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Nextiva is popular among small and mid-sized businesses, especially call centers

Nextiva is an incredibly popular VoIP service that has a high reputation and stellar reviews. It takes security seriously and boasts numerous scalable plans to fit various needs and budgets.

There are also plans specific for call centers, built-in collaboration capabilities, and even free number porting if you wish to keep your existing number.

It sits in the mid-range price bracket, offering the most value for money for small and medium-sized businesses. That said, for some, it’s not the best option for video conferencing.

Video calls are limited to 45 minutes each — this is enough for some but not for everyone. It all depends on your specific needs.

As with most products, the ease of use and the support have gotten some mixed reviews, but overall, Nextiva is by far one of the best VoIP services on the market.


  • Secure and scalable
  • Seamless call transferring
  • Unlimited internet fax on all plans
  • Free toll-free and local numbers
  • Affordable Business Communications plans


  • Mixed feedback on ease of use and support
  • Video calls are limited to 45 minutes

In this Nextiva review, we explore everything there is to know about this VoIP service. It’s popular, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best solution for everybody. Read on to learn more about Nextiva’s USPs, who it’s best for (and who it isn’t), its pricing, and how it compares to others on the market.

Nextiva’s Pricing

Nextiva offers 2 types of plans: Business Communication and Contact Center. The first one is for regular communications over the phone or via video, and the second is an intelligent cloud contact center. Here’s a glimpse into Nextiva’s pricing:

Parameters Essentials Professional Enterprise
Starting Price $17.39/user/month $20.74/user/month $27.44/user/month
Unlimited Domestic Calling In the US and Canada In the US and Canada In the US and Canada
Unlimited Domestic Texting 1,000 messages/user 2,000/user
Numbers Toll-free and local numbers Same as Essentials Same as Essentials
Video Conferencing
Call Recording
Voicemail Transcription

Business Communication

Here’s a breakdown of your options and the core features included in each of the plans. It’s also worth noting that the prices shown below are for 20-99 users, but there are options ranging from 1-9 to 100+:

Essential — $17.39/user/mProfessional — $20.74/user/mEnterprise — $27.44/user/m

This plan provides unlimited calling (both voice and video calls), voicemails, unlimited fax, and Outlook/Google Contacts integration. Beyond this, you also have the option of getting a free toll-free VoIP number.

This offers everything in the Essential plan, plus unique benefits like screen-sharing, an auto-attendant, and Salesforce/Hubspot integration. You also get mobile and desktop MMS and SMS.

Along with all the benefits of the previous plans, it offers call recording, voicemail transcription, and video call recording. You also get unlimited conference call participants, as opposed to the 40 you get on the Professional plan.

Contact Center

Nextiva hasn’t revealed the price for any of the plans under Contact Center. So you’ll have to talk to Nextiva support for a custom quote. That said, here’s what you can expect from each plan.


Here you’ll get all the core functionalities. This includes call recording, softphone support, geo-redundancy, and Nextiva Voice integration. Along with that, you’ll also get 24/7 customer support.

This plan offers everything the Core plan has to offer, plus extra features such as Essentials Quality Management and access to digital communication channels like chat, email, and SMS.

This plan is ideal for workforce optimization, thanks to features like Enterprise Quality (and Workforce) Management and Proactive Notifications to always be in touch with your customers.

This offers everything that Nextiva has to offer. Its unique features include workflow automation and interaction analytics which gives you insight into your agent’s actions and your customer’s responses.


We’ve tested numerous internet phone services, which allows us to offer insight into how Nextiva’s features and functionality compare to others on the market. Here are Nextiva’s core features.

Calling Functions

Placing calls on the Nextiva dashboard

We found Nextiva’s calling functions to be among the best in the industry. Every plan comes with free toll-free and local numbers along with toll-free minutes, which vary depending on the plan.

Call recording is also available, but unfortunately, only users on the Ultimate plan can use it. This is a letdown for some, given that providers like Ooma provide call recording on cheaper plans.

To make up for it, Nextiva offers call history and call reports, along with the ability to add notes to contacts — on every plan. It also offers free number porting so you can keep your existing number.

Beyond all this, we also found that managing voicemails is particularly easy with Nextiva because you get an SMS or email notification every time you get one.

