Ooma Review: Everything You Need to Know About Ooma in 2024

Our Verdict

Ooma is best for SMBs — it's cheap and offers over 50 VoIP features

Ooma holds an incredibly high reputation in the VoIP field, especially for businesses. This is largely thanks to its user-friendly interface and implementation.

It’s also easily among the most affordable options on the market, despite boasting some of the most premium VoIP call features.

The only real complaint users have is that the cancellation process can be time-consuming. That said, overall, it’s hard to beat Ooma. Why not try it? Ooma Premier is free for 60 days.


  • Ooma is available in 70+ countries
  • It's incredibly easy to use and set up
  • Boasts exceptional call quality
  • Numerous cost-effective plans for home and office


  • Advanced features are only available on Ooma Premier
  • Some complain about the cancellation process

In this Ooma review, we take a deep dive into this popular, affordable phone system. Despite the many USPs, it’s not the best choice for everyone. Read this full Ooma phone review as we explore its pricing, features, and how it compares to other VoIP services.

What is Ooma?

Ooma provides VoIP hardware devices that replace traditional landlines and offer advanced, modern features. Unlike most of its rivals, Ooma charges just for its hardware and requires very low (or zero) monthly fees.

It removes the plan structure charged by the minute or month that most landline and cellphone companies impose and introduces versatile features for voicemail, conference calls, and call routing.

Although these advanced features are most suited to companies, domestic users can also benefit from seeing caller IDs and ensuring they never miss an important call.

ooma phone review

You also get functions like call forwarding, multi-ring, and voicemail-to-email. Ooma also enhances your security and privacy with various blocking and monitoring features.

It lets you block anonymous and spam calls, and it has a massive database of numbers belonging to phone scammers who won’t be able to reach you. In addition, you can enable contact-only calling.

This diverts calls from numbers that aren’t on your contacts list to voicemail. With Ooma’s enhanced caller ID, you’ll even see the name of the person calling.

How Does Ooma Work?

Ooma’s VoIP technology converts analog audio signals into digital data transmittable over the internet. As you can make calls over your existing internet connection, Ooma lets you avoid paying for expensive traditional landline phones.

In addition, you’ll quickly notice the benefits of VoIP full-duplex communication and noise reduction features that ensure there are no audio cut-offs or background noise distractions.

However, its dependency on a stable and fast internet connection is one drawback of VoIP technology.

Purchasing an Ooma device lets you connect it to your router via Ethernet or Wi-Fi, serving as a central hub for your telephone systems. This then enables the transmission of voice data over the internet.

After you set up your Ooma device, you can enjoy its superior flexibility over traditional landline phone providers, which includes:

  • Voicemail access via mobile phone or web portal
  • Cheap international calling, and
  • Unparalleled portability

It’ll work anywhere, too, as long as you have an internet connection over Ethernet or Wi-Fi. Plus, you can use Ooma to make calls on your Android or iOS mobile device via Ooma mobile apps.

How Much Does Ooma Cost?

Besides its hardware, business plans, and add-ons, Ooma offers international calling plans for as little as $4.99/month. These plans allow you to make phone calls to over 70 countries at no additional cost.

Ooma offers comprehensive residential and office VoIP plans and features. Although there’s no free plan for businesses, residential users can start with a 100% free plan with basic features.

However, you’ll have to purchase the Ooma device, pay applicable monthly taxes and fees, and purchase any equipment you might need to use it, such as cables.

Ooma Home Pricing

Ooma offers 3 Ooma Telo devices for residential users. Although these have similar features, they operate differently. All have a 60-day free trial of Ooma Premier, though, giving you access to 25 advanced features.

Ooma Telo - $99.99

Ooma Telo – $99.99

The cheapest Ooma device, Ooma Telo, provides advanced features and a reliable home VoIP service for a one-time fee of $99.99. You can use this device with Ooma’s free Basic plan.

This will let you make HD audio calls, use its mobile apps, and set up call forwarding, among other must-have features.

Ooma Telo Air - $129.99

Ooma Telo Air – $129.99

This wireless VoIP adapter allows you to enjoy all the benefits of Ooma Telo but with a wireless connection.

