Google Voice Review 2024 — Is it the Best Option for Businesses?

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Google Voice excels at offering high-quality call capabilities at an affordable price

In this Google Voice review, we found it to be a great option for solopreneurs, freelancers, and startups looking for a simple VoIP service.

Google Voice offers an affordable and easy-to-use platform that integrates seamlessly with Google Workspace products. It also includes unlimited domestic and international calling at an affordable price, plus you’ll get voicemail transcription and call forwarding.

However, we found it’s best for basic communication needs as it lacks business numbers, CRM integrations, and detailed call analytics, for example.

Overall, it is a solid VoIP solution, but whether it is the right fit for you will depend on your needs and your budget.


  • Very easy to use and set up
  • Offers a free local VoIP number
  • Excellent Google Workspace integration
  • There's a mobile and web version
  • You get a 6-month guarantee


  • Lacks vanity and toll-free numbers
  • Free version is limited to US users
  • Charges extra for number porting

In this Google Voice review, we’ll look at this VoIP giant in great detail, highlighting its core feature set and its pros and cons.

As with all products, it will be better suited for some than for others, so we’ll also explore Google Voice’s pricing plans and how it compares with other top VoIP providers we’ve tested.

Google Voice Pricing

Below is an overview of Google Voice’s pricing:

Business Starter Business Standard Business Plus
Price From
(Billed Annually)
$6/user/month $12/user/month $18/user/month
Domestic Locations Up to 10 Unlimited Unlimited
International Locations Unlimited
International Calling
Unlimited Texting (US)
Users 10 Unlimited Unlimited
Advanced Reporting
Call Forwarding
Voicemail Transcription
Ring Groups
Desk Phone and ATA Support
Business Starter $6/user/month

This entry-level Google Voice plan allows a maximum of 10 users, making it ideal for solopreneurs, freelancers, and small businesses looking for basic features without any unnecessary bells and whistles.

You’ll get a knowledge base, a user forum, and 24/7 support. However, it doesn’t support desk phones, advanced reporting, or ring groups, which are features offered by other providers, as highlighted in our Vonage review.

This means that it may not be the best fit for you if you want to manage a dedicated in-house sales or customer support team that can help you with call performance analysis and collaboration.

Business Standard $12/user/month

This plan is perfect for small to mid-sized businesses as it supports unlimited regional and domestic locations, users, and numbers. You’ll enjoy all the Starter plan’s features, plus:

  • Multi-level auto-attendant — This allows callers to choose options from a menu to ensure the right agent assists them
  • Ring groups — Multiple people in your organization can answer calls from the same Google Voice number
  • Ad-hoc user call recording — Record client calls for evaluation of your sales team’s performance
  • eDiscovery — Use Vault to search for any call logs, voice mails, and text records in your Google Workspace
  • Deskphone support – Set up desk phones with Voice installed in them

This is more in line with other VoIP services we’ve tested. As you’ll find in our Ooma review, for example, these are the features common in business VoIP providers.

Business Plus $18/user/month

This is tailor-made for multinational businesses, as it comes with unlimited international locations, so you can manage your teams and employees no matter where they are.

A highlight here is the automatic call recording feature (you can record calls in the Standard plan, too, but only manually). Beyond this, you’ll also get advanced reporting.

Google Voice’s Key Features

You can do a lot more than make and answer calls. Here are some of the key features we found when we tested the platform for this Google Voice review, plus how we found it compared to others we’ve used.

Easy SetupUnlimited Free TextsVoicemail TranscriptionCall ForwardingRing GroupsSpam Detection

Although this isn’t necessarily a feature, it’s worthy of placing at the top of this section. Google Voice is hands down one of the easiest VoIP systems we’ve tried.

Training is unlikely to be necessary. The dashboard lays out everything on the left-hand side, similar to Gmail, making sourcing what you need a breeze.

To get a personal phone number, all you need to do is enter your city or area code. That said, unlike some providers like MightyCall that offer free phone number porting, Google Voice charges $20 for this.

Google Voice offers unlimited messaging for US customers across any synced device. As you may expect, these texts are also displayed in a simple dashboard that looks a lot like Gmail.

That said, what impressed us most is that this is free and offered on the Basic plan. As we explored in our GoTo Connect review, this isn’t the case for many.

For reference, GoTo charges more for its entry-level plan than Google Voice and it offers limited domestic texting in the US.

By leveraging advanced speech recognition technology, Google Voice can transcribe your voicemail into text. With this, you can easily identify the voicemails that need your immediate attention.

