Best VPN in India: Top 14 Reviewed for 2023

The best VPN in India is the one that lets you bypass geo-restrictions and hide your IP address effectively to keep you out of digital surveillance. With a VPN, you can secure your online connections and stay protected from possible security attacks.

That said, choosing a reliable VPN in an oversaturated market is definitely a challenge. That’s why we’ve found and reviewed the 14 best VPNs in India based on various criteria, such as affordability, speed, security, and encryption. Read on as we discuss why industry leaders like ExpressVPN, PureVPN, and IvacyVPN stand out in the crowd.

14 Best VPNs in India for 2023 

ExpressVPN provides unmatched online security with great speeds and a powerful Threat Manager — just a few reasons why it stands as the best VPN in India. However, it had to stand up against some tough competition:

  1. ExpressVPN — Rated as the best VPN for India overall, with a fast service and strong privacy features, as well as great customer service.
  2. Total AV — Security-focused service that comes bundled with tools to block viruses, malware, and ads, as well as more typical VPN features to protect you online.
  3. PureVPN — A leading global provider with coverage across 78 countries and thousands of servers. The app has been optimized for P2P connections, comes with zero logging, and works well on social apps.
  4. IvacyVPN — Great for buffer-free streaming and with a split tunneling feature to prioritize your bandwidth.
  5. NordVPN — An industry leader with over 5,400 servers across 60 geos, which provides first-rate features for privacy and security.
  6. AtlasVPN — A dependable VPN solution packaged with smart features to ensure complete privacy online, even if your connection fails.
  7. CyberGhost VPN — A provider with high-quality encryption, a strict no-logs policy, and options to optimize traffic for streaming and gaming.
  8. PrivadoVPN — Comes with a free plan which is ideal for new users, with parental control features, an ad blocker, and file encryption also available.
  9. ProtonVPN — A safe and consistent choice, which is also one of the best free services available.
  10. Surfshark — An affordable option that nevertheless delivers high speeds and allows you to connect unlimited devices – and has a double VPN for extra privacy.
  11. IPVanish — Fast service with broad coverage, allowing you to use split tunneling, connect unlimited devices, and access encrypted cloud storage
  12. VyprVPN — Reliable VPN with a no-logs policy and strong security protocols that comes with great support for customers.
  13. Private Internet Access — An easy-to-use service with strong security features and a lot of scope for customization.
  14. PrivateVPN — Packaged with smart features to get around DPI Firewalls and VPN blocks, and with a reputation for bypassing international geo-restrictions.

Best VPN for India – Top 14 Compared

Here’s a table highlighting the key differences between each of our top VPNs for India to help you make a quick decision:

India VPN Best For Starting Price Free Version Money-Back Guarantee Max Devices Supported Server Count Server Locations
ExpressVPN Overall top performer $6.67/month — 1-year plan No 30-day 5 3,500+ 94+
TotalAV Security $39/year No 30-day 5 50+ 30+
PureVPN Global server coverage $2.29/month — 2-year plan No 31-day 10 6,500+ 78+
IvacyVPN Buffer-free streaming $1.00/month — 5-year plan No 30-day 10 5,700+ 100+
NordVPN Cloud storage $3.49/month — 2-year plan No 30-day 6 5,300+ 60+
AtlasVPN Families $1.83/month —  3-year plan Yes 30-day Unlimited 1,000+ 49+
CyberGhost High-quality encryption $2.19/month —  2-year plan No 45-day 7 9,400+ 91+
PrivadoVPN New users $0 Yes 30-day 10 300+ 44+
ProtonVPN Best free service $0 Limited free plan 30-day 10 2,900+ 68+
Surfshark Affordable option $2.49/month — 2-year plan No 30-day Unlimited 3,200+ 99+
IPVanish Fast service $3.99/month —  2-year plan No 30-day Unlimited 2,000+ 75+
VyprVPN  Customer support $5/month —  Yearly plan No 30-day 10 700+ 70+
Private Internet Access Ease of use $2.19/month — 3-year plan No 30-day 10 3,100+ 84+
PrivateVPN Bypassing DPI Firewalls and VPN blocks $2/month —  3-year plan No 30-day 10 200+ 63+

Best VPN Services in India Reviewed

Excited to get your hands on the best VPN services in India? Dig in as we discuss each of our top picks in detail below, including their best features, pros, cons, and pricing.