It requires no hardwired internet connection, which makes it easy to set up via Ooma’s mobile apps. Its portability also allows you to take it anywhere you’d like, as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection.

Ooma Telo LTE - $129.99 + $19.99

Ooma Telo LTE – $129.99 + $19.99/month

This device comes with battery backup for power outages, runs on a 4G LTE cellular network, and includes all Ooma Premier features, justifying the monthly fee.

Investing in this device means your customers or family will always be able to reach you, even during a power outage. In addition, it lets you make calls to Mexico, the U.S., and Canada free of charge.

Ooma Telo devices come with free shipping and a 30-day return policy, and its customer support is always ready to help you with any issues you may encounter as a new user.

Additional Options

Additional Options

how much is ooma premier

How much is Ooma Premier? The service costs $9.99/month and includes 25+ advanced features, which are invaluable for business owners and large families.

It provides an Instant Second Line, which you can use as a secondary number for work or home. You can also make calls to Canada and Mexico for free and enjoy unlimited outbound calling.

Optional extras include:

  • Number porting — $39.99/number — This allows you to keep your traditional landline home phone number
  • Phone number change — $19.99/change, and
  • Directory assistance — $0.99/call

Ooma Business Pricing

ooma office review

All 3 subscription plans include over 50 business-oriented VoIP features and exceptional integration capabilities – and even the cheapest one includes its excellent Virtual Receptionist feature.

In addition, the Essentials plan lets you set up Ring Groups, where a call will alert multiple team members until it’s answered. You can set this up for your tech team, billing agents, or support department.

Upgrading to the Pro plan lets your employees use Ooma’s desktop app, record calls, receive voicemail transcription, gain additional Caller ID information, and more.

It also gives your team access to Ooma’s call analytics and Microsoft Office 365 integrations, which can help improve your productivity and collaboration.

However, for just an extra $5 per month, the Pro Plus plan offers call queueing, hot desking, call screening, and other advanced call management options. It also supports Salesforce integration.

An In-Depth Look at Ooma’s Features

Ooma lets you stay in touch with anyone from anywhere in the world at an affordable price. However, the flexibility and wide array of features it offers mark it as a top internet phone service.

Here are some crucial features Ooma users can access via desk phones and mobile devices:

Virtual Receptionist

Ooma’s virtual receptionist is invaluable. It’s praised in almost every Ooma business phone review. It can fully replace a real-life employee, saving you from having an extra person on your payroll.

However, if you prefer having a person handling direct calls during peak hours, you can configure the virtual receptionist to function on a schedule.

For example, if you have an in-office receptionist from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., you can set the virtual receptionist to direct calls to your customer support team when your office is closed.

Besides its cost-saving benefit for SMBs, it’s a scalable solution suitable for large businesses. You can set it up as a multi-level system that directs incoming calls to different departments for added customer and employee convenience.

Voicemail Forwarding and Transcription

Ooma Voicemail Transcription

Ooma delivers some of the most comprehensive voicemail features. It lets you customize the greeting and forward voicemails to your email or SMS to check on the go using the Ooma app.

Ooma also lets you take advantage of its advanced voicemail transcription, even with its basic home phone plan. This creates a text version of your voicemail and sends it to your email.

This can help you quickly review your voicemail even when you’re busy. In addition, Ooma offers human-assisted transcription for its Ooma Premier users, which makes the transcription more accurate.

However, human-assisted transcription isn’t available for standard business plans, and only Ooma Office Pro users get the automated voicemail transcription feature.

Audio and Video Conferencing

Ooma Conferencing

Whether you’re making calls for business or pleasure, Ooma lets you talk to two contacts simultaneously, thanks to its three-way conference calling feature.

This allows you to talk to two contacts simultaneously without worrying about technical issues or accidental hang-ups. Ooma Office Pro users can also host video conferences with 25 people.

The Pro Plus plan boosts this to 100. We found it’s well-designed, offering easy screen-sharing and collaboration to accelerate team productivity.

The Ooma Meetings dashboard lets you arrange, manage, and record meetings, too – and it’s a user-favorite feature, according to almost every Ooma Office review.


This Ooma VoIP review wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t mention the Multi-Ring functionality. This is a call-forwarding feature that offers exceptional value for home office workers and freelancers.

