The Best VoIP for Home – Top 9 Residential VoIPs Reviewed for 2024

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The best VoIP for home service can ensure families and friends stay connected, reduce bills, and allow for smooth conversations.

A home VoIP phone service lets users make calls and send emails without incurring high costs, streamlines your communications, and can save you money — but it’s important to do your research to find the best home VoIP phone available.

There are many residential VoIP services on the market, so how do you know which one is best? We’ve reviewed the top VoIP phones’ features, pricing, and their pros and cons to help you find the right one in 2024.

The 9 Best VoIP Phone Services for Home

We’ve ranked the market’s 9 best VoIp service providers by looking at their value for money, features, user reviews, and uptime and reliability :

  1. Ooma — The best for a comprehensive free plan
  2. Vonage — The best for international calls
  3. Nextiva — The best for unlimited chat features
  4. — The best for budget-friendly residential VoIP
  5. MightyCall — The best for easy set up and no hardware
  6. RingCentral — The best for great uptime and tons of features
  7. Voiply — The best for specialized residents plans
  8. 8×8 — The best for secure calls
  9. DialPad — The best for instant messaging

The Best Home VoIP Phone Services Reviewed

We performed in-depth research of the top VoIP service providers to provide you with a better idea of what they offer, their unique advantages and disadvantages, and everything in between.

1. Ooma — Best for a comprehensive free plan

A logo of Ooma

Best For Comprehensive free plan
Free Trial Free Plan
Price From Free
Type Hardware + software
Top 3 Features No monthly fees, Free domestic VoIP Calls, Ooma Pure Voice HD technology

Our research shows that Ooma has the best free comprehensive VoIP service for home use while offering a variety of advanced features at an affordable price.

Ooma Telo gives you a free phone service for US calls only taxes and fees are applicable. This makes staying connected with family and friends easy without worrying about long-distance charges or extra costs. If you want to dial international numbers, you can call over 60 countries for only $17.99.

If you opt to go premium with Ooma, you can access a free second phone number from any area code in the US. This is perfect for those who want to keep their business phone and personal phone separate or need an extra line for their home office.

Beyond this, Ooma offers Adaptive Redundancy technology that helps ensure clear call quality even when your internet connection isn’t at its best. This means you don’t have to worry about choppy conversations or garbled words – your calls will stay crystal clear no matter what.

You can try Ooma risk-free with its 30-day full refund policy.

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  • Services in over 70 countries
  • Virtual receptionist with hold music
  • Offers features like call park and call forwarding
  • Only a one-time cost needs to be incurred


  • Limited basic plan features

2. Vonage — Best for International Calls

A logo of Vonage

Best For International calls
Free Trial Free trial (dependent on plan)
Price From $10
Type Hardware + software
Top 3 Features HD video and audio, custom-built plans, Easy-to use app

While Vonage is a VoIP phone service used by 100,000+ businesses worldwide, the company has taken a minimalistic approach to the platform’s design. This means it offers different APIs and modules, allowing you to tailor the platform to your needs.

It boasts 50+ communication features, including video collaboration with Vonage meetings. We found that the quality of the calls is outstanding thanks its HD video and call capabilities, trumping the capabilities of traditional landline phones.

In addition, Vonage’s call networks are connected to major carriers in the US and tier-one networks globally, so call quality is guaranteed for international calling.

Vonage’s video meetings allow up to 16 users, but its higher-tier plans let you host up to 100 people per conference call.

All of Vonage’s plans offer unlimited call and text messaging. This is perfect for those running a home-based businesses with multiple users, or for families who want to use the platform to communicate with family and friends on multiple devices.

It’s worth highlighting that the interface of the Vonage app is clean and user-friendly as all the features are listed on the left-hand side of the platform. Vonage has a variety of plans available depending on your needs.

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  • Highly customizable platform
  • User-friendly app
  • High-quality HD video and calling technology


  • Can be pricey to unlock multiple features

3. Nextiva — Best for Unlimited Chat Features

A logo of PNextiva

Best For Unlimited chat features
Free Trial 14-day free trial
Price From $22/user/month
Type Hardware
Top 3 Features HD video, Responsive mobile app, Call recording

Nextiva offers unified communications with VoIP, video, and chat, allowing users to enjoy unlimited audio and video meetings.

It has an impressive list of call features, including text messaging, voicemail to email processing, call queuing, and unlimited calls within the USA and Canada — making it a top residential VoIP service for Canadians.