1. ExpressVPN — Overall, the Best VPN in India

ExpressVPN stands out for its ease of use. Not only is the interface fairly simple, but it also offers 24-hour live chat and email support. Whether you need help setting up or troubleshooting, ExpressVPN will always be there.

It also has one of the largest networks of servers. Available in 94+ countries, you can pick any location that works best for you. The service also comes with a Smart Location tool to identify the server that will provide the fastest connection for you. Besides keeping your activities private, though, ExpressVPN will also keep you safe.

expressvpn best vpn for India

The service’s custom Lightway protocol ensures your connection remains secure. Meanwhile, its Threat Manager stops whatever website or app you’re on from communicating with malicious sites and trackers. When there’s no connection between the two, there’s no chance of data theft.

ExpressVPN also offers split tunneling so that you can choose which apps or websites go through the VPN and which connect directly to the internet.

For instance, if you’re looking for location-specific search results, you need to turn on the VPN to get the best result. Turning it on and off isn’t convenient, and that’s where the split tunneling feature comes into play. All of this contributes to making ExpressVPN the best VPN app in India, based on our research.

For India: ExpressVPN offers virtual Indian servers in Singapore and the UK for users who want to privately access the internet as if they were in India, and the firm notes it is compatible with services such as Hotstar and Netflix. Since 2022, the law has required VPNs with servers in India to collect large amounts of customer data, including names and validated IP addresses, so ExpressVPN stopped operating physical servers in the country to ensure the privacy of its users. Beyond this, the provider offers 3,500+ servers in a further 94 countries.

Best For Starting Price Free Version Money-Back Guarantee Max Devices Supported Server Count Server Locations
Overall top performer $6.67/month — 1-year plan No 30-day 5 3,500+ 94+


  • One of the fastest VPN services
  • Boasts ample positive reviews
  • Has one of the best password managers
  • A wide knowledge base with blogs and tutorials
  • Excellent split tunneling for more control over data


  • No multi-hop connections


When compared to other options on our list, ExpressVPN is costlier; however, it remains one of our top recommendations due to its rich catalog of features and proven security.


You’ll get one of the largest fleets of servers plus a built-in password manager for airtight security for your device and accounts. We recommend getting the annual package since it’s the most value for money.

Don’t worry — its 30-day money-back guarantee means you lose nothing if you want to discontinue the plan.

2. TotalAV — All-in-One Solution with Robust Security Features

TotalAV is one of the best solutions for privacy-conscious VPN users in India that would also like to protect their devices from viruses, malware, and spyware. Its VPN is part of a package that contains one of the best antiviruses, an ad-blocker, a password manager, and other helpful tools, such as Total Webshield, which blocks dangerous sites.

TotalAV provides high-speed servers with powerful AES 256-bit encryption, meaning you’ll reach complete anonymity while browsing the internet. Besides protecting you from your ISP and other prying eyes, it’ll block third-party trackers from gathering information about you and prevent you from opening malicious websites.

TotalAV vpn for India

The service provides high-speed connections and is also great for evading bandwidth throttling across your devices.

You can use its password manager to create strong passwords for your online accounts, minimalizing the possibility of a breach by hackers. With TotalAV, you can rest easy knowing it actively protects your devices from viruses and malware attacks by scanning your devices and the files you download.

In addition, you can use its software to optimize your devices and make them faster by removing unused and junk files from their storage.

For India: TotalAV offers 50+ servers in 30 countries, including in the UK, Japan, and the US.