It lets you choose which telephones will ring when you receive calls to your Ooma phone. You can pick between your home telephone, external numbers, or the Ooma Home Phone mobile app.

You can even set up call-forwarding so that your external phones ring if your Ooma device is offline, which ensures you won’t miss any important calls.

However, this feature is only available for Ooma Premier users.

Personal Phone Numbers and Accounts

If you run a small business from home, have family members who require privacy, or need a dedicated fax line, Ooma lets you create and use multiple numbers with a single device.

For example, you can assign a personal number to each family member and have a dedicated business number that only rings when a customer calls.

Besides its benefits for a household, this Ooma Premier feature lets you simultaneously add numbers from multiple countries, such as the U.S. and Canada. For example, if you have family in Canada but live in the U.S., you could add a Canadian number to your Ooma device.

This eliminates international calling fees for your friends and family in Canada. Plus, each family member can use a personalized Ooma account, meaning they can:

  • Check private voicemails
  • Select custom ringtones, or
  • Configure customized calling preferences

All without you having to change your settings.

Ooma’s Integrations

Ooma focuses on improving your business performance and customer loyalty by integrating with some of the best CRM apps, including Salesforce, Zoho, and HubSpot.

These integrations allow you to initiate calls from within the CRM, log customer data automatically, and keep track of your customer experience, helping you personalize each customer’s experience.

In addition, you can ensure your customers always reach the right person, even if the individual is working remotely, by setting up call forwarding to help customers avoid dealing with multiple agents.

Equipping your employees with this powerful telephony solution is simple with Ooma, as it has a centralized configuration and requires no client-side installation.

In addition, your employees can use it directly from the CRM interface, meaning they won’t have to juggle between apps to place or take calls.

Besides delivering a superb experience for customers and employees, Ooma gives you valuable insights into staff productivity, including all calls and notes added to contacts.

Is Ooma Any Good? A Look at Ooma Reviews

With over 2 million users in North America alone, Ooma is an exceptional VoIP provider for anyone looking to reduce their phone bill or significantly improve their communication system.

One of the most common topics in Ooma reviews is its customer support, which is praised by users for the professionalism and responsiveness of its reps.

ooma phone service reviews

In addition, Ooma has an active community forum full of user-made threads with helpful guides and tips. With an overwhelming 76% of reviews being 5-star ratings on Trustpilot, Ooma is a user favorite.


ooma iphone review

This is especially true in regard to businesses, where Ooma reviews are particularly positive. On ConsumerAffairs, we also found dozens of reviews praising its affordability and low-cost calls.

However, we noticed that most negative reviews concerned cancellation. To cancel, you’ll need to call Ooma’s Customer Care team, which can lead to a lengthy conversation.

Although this is common practice in the VoIP industry, most negative reviews stem from a lack of automated cancellation options via the website or mobile apps.

Ooma VoIP vs. Top Competitors

Ooma faces tough competition in the VoIP industry – we’ve prepared a table to help you compare its pricing and other key aspects with leading Ooma alternatives:

VoIP App Cheapest Plan Free Version Money-Back Guarantee
Ooma $9.99/month Free plan with basic features 30 days
Vonage $19.99/month 14-day free trial 30 days
Nextiva $23.95/month 7-day free trial 30 days
Phone.com $12.74/month 30 days
MightyCall $15/month 7-day free trial

Ooma vs. Vonage

Vonage has one clear advantage over Ooma with its superb call center features, which allow large businesses to have a real-time view of their employees’ status.

This simplifies call routing as you’ll always know which employee is idle, on call, or ringing. However, it’s far more complicated to set up and use than Ooma.

This makes Ooma the ideal pick for SMBs, home business owners, and residential users. In addition, Ooma offers more advanced features, meaning only large businesses with call center needs should consider Vonage over Ooma.

Ooma vs. Nextiva

Nextiva is similar to Ooma in terms of features and ease of use, and it also provides better call center features like Vonage. However, its top-tier features can get expensive for SMBs and residential users.

For example, as we found in our Nextiva review, it requires an Enterprise-tier subscription ($37.95/user/month) for features like voicemail transcription and unlimited video conference recording.