In our experience, we noticed that some of the voicemails can’t be transcribed and, on certain occasions, Google Voice is not as accurate as we expected. However, we were surprised to find it was on offer at all.

Still, if this is an area where you can’t compromise on quality, we’d recommend top VoIP services like Nextiva, RingCentral, or Ooma.

With Google Voice, you can consolidate your existing phone number with others into one so that you can better manage calls. You can also redirect calls from your work phone number, landline, and cell phone – and add up to six phone numbers.

Playing around with the settings for this option is a breeze as well, thanks to Google Voice’s admin center. All you have to do is set up your linked numbers and verify them using a 6-digit code.

Besides this, you can even set certain call forwarding rules, like redirecting calls to multiple phone numbers if there’s no response on one phone number or having them ring on several numbers at the same time.

Google Voice’s ring groups let your team members make and receive calls from a single Google Voice number, albeit from a host of different devices.

Moreover, the automatic call routing rules ensure that a certain agent/team receives calls that are meant for them. We were impressed that you can even limit outbound calls.

Beyond this, you can also customize the call routing, including adding a custom greeting. While other providers offer this feature, Google Voice’s ease of use shone through again.

Unwanted spam calls are a huge nuisance for businesses, and they can also put you at risk of falling victim to scams. We were surprised to see that Google Voice offers protection against this.

Not all VoIP services include this, or they have call blocking but on a high-end plan. With GV, if you accidentally block a phone number, you can easily unblock it from the call logs section of the dashboard.

To simplify this, there’s a separate section where you can see spam texts, calls, and even voicemails, like in Gmail. This isn’t common in other VoIP services, so Google Voice hits it out of the park here.

Google Voice’s Integrations

Google Voice seamlessly integrates with Google Workspace, especially with Google Calendar, Google Meet, and Gmail. The best part? You can enjoy these native integrations on the Starter plan.

Google CalendarGoogle MeetGmail

Set your availability, schedule meetings with Google Voice, and get voicemails for missed calls.

Users can host and join meetings from their browser of via the app, which is available for use on Android and Apple devices. It offers high-quality audio, up to 4K video quality, background noise cancellation, and live captions.

Accept, make, and transfer calls directly from your Gmail without switching tabs.

The integrations here, although useful, aren’t a match for full-fledged VoIP solutions like 8×8 or GoTo Connect that can integrate with Zendesk, Miro, Shopify, Salesforce, and even Microsoft products.

What is Google Voice Good for?

Google Voice will serve you well if you’re looking for excellent calling and text messaging features. However, it’s not the best choice for large businesses looking for advanced features.

However, it does lack detailed call analytics, customization, and integration with CRM platforms, to name a few key ones. For this and more sales and customer-centric features, we recommend Ooma or RingCentral.

We do need to highlight that Google Voice’s call quality is excellent, there’s unlimited international calling to most EU countries on the base plan, and you get unlimited texts in the US.

Cross-platform synchronization is also class-leading, and you can send messages or make calls from your computer and phone using the same Google Voice number. Plus, the plans are all very affordable.

Google Voice vs Top Competitors

Google Voice is decent VoIP service, but its may not be the best option for everyone. If it’s not your ideal VoIP solution, here are others you can consider:

Google Voice Ooma Vonage MightyCall
Best For Solopreneurs and startups Any sized business Small businesses Startups Mid-sized businesses
Starting Price $6/user/month $19.95/user/month $13.99/line/month $12.74/user/month $15/user/month
Trial Period 14 days 60 days 14 days Free demo 7 days
Mobile App iOS, Android iOS, Android iOS, Android iOS, Android iOS, Android
Top 3 Features Multi-level auto attendant, unlimited texts,
ring groups
HD audio quality, virtual receptionist, free toll-free number Unlimited meetings, class-leading security,
multi-level auto attendant
Voice tagging, native SMS box, personalized call messages Custom greetings, business hour call routing, call screening
Money-Back Guarantee 6 months 30 days 30 days 30 days

Google Voice vs RingCentral

Google Voice is ideal for freelancers or startups that are active users of Google Workspace products. It’s affordable and comes with essential VoIP features like call forwarding and recording.

On the other hand, RingCentral comes with an array of advanced features and is best for companies that want a full UCaaS platform with visual voicemail extension availability, for example.

When it comes to pricing, we favor Google Voice, as it offers straightforward and affordable pricing plans, while RingCentral’s is complex and, of course, more expensive.