Best For Starting Price Free Version Money-Back Guarantee Max Devices Supported Server Count Server Locations
Security $39/year No 30-day 5 50+ 30+


  • Great customer support
  • User-friendly apps and interface
  • Data breach monitoring
  • Robust encryption


  • Only one subscription plan is available


TotalAV has a single, well-priced plan that costs just $39/year, which is a small price based on how many tools and features you get. It’s hard to imagine you’ll ever fall victim to a phishing scam or malware attack while using it, as it provides outstanding multi-layered protection.

That said, you can protect up to five devices with a single paid plan. Try TotalAV risk-free today with its 30-day guarantee.

3. PureVPN — Great for P2P, TikTok, WeChat, and other Popular Apps

PureVPN helps you avoid online censorship in India by hiding your IP address and allowing you to access hundreds of entertaining and helpful websites via encrypted VPN servers. It has a massive network of over 6,500 servers across over 78 countries, including dozens of servers close to you in India.

Thanks to its robust AES 256-bit encryption, PureVPN ensures you are safe while browsing. In addition, you can connect up to ten devices simultaneously, meaning you can share a single subscription with your entire family.

PureVPN for indian users

PureVPN helps you access your favorite mobile apps through intuitive Android and iOS apps, and it also supports Windows, Mac, Linux, and other devices, ensuring you can cover both home and mobile devices.

Beyond this, if you want to access Indian content while traveling, you can use PureVPN to connect to a virtual Indian server and watch your favorite Sony LIV or ZEE5 streams.

The service also offers Peer-to-Peer (P2P) optimized network connections and is great for getting around bandwidth throttling. In addition, PureVPN provides robust security and privacy features, including an Internet Kill Switch (IKS) and DNS and IP leak protection, alongside its no-log policy.

All of these VPN app features make this a strong contender for best PC VPN overall.

For India: PureVPN offers 69+ Indian virtual servers, with 45+ based in Chennai, for anonymized Indian internet use. The firm reports it is compatible with platforms like Hulu, BBC iPlayer, HBO Max in India, ZEE5, Hotstar, and Sony LIV, and it promotes that it has a zero-logs policy and is able to anonymize traffic. With 6,500+ servers in 78+ geos, the most popular server locations for users in India are apparently the UAE, the UK, and the USA.

Best For Starting Price Free Version Money-Back Guarantee Max Devices Supported Server Count Server Locations
Global server coverage $2.29/month — 2-year plan No 31-day 10 6,500+ 78+


  • Great pricing
  • Cheap add-ons
  • Intuitive interface
  • Reliable kill switch
  • Futureproof 20Gbps servers
  • Among the top VPNs for adult content


  • Fewer features for Mac users


PureVPN has a cost-effective 2-year-long plan that costs as little as $2.29/month and nets you three additional months on top of what you pay for.

PureVPN pricing

With over 69 high-speed virtual servers for India that allow you to browse the internet in privacy and avoid government-led surveillance programs, PureVPN is an ideal choice for people in India that want to remain anonymous at home and while travelling. Try it risk-free today with the 31-day money-back guarantee.

4. IvacyVPN — Choice for Buffer-Free Streaming

IvacyVPN allows you to unblock any websites online, including the most popular streaming services, like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and Amazon Prime Video. It allows unlimited server switching, meaning you can always remain connected to one of its servers and watch your favorite TV shows and movies.

IvacyVPN pioneered the split tunneling feature, which lets you simultaneously access foreign and local web services. With this feature, you get to decide which part of your internet traffic goes through the encrypted tunnels of your VPN, and you can use your regular connection for the rest.

IvacyVPN top VPN for indian content

This VPN provider helps you unblock more than just TV shows and movie streaming services, as you can also use it to listen to music on Spotify and bypass various geo-restrictions on the service.

With its Smart Purpose Selection feature, you can quickly connect to the nearest, fastest server for your needs, whether you’re uploading, downloading, or streaming.