Video Meeting Functions

Nextiva video conferencing

Surprisingly, although Nextiva doesn’t offer call recording on the cheaper plans, video conference recording is available on every plan. This makes sharing meetings with non-participants super easy.

Participants can also go back and revisit the points discussed to ensure they don’t miss important discussions. However, depending on your needs, meeting duration limits may be a problem.

The duration per call is capped at 45 minutes on every plan for both video calls and conferences. This is far below platforms like Zoom that provide 30 hours per meeting on all paid plans.

That said, if the length of meetings isn’t a problem, you’ll appreciate that Nextiva allows unlimited participants in the Ultimate plan. Many other platforms, like 8×8, limit it to 500 participants.

Security Features

Security is one of Nextiva’s top priorities. All its data centers are protected with multiple layers of security, which includes 24/7 video monitoring of these facilities and 5 biometric checkpoints.

To keep up with its uptime guarantee in the face of natural adversities, Nextiva has taken a few extra measures that include:

  • A backup generator
  • Powerful heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems for temperature control
  • An uninterruptible power source (UPS) that has N+1 (or greater) redundancy

All the data centers also meet the standards set by SO/IEC 27001 certification and go through routine third-party audits.

Team Management Functions

One key praise Nextiva gets is that it makes managing a team easy. For starters, it displays employee statuses so you can see if they’re present, on a call, or away to better distribute incoming calls.

There’s also a built-in chat for collaboration, and you can create a separate ‘Room’ to share ideas through text or on a call. We found it was the same as forming a group on apps like WhatsApp.

There’s also an Admin portal where the manager will have a single view of the entire organization. Overall, the team management features are on par with competitors like RingCentral.

Nextiva Integration

Nextiva offers both native integrations as well as integrations via Zapier, which is a popular app marketplace that serves as a bridge between different software.

Nextiva integrates with Zapier, which in turn gives you access to 6,000+ apps for integration. As for native integrations, you have 19 options to pick from, including Microsoft Teams and Act! CRM.

Is Nextiva Safe?

As we discussed above, Nextiva is extremely safe to use. The platform and its servers undergo 24/7 monitoring so that an unauthorized user can’t access your data.

The servers are protected against natural and unnatural threats, and all calls are encrypted, too. Beyond this, there’s even a built-in fraud mitigation system that detects irregular call activities.

Nextiva Customer Reviews

Nextiva has received stellar reviews. On GetApp, for example, it scored 4.6/5 based on 637 votes. Out of this, a whopping 497 people have given it a 5-star rating, and 72 have given it a 4-star rating.

Nextiva customer ratings GetApp

The reviews tell a similar tale on Trustpilot, where it boasts 4.6 out of 5 stars, with 85% of the users giving it a 5-star. Here, too, users have praised its customer support team and ease of setting up.

Nextiva ratings on Trustpilot

There have been some customers who have complained about delays in response from the support team and difficulty in navigating the platform, but Nextiva has handled this feedback with sincerity.

Overall, we found, and it’s reiterated in most of the Nextiva reviews you’ll see, that Nextiva prioritizes its customers. There’s no doubt that it’s a reliable and loved solution by most who opt for it.

What is Nextiva Good For?

Nextiva is a VoIP service best for voice calling. All its plans under Business Communications are loaded with features that ensure you have a seamless calling experience.

For starters, every plan comes with HD audio calling quality, access to local and toll-free numbers, and some toll-free minutes for you to get started. Plus, it offers a free number porting service.

Overall, Nextiva sits in the middle of the price range, making it a solid option for any business. That said, you’ll find that small and mid-sized businesses find it most appealing.

