    Make international calls with crystal clear quality, and monitor the charges and rates through the app.

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Now that you have a good idea of the best international calling VoIP services, here are some other detailed VoIP guides from our network:


Our list of the best VoIP for international calls includes something for everyone, whether you’re after a budget solution to make calls to a handful of countries or a VoIP for a large global business.

No matter your specific requirement, Ooma is a no-brainer. It offers special World plans that make international calling a breeze. Plus, you get the benefit of its PureVoice HD technology. You can try it free now for a full two months.

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