For India: IvacyVPN has 5,700+ servers in over 100 countries, including the UK, the US, the UAE, and India, via virtual servers based in Singapore. It reports that its VPN  services work with Sony LIV, JioCinema, Hotstar, Netflix US, Spotify, Hulu Plus, and Eros Now and have 99.9% uptime.

Best For Starting Price Free Version Money-Back Guarantee Max Devices Supported Server Count Server Locations
Buffer-free streaming $1/month — 5-year plan No 30-day 10 5,700+ 100+


  • DNS and IPv6 leak protection
  • Diverse and numerous server locations
  • Reliable customer support
  • Affordable


  • The interface could look better


You can subscribe to IvacyVPN’s five-year-long plan for as little as $1/month, making it one of the most cost-effective VPN services on the market. You can even pay with cryptocurrency for a completely private purchase.

IvacyVPN pricing

Besides being budget-friendly, IvacyVPN will keep you safe from WiFi hotspot owners, internet snoopers, your ISP, and the Indian government. Plus, it comes with a month-long guarantee, so you can try its services risk-free.

5. NordVPN — The Best for Online Privacy and Security 

NordVPN is best known for its ability to unblock streaming platforms. Be it Netflix or Amazon Prime. It’s well-equipped to help you get access to any content you want on the internet without any geographical restrictions.

The service provides fast, secure connections, which have a minimal impact on your internet speed. You can use the software on six devices, across Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, and Linux. There’s also a kill switch, which ensures there’s no data leakage if your connection drops.

NordVPN best vpn app for India

In addition to the regular 256-bit AES encryption, NordVPN is a reliable solution for security with its SHA-512 hash function. This turns all your personal data and login credentials into 512 binary digits, which will look like a huge chunk of senseless data to hackers and other third parties — making it impossible to steal your data.

Another benefit of using NordVPN is that, unlike other VPN companies that outsource their server handling, it owns all of its servers and runs on RAM, so no logs are created or maintained. This means that there’s no scope for third-party intrusion, even during servicing and maintenance.

Protect your device against malware, viruses, hackers, and data theft with just one simple app. For added protection from digital threats, you can also opt for its free add-on — Nord Threat Protection — one of the best Windows antiviruses.

For India: NordVPN has 5,300+ servers in over 60 countries, but it shut down its Indian servers in response to the Computer Emergency Response Team law, which requires the collection of names, addresses, and phone numbers. The company still has servers in the UK, the US, the UAE, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

Best For Starting Price Free Version Money-Back Guarantee Max Devices Supported Server Count Server Locations
Cloud storage $3.49/month — 2-year plan No 30-day 6 5,300+ 60+


  • Offers multi-factor authentication
  • Robust 256-bit AES encryption
  • 1TB of encrypted cloud storage via virtual servers
  • 3 months of free service with every plan
  • An extensive fleet of 5,000+ servers


  • User configuration could be easier


NordVPN is a champion of affordability, with its lowest-priced plan being just $3.49/month for the 2-year plan.


With that said, NordVPN is one of the few VPN services that provides more features in its higher-end plans. You’ll get a data breach scanner, a cross-platform password manager, and more in the Complete plan. Try NordVPN risk-free before committing to it, thanks to its 30-day guarantee.

6. AtlasVPN — Great VPN for Families in India

AtlasVPN is one of the few reliable VPN services that offer a free plan. As a free user, you can connect to three servers and use up to 5GB of data monthly, while upgrading to its paid plan unlocks all the bells and whistles of this powerful VPN provider.

You can have unlimited simultaneous connections using this VPN, making it ideal for families since you can share a single account. Thanks to its high-speed WireGuard protocol – available alongside the IKEv2 protocol – you and your family can enjoy your favorite TV shows and movies on popular streaming services like Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, BBC iPlayer, and others.

atlas vpn india

Beyond this, AtlasVPN has a unique feature, SafeSwap, that automatically rotates your IP without disrupting your connection, making it an ideal choice for privacy-conscious people. In addition, its reliable kill switch will disconnect you from the internet if it detects a loss of VPN encryption.