Unlike traditional telephone lines, Nextiva also offers a responsive desktop, Android, and iOS app that lets users stay connected wherever they are. Using the app, you can organize conference chats, calls, video calls, screen sharing, and group chats.

Access to all this directly from the app is excellent, particularly if you’re looking for a VoIP service that multiple people can use wherever they are — great for keeping in touch with family and friends.

Alongside these call features, Nextiva boasts advanced features that are better suited to businesses, such as productivity, customer experience, and CRM tools.

In addition, all your communications through the platform are private with TLS & SRTP Encryption. Plus, it offers 24/7 customer support. Nextiva’s plans start at $22 per user, per month.

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  • Easy-to-use app
  • Extensive communication features
  • Workflow automation features


  • Only available in the USA

4. — Best for Budget-Friendly Residential VoIP

Best For Budget-friendly VoIP at home
Free Trial No free trial
Price From $12.74/user/month
Type Software
Top 3 Features AES-256-bit encryption, HD voice and video, Phone, email, and live chat support is a budget-friendly VoIP offering voice, text, and video features. Prices start from as low as $12.74/user/month, with premium and free numbers available.

Besides this, it offers free mobile and desktop apps. A plus is that the app also filters SMS messages, so you can keep personal and business messages separate. also offers high-quality HD video and calling capabilities for clear communication during your phone conversations. Beyond this, we like that most core VoIP features are included with every phone service plan, including:

  • SMS and voice messaging
  • Free conference calling
  • Voicemail to email services
  • Video meetings

In addition, also offers customer support to all users on all plans, including phone, email, and live chat options.

All communication through is protected with state-of-the-art AES 256-bit encryption to keep your communications secure and private. has three pricing plans: Basic, Plus, and Pro, which we found are priced competitively and further increases their value for money.


  • Affordable plans
  • Secure encryption
  • HD video and call capabilities


  • No free trial

5. MightyCall — Best for Easy Set Up and No Hardware

A logo of MightyCall

Best For Easy set up and no hardware
Free Trial 7-day free trial
Price From $15/user/month
Type Software
Top 3 Features Toll-free and local numbers, International numbers available, Call forwarding

MightyCall is a VoIP service well-suited for use at home because it’s a no-frills communication platform with basic call management features.

In addition, it’s cloud-based, compatible with PCs, Macs, tablets, Android, and iOS devices, and there’s no hardware setup required — great for families looking to get rid of an expensive landline.

The app is user-friendly, and the UI is simplistic but well-designed, with simplified flow charts so anyone can use the system. A useful feature for home use is that a MightyCall phone number doesn’t need to be registered with a SIM card or individual cell phones.

Both local and international new phone numbers can be added for $10. You can even keep your existing phone number when switching to the VoIP service. For those running small businesses, you can use a variety of local and international toll-free phone numbers.

Other call features include voicemail, call blocking, caller ID, call forwarding, and unlimited calling and texting. On the whole, MightyCall is a good choice for users looking for an easy-to-use VoIP.

While MightyCall doesn’t offer a specialized residential plan, its basic plan offers the key features users need in a residential VoIP, making it a solid option if you work or run a business from home.

Pros pros

  • Affordable plans available
  • Core VoIP features with every plan
  • Responsive desktop and mobile app

Cons cons

  • Lacks HD video and audio technology

6. RingCentral — Best for Great Uptime and Tons of Features

A logo of RingCentral

Best For Great uptime and tons of features
Free Trial 14-day free trial
Price From $20/user/month
Type Software
Top 3 Features Push to talk, Unlimited domestic calling, Free video conferencing

While RingCentral phone service is geared for business use over domestic use, it still offers great features that make it a strong pick.

RingCentral delivers 99.999% uptime, meaning that you’re almost guaranteed to have a smooth, problem-free experience when using the service.

The platform provides a great service for calls on both iOS and Android apps, and its features allow for document sharing, logging calls, and group messaging.

What we particularly liked was being able to switch from one device to another during a call, moving seamlessly from desktop to mobile. This gives you a large amount of flexibility – so you can go from sitting down to checking on something in another room while staying on the line.

There are also features like call recording and call logs, which can come in handy, as reading written voicemail transcripts is a huge time saver.

On top of that, you can run video conferences and share your screen, which can be great for online family get-togethers. The Video Pro plan, with unlimited 50-minute meetings for free is particularly good.

Features like task scheduling may come in handy for event planning or laying out household chores with multiple active parties. RingCentral is both HIPAA and GDPR-compliant, with a total of 10+ security certifications.