However, the customization and extensive feature set justify the price, as we outlined in our RingCentral review. But Google Voice is best for beginners and basic business communication needs.

Google Voice vs Ooma

Both Google Voice and Ooma provide unlimited text messaging and calling in the US. However, Google Voice is slightly better when it comes to international calling.

In this respect, Ooma is limited to the US, Mexico, Canada, and Puerto Rico. However, there’s no doubt that Ooma’s call management features are more advanced than that of Google Voice.

While Google Voice links with Google Workspace, Ooma offers more integrations with popular platforms, including all the best CRM tools. Ooma is also the go-to for features like call forwarding and hold music — and the call quality is hard to beat.

Google Voice vs Grasshopper

We’ve established that Google Voice is ideal for the budget-conscious who are looking for basic VoIP features. However, if you want to take your customer service to the next level, Grasshopper is ideal.

With multiple extensions, toll-free phone numbers, and virtual faxes, you can offer customers the best support possible. Price-wise, Grasshopper offers a flat-rate model instead of the per-user one.

On comparing the entry-level plans of both providers, both providers offer great bang for your buck.

Google Voice Customer Reviews

Google Voice has been praised and criticized by users, creating a spectrum of reviews across various platforms. On G2, it has a rating of 4.1/5 star rating based on 151 reviews.

Users are as impressed as we were with its ease of use and surprised by its catalog of features. Call quality was another aspect that you’ll find receives a lot of praise — despite the odd complaint on this.

The mobile app, call recording, call screening, and message alerts are some of the most talked-about features, and the functionality of the app across devices is another key highlight in the reviews.

Google Voice allows me to have a secondary work-dedicated number on my personal mobile device. This solves the problem of a having a work-dedicated device or having to use multiple SIM cards within my phone.

Customer review collected from G2.

As with every product on the market, there are some complaints. We’ve mentioned the occasional call quality and lag issues in our Google Voice review, but voicemail transcription inaccuracies are another.

Overall, most of the reviews on Google Voice are positive, and the downsides raised are minor or very infrequent to really use these as the basis of your decision.

How to Choose the Best VoIP Provider

Here’s a list of key factors to consider when you’re out shopping for a VoIP system:

Price and FeaturesScalabilityEase of UseIntegrationsCustomer Support

It’s important to consider the features on offer with each plan. Common must-haves include call recording, an auto-attendant, call queuing, audio or video conferencing, music-on-hold, and virtual faxing. Sometimes, features you need may only be on a higher-end plan.

If you’re a growing business, choose a service that can grow with you. Make sure it can accommodate many users, integrate with various popular platforms, offer collaboration features as well as international calls. The last thing you want is to have to migrate to another platform later.

To truly know how easy a platform is to use, we recommend using any free versions on offer. A VoIP service with an intuitive interface will ensure a smooth experience, especially if you’re a beginner — and it means there’s no need for extensive training.

Most businesses use a variety of tools to run their day-to-day operations. Be sure that your chosen VoIP service integrates with your current tech stack. For example, some services offer certain integrations as add-ons or only in higher-end plans.

Pick a provider with multiple customer support channels (online forum, toll-free phone number, email, live chat, and phone support). Also, be sure that the provider you choose is reputable and offers 24/7 support.


How We Review And Test VoIP Services

We base our recommendations on first-hand testing. All the VoIP products we feature, have been tested based on the following criteria:

  • Features: We explore the platform’s general call and video conferencing capabilities and unique features like automation, call queuing, call recording, and IVR features.
  • Integrations: We assess whether it offers integration support for popular business apps such as CRMs, project management platforms, helpdesk software, and others.
  • Reliability: We test the call quality on offer with the VoIP platform, and we only include services that offer an uptime guarantee of close to 100%.
  • Security and Compliance: We check whether the platform offers industry-standard encryption, access controls, compliance with regulations like GDPR, and firewalls.
  • Numbers: We factor in whether the platform offers a variety of number options like local, toll-free, international, and vanity numbers.
  • Ease of Use: We test the VoIP service on its available platforms to ensure we can give accurate insight into its usability.
  • Value for Money: After our hands-on testing, we’re able to better analyze whether the price point is fair to offer insight into the feature-to-price value on offer.
  • Reviews and Reputation: Beyond our hands-on testing, we explore third-party reviews to see if we need to investigate certain aspects of the VoIP service further. This combined allows us to offer a good overview of what our readers can expect from the platform.


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