First-time VPN users will also appreciate how easy AtlasVPN is to use, and its intuitive interface will help you understand what each advanced feature does for you.

There’s even a data breach feature included, to detect whether your details have been leaked on the internet.

For India: AtlasVPN shut down its Indian servers in 2022 following changes to the law, but it still has 1,000+ servers in 49 countries around the world, including the UK, the US, the UAE, Australia, and Thailand.

Best For Starting Price Free Version Money-Back Guarantee Max Devices Supported Server Count Server Locations
Families $1.83/month —  3-year plan Yes 30-day Unlimited 1,000+ 49+


  • Great price point
  • Superb streaming quality
  • Multi-hop connections
  • Comprehensive free plan


  • Customer support could be more responsive


AtlasVPN has a budget-friendly three-year plan that lands it as one of the cheapest in the industry at just $1.83/month, and you get three additional months as a new customer.

AtlasVPN pricing

Besides keeping you safe while browsing, AtlasVPN will inform you if your details leak online with its data breach monitoring features. That allows you to react and protect your online accounts on time.

It has a 30-day money-back guarantee, meaning you can try its services risk-free for a month before committing to a subscription.

7. CyberGhost — One of the Fastest Services in India, with a 45-Day Guarantee

CyberGhost offers the longest money-back guarantee ranging from 14 to 45 days, depending on the plan you choose. Beyond this, it’s renowned for being a top choice for streaming due to its unmatched speeds and connection stability and is often named as the best VPN for gaming India-wide.

With 256-bit AES encryption and WireGuard, OpenVPN, and IKEv2 security protocols, CyberGhost scrambles your data and internet traffic making it practically incomprehensible to attackers. Even if someone manages to break into their servers, it’ll be impossible for them to make any sense of the data they find.

cyberghost vpn app interface

You can also optimize your connection for activities like gaming and streaming and select the fastest server available from a shortlist drawn from CyberGhost’s massive server network.

Plus, it also follows the industry-standard no-log policy, which has been independently audited. With its headquarters based in Romania, your personal details are further protected by strong Romanian privacy laws.

To top it off, CyberGhost also has super friendly customer support. You can reach out to them via email or live chat — and they offer support in multiple languages.

For India: With a global network of 9,400+ servers in 91 countries, CyberGhost operates 29 virtual servers for Mumbai and works with Disney+, Hotstar, PhonePe, and ShareChat. Because none of its servers are physically located in India, it can ensure user information remains private and anonymous, with no logs, 256-bit AES encryption, and RAM-only servers, which don’t retain data.

Best For Starting Price Free Version Money-Back Guarantee Max Devices Supported Server Count Server Locations
High-quality encryption $2.19/month —  2-year plan No 45-day 7 9,400+ 91+


  • Comes with an online ad blocker
  • Doesn’t retain any customer data
  • Available in over 91 countries
  • Uses bank-grade 256-bit AES protection


  • Privacy policy needs more clarity


If you aren’t too sure about investing in a VPN service and need maximum time to figure out whether it’s for you, CyberGhost, is for you.

Cyberghost pricing

Note that the 2-year plan is the one with the 45-day guarantee. That said, the monthly plan boasts of a generous 14-day one as well — this is generous considering that most VPN providers don’t offer a money-back guarantee on their monthly plans.

With no financial commitment from the get-go, try CyberGhost risk-free today.

8. PrivadoVPN — The Best Free VPN in India

PrivadoVPN is one of the few VPN services that offer several additional services on top of its usual VPN support — plus, it boasts one of the best freemium VPN solutions.

The VPN will give your device unrestricted access to everything online while keeping your activities private; plus, PrivadoVPN offers parental control features so that you can keep your kids safe online.

PrivadoVPN interface | best free india vpn

To further improve your experience, it also offers an automated Ad Blocker. With this feature, you won’t have any annoying or dangerous pop-ups interrupting your browsing experience.

To make matters better, there’s also an auto-connect feature for both mobile and desktop to save you the trouble of manually turning on the VPN every time you connect to the internet. It’ll also bring down the chance of accidental data leaks in case you forget to turn on the VPN once in a while.