Nextiva Vs Top Competitors

Here is a quick comparison between Nextiva and the other top players in the market:

VoIP Platform Nextiva Ooma Vonage Phone.com MightyCall
Best For Ease of use and setup Any-sized business Small businesses Startups Mid-sized businesses
Starting Price $17.39/user/month $19.95/user/month $13.99/user/month $12.74/user/month $15/user/month
Trial Period 7 days 60 days 14 days Free demo 7 days
Mobile App iOS and Android iOS and Android iOS and Android iOS and Android iOS and Android
Top Features Free number porting, Voicemail notifications,
Shared line appearance
HD audio quality, Virtual receptionist, Free toll-free number Unlimited meetings, Best-in-class security, Multi-level auto attendant Voice tagging, native SMS,
Personalized call messages
Custom greetings, Business hour call routing, Call screening
Money-Back Guarantee 30 days 30 days 30 days 30 days

Nextiva Vs RingCentral

Nextiva is better for audio-calling. For a lower price, it offers more toll-free minutes on every plan, a multi-level auto-attendant, and as a bonus, unlimited internet fax. Plus, of course, free number porting.

As we found in our RingCentral review, it does some things better than Nextiva, but the price point is higher. For example, Nextiva offers limited analytics in comparison.

RingCentral lets you see beyond the call history with adoption analytics, real-time quality-of-service analytics, alerts, live reports for real-time call queue management, and business analytics.

Nextiva Vs 8×8

As we discussed in our 8×8 review, it gives Nextiva tough competition with unique features like Barge, Whisper & Monitor (a feature that lets a manager listen in on a call.

We were also impressed that it offers unlimited ext-to-ext calling and Frontdesk software for receptionists and operators. However, unlike 8×8, Nextiva offers up to 12,500 toll-free minutes.

Nextiva is also a better option in terms of its collection of business phones, with both conference and desk phones being available for rent as well.

Nextiva Vs DialPad

DialPad’s biggest USP is that it’s driven by AI. This includes AI Meetings, an AI Contact Centre, and an AI Sales Centre. Plus, it has a free plan under AI Meetings, and it’s cheaper than Nextiva.

We also found that the calling features are more comprehensive in comparison to Nextiva. For instance, you get an automatic spam call detector, call parking, and a 5-hour cap for each meeting.

However, we’d recommend Nextiva for voicemail, as it offers both email and SMS notifications. It also provides unlimited internet fax on every plan, unlike DialPad, which only offers this as an add-on.

Verdict — Is Nextiva Worth it?

Nextiva is worth it for those looking for an all-in-one calling solution, as it offers high-quality calls, free number porting, toll-free minutes, and advanced call management features.

However, it’s not the best choice for video conferencing. Each video call is capped at 45 minutes, and this isn’t even available on the Essential plan. For this, we recommend a platform like Zoom.

How We Test VoIP Services

Every product we write about goes through our extensive in-house evaluation. We have over 13 years of experience in the industry. We start by testing the tool’s features, usability, and uptime.

This is conducted over a 2-week period. During this, we’re able to compare it to other VoIP services we’ve used, but for better insight, we pair this with feedback from other Nextiva reviews.

We then put those considerations to the test to check if there’s any substance in the claims made. This way, we ensure there are no half-measures when we pen down our comprehensive reviews.

How to Choose the Best VoIP Provider

Here are a few things you should keep in mind while choosing the best VoIP provider for your specific needs:

PriceFeaturesScalabilityEase of UseIntegrationsCustomer SupportUptimeHidden Costs

One of the first things that you need to check is the price. Remember, good software doesn’t have to break the bank. There are plenty of VoIP platforms that are affordable yet effective.

VoIP platforms offer more than just calling functions; you can get team management tools, in-depth analytics, and time-saving integrations. Be sure to check whether the provider has the features you’re after on the plan that you can afford.

If you’re a small business, it’s natural to have a tight budget. As such, we always recommend our readers ensure the platform is scalable and that it’ll offer what you need when your business grows.

To ensure the platform won’t require intensive training or result in setbacks, we recommend making use of any free trials, demos or even guarantees to test the platform risk-free before committing.

A good VoIP platform with ample integrations will help you manage most of your business from one place. Make sure the integrations you need are available on your chosen plan.

Support generally isn’t an issue with highly reputable services, but we recommend checking if the website has enough documentation and whether they offer multiple methods of getting in touch.

Without a near-100% uptime, your customers will be left unattended, and it won’t be long before your competitors swoop in and take them away. Every ‘9’ in a VoIP service’s uptime relates to minutes of downtime every year.

This could include unexplained service charges, price hikes post-plan renewal, or undisclosed charges that are later revealed when you have already used the service. Be sure to read the fine print.


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