With Ooma, it costs $9.99/month to subscribe to its Ooma Premier feature pack to enjoy the same capabilities.

Ooma vs. Phone.com

Phone.com is a budget-friendly option. It offers feature-rich, affordable plans ideal for freelancers and residential users, but Ooma offers far more integrations and superior customer support.

That means Ooma is equally reliable for home and business use, making it a more versatile solution than Phone.com.

Ooma vs. MightyCall

MightyCall is a solid choice for users who’d rather avoid hardware equipment and use a cloud-based service. It’s also the only VoIP provider with security measures that match Ooma’s.

This is because it has world-class VoIP security protocols and employs Amazon Web Services (AWS) to safeguard your data. However, it can get expensive.

Beyond this, it lacks advanced audio and video conferencing features, making Ooma the better choice. Ooma also offers the longest free trial period (60 days) for Ooma Premier.

Ooma Setup – A Quick Guide

Setting up the Ooma Telo home VoIP device is straightforward and takes no more than ten minutes and involves connecting it to a standard landline phone, AC power, and your router via Ethernet.

Once you’ve connected all the cables, you can continue the setup process online to activate your number.

There, you’ll pick between a Basic and Ooma Premier plan, and you’ll be able to set up voicemail and call notifications. In addition, you can also opt for its 911 alert feature that automatically notifies you if someone in your household dials 911.

To finalize the setup, you should pick a Caller ID name that’ll show up on your contacts’ phones when you call them and a second phone line if you need the Ooma Premier plan.

Ooma Telo Air

If you bought an Ooma Telo Air device, you’ll simply have to connect it to the internet using a mobile phone. Download the Ooma Mobile app and follow the installation instructions.

Like Ooma Telo, you’ll have to connect this device to AC power, plug a corded or cordless phone into the phone port on the device, and finish the setup process online.

For Ooma Telo LTE, you’ll have to connect the LTE adapter to the base station. It comes with a USB cable to connect the LTE adapter to the back of the base station, and you can use its battery backup by switching its power switch on.

With this configuration, the battery backup will charge from the wall outlet while powering the base station, and it’ll continue to power it if your power goes out.

Ooma Office Setup

Getting started with Ooma Office plans takes just a few minutes and lets you use existing phone numbers or choose new numbers in almost any area code.

You can use Ooma Office with any Ooma IP phone, analog phone, or smartphone.

If you opt for an Ooma IP phone, Ooma will help you set up an extension, making it a plug-and-play setup process. You’ll need an internet connection, and if you want to use mobile devices, you’ll need to download Ooma’s smartphone apps.

Depending on your account settings, your Ooma Office Base Station can arrive labeled “Ready to Call.” If you’ve already finished your online setup process, it’ll be ready for use.

If it didn’t arrive with this label, you’ll need to add your Base Station to your Ooma Office account by following the instructions on Ooma’s website, Ooma.com, from your account settings.

Our Other VoIP Comparisons and Guides

If you’re still unsure about whether Ooma is the right pick for you, our team of experts has compiled ample guides on the best VoIPs for varying needs and budgets. In these, you’ll be able to see how Ooma differs from other market players:

Why You Can Trust Our Ooma Review Verdict

We compiled our review of Ooma the same that we do any software reviews. We start by testing the products on offer over a 2-week period. Analyzing it’s features, usability, and mobile apps.

Beyond this, we know that experiences differ — As such, we also look into third-party user reviews to ensure we’re including everything worth noting as far as its USPs and cons are concerned.

This, along with our experience with other VoIP products, for guides like our full Vonage review, for example, we’re able to give a good overview of how each tool compares to other top VoIP services.


Although there are ample VoIP services to pick from, few can compete with Ooma. Ooma offers exceptional home and business plans and stands out with its low and zero-cost plans.

Each plan offers a feature-rich service with excellent security and call management features that can benefit anyone, from large families and home business owners to large businesses.

Besides this, Ooma is one of the fastest and simplest VoIP phone services to deploy in homes and offices. It also lets you use your existing phone number.

You can get started with Ooma risk-free today, thanks to its 30-day money-back guarantee and a 30-day return period for its devices.

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