To top it off, PrivadoVPN is also great if you’re looking to optimize your file transfers. It’ll change your IP and encrypt all your files before you send it and still keep the speed high — it doesn’t get better than this.

For India: Privado offers secure virtual servers for India and has servers located in 65 cities across 48 countries, including the UK, the US, the UAE, Indonesia, Australia, and Thailand. It is protected by strict Swiss privacy laws and can direct users to the fastest VPN for their location.

Best For Starting Price Free Version Money-Back Guarantee Max Devices Supported Server Count Server Locations
New users $4.99/month Yes 30-day 10 300+ 48+



  • It only has 300 servers


PrivadoVPN is the best free VPN in India. Without entering any credit card details, you can get a free VPN download and enjoy 10Gb of data a month, access to servers in 12 cities, and premium security.privadovpn pricing

Unlike most, PrivadoVPN offers its free users the same security as premium users. With that said, we still recommend the paid version, as this gives you simultaneous connections and access to more servers. Sign up for PrivadoVPN’s free plan today.

9. ProtonVPN — A Free and Reliable VPN for Indian Users

ProtonVPN is best known for its generous free forever plan. You get access to unlimited bandwidth, customer support, and 100 servers from 3 countries (US, Netherlands, and Japan).

Even on the free plan, you can block intrusive online ads for no additional cost. However, with the paid plans, you can protect up to 10 devices at a time — the perfect plan for large Indian families.

protonvpn interface

Additionally, you can also access 1,900+ servers from over 45 countries with record-breaking network speeds thanks to the VPN accelerators that optimize its servers by at least 400%.

For additional security, you can also use its double-hop feature. Under this, your internet traffic will be routed through multiple VPN servers instead of just one, making it impossible for any outsider to track your activities.

For India: Proton VPN operates Smart Routing servers for India, which are physically located in Singapore. It has a VPN accelerator, which can boost speeds by up to 400%, and works with Hotstar, Sony LIV, Amazon Prime Video, and Netflix. It also has nearly 3,000 servers in 68+ countries around the world.

Best For Starting Price Free Version Money-Back Guarantee Max Devices Supported Server Count Server Locations
Best free service $4.99/month Limited free plan 30-day 10 2,900+ 68+


  • Comes with an ad blocker
  • Ideal for online streaming
  • A new encryption key protects every session
  • Data protected by Swiss privacy laws


  • Limited customer support


ProtonVPN has a fairly feature-rich free forever plan, wherein you’ll get 100+ servers with a strict no-log policy. However, the free plan will protect just a single device. For simultaneous connections, 1,900+ servers in 65+ countries, unlimited bandwidth, and more premium features — sign up for a paid subscription.

ProtonVPN price

The best of the lot is the 2-year plan at $4.99/month. Don’t believe us? Find out if ProtonVPN is your cup of tea risk-free, thanks to the 30-day guarantee.

10. Surfshark — Fast, Affordable Service, with Double VPN Option

Surfshark takes data security and privacy to a whole new level with its RAM-only servers that wipe your server activity every time it’s reset — leaving nothing for third parties to spy on. Its competence in terms of data security was also confirmed by independent audits done by Cure53 in both 2018 and 2021 — both of which Surfshark passed. How safe is Surfshark? Very.

These audits proved that Surfshark’s infrastructure and security are perfectly capable of keeping your personal data private even on browsers, which are arguably the least safe type of software.

Surfshark vpn app

If you want to hide the fact that you’re using a VPN service from your network provider and anyone who might want to track you, you’ll certainly adore Surfshark’s camouflage mode.

Here, your online traffic will be routed through obfuscated servers which mask your VPN traffic as regular traffic — making it a top VPN app choice in a country where VPNs are illegal.

To add another layer of security, you can also use the Multi-Hop feature and make your online traffic pass through two servers, making it almost impossible for anyone to trace your actual IP.