While RingCentral has an impressive list of advanced features, you won’t necessarily make full use of them in a domestic setting, and it has a relatively high price tag. Given this, services like Ooma and Vonage have the upper hand if you need affordable international calling without all the bells and whistles.

You can pay for RingCentral either monthly or annually. Each plan comes with a 14-day trial for 20 phone lines, but there are options for upgrades and add-ons.

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  • Comprehensive feature set
  • Support for a wide range of devices
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use tools
  • Great free video plan


  • Geared towards businesses
  • Price

7. Voiply — Best for Specialized Residential Plans

A logo of VoIPLy

Best For Specialized residential plans
Free Trial None
Price From $8.33/month
Type Hardware + software
Top 3 Features HD audio, Call forwarding, Three-way calling

Voiply’s phone service offers a phenomenal plan for new customers — one that’s specifically customized to be used in the home. This is unique as many of the best internet phone service providers don’t offer specific residential packages, meaning they may offer features you don’t require for home use.

The communication platform has all the features you need in a residential VoIP, such as HD audio for clear incoming calls, call forwarding, three-way calling, and voicemail. The service also gives you international calling to over 50 countries, including the US and Canada.

Voiply’s mobile app ensures you can make outgoing calls on the move as long as you have cellular data. What we love most is that you can configure it so that incoming calls will ring on your home VoIP phone and through the mobile app, so you’ll never miss a call — and you can keep your existing number.

Overall, Voiply is the best VoIP service if you’re looking for an easy-to-use, affordable residential VoIP. You can get started with Voiply for as little as $8.33/month when billed annually ($99.80) and the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Simple set up
  • Impressive calling features
  • Specialized residential plan
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Basic features

8. 8×8 — Best for Secure CallsA logo of 8x8


Best For Secure calls
Free Trial 30-day free trial
Price From Custom
Type Hardware + software
Top 3 Features Video calling with up to 500 participants, HD video and audio, Easy-to-use interface

8×8 is an impressive VoIP with over 2 million customers worldwide, and its phone service is supported in over 50 countries. Our research found the platform is easy to use, offers a clean UI, and has excellent communication and VoIP security features.

8×8 is available through a mobile app, a desktop app compatible with Windows and Mac, or via a browser. It has a variety of plans with various features, while its base plan offers access to unlimited members.

It also allows unlimited calls within the USA and Canada — and all calls and messages are encrypted, ensuring secure communication.

One of the most impressive 8×8 features is its HD audio and video conferencing capabilities. You can enjoy seamless HD audio and video calls with up to 500 active participants, with screen-sharing capabilities. This is great for families who want to host video calls with multiple family members.

The platform also offers interactive meetings with live emoji reactions and integrations with CRMs like HubSpot and Salesforce, plus customer support software such as Zendesk.

8×8 has a wide range of plans, but its pricing is subject to a personal quote.

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  • Numerous integrations
  • Impressive HD audio and video features
  • Clean UI and user-friendly interface


  • Might be a bit advanced for some home users

9. DialPad — Best for Instant Messaging

A logo of DialPad AI

Best For Instant messaging
Free Trial 14-day free trial
Price From $15/user/month
Type Software
Top 3 Features Call blocking, Multi-ring, Auto call forwarding

DialPad may be a newer VoIP on the market, but it’s a great residential VoIP solution, particularly if you need to make regular international calls. You can call internationally with all of its plans and there are options for unlimited global calling.

Beyond this, every DialPad plan also offers unlimited local calls, making it an excellent option for those who call friends and family locally and internationally and are looking to save money.

The solution also works well through your browser, mobile app, and on your desktop, so you have flexibility over how you use DialPad. You can also keep your existing phone number or get a new one — just check whether your phone number can be transferred to VoIP.

Another standout feature is that DialPad offers instant messaging tools. If you’ve used Slack, then you’ll enjoy the Slack-like messaging features within the platform — a great way to regularly chat with family members or friends.

You can also make high-quality HD video calls through the platform (as long as you have an internet router or cellular data connection).

DialPad has three inexpensive plans available that are great options for residential use. It also offers users a 14-day trial of its service.

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  • Unlimited local and international calls
  • Relatively inexpensive monthly plans
  • 14-day free trial
  • Excellent instant messaging features


  • No 24/7 support on the Standard plan

The 9 Best VoIP Services for Home Compared

To help you narrow down your list of options, we’ve compiled the handy table below so you can easily compare the market’s best virtual phone number providers:

Ooma Vonage Nextiva MightyCall RingCentral Voiply 8×8 DialPad
Free Version ✅  ❌ – Free trial (dependent on plan) ❌ – 14-day free trial ❌ – 7-day free trial ❌– 14-day free trial ❌– 30-day free trial ❌– 14-day free trial
Monthly Starting Price $99 – once off $10 $22/user/month $12.74/user/month $15/user/month $20/user/month $8.33/month Custom $15/user/month
Top 3 Features Zero monthly fees, Free domestic VoIP Calls, Ooma pure Voice HD Technology HD video and audio, Custom-built plans, Easy-to-use app HD video, Responsive mobile app, AES-256-bit encryption, HD voice and video, Support via phone, email, and live chat Toll-free and local numbers, International numbers, Call forwarding HD audio call, Call forwarding, Free video conferencing HD audio call, Call forwarding, Three-way calling Video calling (up to 500 participants), HD video and audio, Easy to use Call blocking, Multi-ring, Auto call forwarding
Type Hardware + software Hardware + software Hardware Software Software Hardware + software Hardware + software Hardware + software Software


How We Review And Test VoIP Services

We base our recommendations on first-hand testing. All the VoIP products we feature, have been tested based on the following criteria:

  • Features: We explore the platform’s general call and video conferencing capabilities and unique features like automation, call queuing, call recording, and IVR features.
  • Integrations: We assess whether it offers integration support for popular business apps such as CRMs, project management platforms, helpdesk software, and others.
  • Reliability: We test the call quality on offer with the VoIP platform, and we only include services that offer an uptime guarantee of close to 100%.
  • Security and Compliance: We check whether the platform offers industry-standard encryption, access controls, compliance with regulations like GDPR, and firewalls.
  • Numbers: We factor in whether the platform offers a variety of number options like local, toll-free, international, and vanity numbers.
  • Ease of Use: We test the VoIP service on its available platforms to ensure we can give accurate insight into its usability.
  • Value for Money: After our hands-on testing, we’re able to better analyze whether the price point is fair to offer insight into the feature-to-price value on offer.
  • Reviews and Reputation: Beyond our hands-on testing, we explore third-party reviews to see if we need to investigate certain aspects of the VoIP service further. This combined allows us to offer a good overview of what our readers can expect from the platform.

The Benefits of Using a Home VoIP Service

Traditionally, VoIPs have been more of a communication solution for businesses, but as their popularity has increased, more people have switched to VoIP at home. Here are some reasons to make the switch:

Money Saving

VoIP services use a broadband internet connection to make calls instead of analog phone lines, so they’re typically able to offer lower calling rates, resulting in savings for customers. VoIP providers can also offer customized plans to customers.

For example, many VoIP providers offer a fixed amount of minutes per month or unlimited monthly calling for a fixed price, so customers know the exact amount of money they’ll pay and the number of minutes they can use.

Extra Features

VoIP solutions offer homeowners and families more features than traditional analog phone systems. For example, a VoIP solution lets users make HD voice and video calls while hosting multiple users on the same call. These features are handy for families and friends wanting to stay in contact.

In addition, most providers offer a range of plans with pricing based on the number of users that a customer needs. This can further help people save money using VoIP over a traditional phone system.

Convenience and Quality

Voice over Internet Protocol services are convenient as they can be used anywhere with an internet connection. In addition, many VoIPs also use HD voice calling and video calling, meaning that as long as a user has an internet connection, they’ll have crystal clear communication through voice and video.

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How to Choose the Best VoIP Service for Home

These are the factors you should consider when choosing a VoIP service:


Price is one of the main reasons homeowners consider switching from a traditional phone service to VoIP. Fortunately, all the providers we looked at have affordable plans, but make sure the VoIP you choose provides good value for the features you need.

Call and Voice Features

Arguably the most important VoIP features you need to consider are its call and voice features. The best providers offer HD-quality voice and video calling capabilities.

Many providers also offer unlimited local, national, and international calling within their plans, which is important if you’re calling friends and family locally or abroad.


Consider how complex installation will be for each VoIP provider on this list and if you are up to the challenge. Software-based VoIP providers just require users to download an app and run through the installation instructions to get set up, which can be best for those who are less tech-savvy.

Other providers offer do-it-yourself installation kits where you pay a one-off price for hardware and then install the VoIP yourself.

User Experience and Ease of Use

Look at each VoIP’s user experience and its ease of use. The top VoIP providers offer apps that can be used on desktop, mobile phone, and via a web browser.

These apps should be easy to use, have a control panel that clearly lays out the VoIP’s different features, and require little technical expertise to use effectively.


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