For India: Surfshark has 50 virtual servers for two locations in India, for anonymous Indian internet access – with the physical servers based in Singapore, the Netherlands, and London. In addition, there’s a network of 3,200+ servers spread over a massive 99 locations worldwide.

Best For Starting Price Free Version Money-Back Guarantee Max Devices Supported Server Count Server Locations
Affordable option $2.49/month — 2-year plan No 30-day Unlimited 3,200+ 99+


  • An intuitive kill switch
  • Available in over 99 countries
  • Works on unlimited devices
  • Private DNS protection for better security


  • Some customer service complaints


You can’t go wrong with any Surfshark plan — all of them are highly competitively priced. That said, the best bargain is clearly the 2-year + 2 free months plan that asks you for a mere $2.49/month.

surfshark pricing

Plus, a 30-day money-back guarantee will ensure you don’t lose a penny in the testing phase. Don’t like it? Ask for a full refund.

11. IPVanish — Fast VPN Service with Split Tunneling Options

IPVanish is perhaps the best VPN for Android – and it’s also great for beginners. Besides prompt support via phone, email, and chat, it also has a rich help center to help new users navigate the platform.

Globally, it has over 2,000 servers in 75+ countries. This vast network of servers paired with the WireGuard VPN protocol gives you the fastest possible VPN speed with unbelievable stability even when you’re on the go.

ipvanish india vpn for security

Another benefit of using IPVanish is unmetered connections. This means you can connect as many devices as you want to the same account simultaneously, making it superb for covering all your family and friends’ devices as well.

What’s more, it also supports multiple devices and platforms, including smart TVs, tablets, mobiles, desktops, and even routers.

For India: Following the passing of the CERT-In law, IPVanish shut down its Indian servers in New Delhi and Mumbai and no longer accepts signups from India. Nevertheless, it still operates 2,000+ servers in 75 countries, including Singapore.

Best For Starting Price Free Version Money-Back Guarantee Max Devices Supported Server Count Server Locations
Fast service $3.99/month —  2-year plan No 30-day Unlimited 2,000+ 75+


  • Doesn’t store any user data
  • A 24/7 dedicated customer support
  • Uses military-grade encryption
  • Allows configurations for automatic connections


  • Doesn’t offer any browser plugins


IPVanish is our top recommendation for you if you’re after a VPN for a shorter commitment — say you’re going on a year-long trip to a place where you’d need VPN access.

IPVanish pricing

IPVanish’s annual subscription is among the cheapest there is. With that said, even its shorter plans are affordable and competitively priced. Unsure? Test IPVanish’s suitability for your needs risk-free for a full month.

12. VyprVPN — Strong Security Protocols and a No-Logs Policy

VyprVPN is best known for its compatibility with multiple devices. The biggest benefit of using VyprVPN is that you can connect it to your router and protect all your home devices at once. In fact, it’s even one of the best Linux VPNs.

Additionally, you can also connect it with Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android devices. Also, every user can connect up to 5 devices simultaneously.

VyprVPN dashboard

It’s not as high as other VPN providers in the market, but given its pricing, it’s a great deal. The only thing that you might not like about VyprVPN is its small network of servers. It only has 700+ servers in 45 countries. However, during our testing, we found that the limited number of servers doesn’t affect its speed.

In most regions, such as Europe and Asia, the speed ranges between 250 — 350Mbps, which is quite enough for most internet activities, such as streaming or downloading.

Overall, VyprVPN is renowned for being one of the best VPNs for accessing geo-restricted content in heavily restricted areas like China. It boasts phenomenal security and stable connections for peace of mind.

For India: VyprVPN offers 300,000+ IP addresses and 700+ servers spread over 70+ countries, including the UK, the UAE, and the US, and has server support for Mumbai. It’s proficient in unblocking most streaming services.

Best For Starting Price Free Version Money-Back Guarantee Max Devices Supported Server Count Server Locations
Customer support $5/month —  Yearly plan No 30-day 10 700+ 70+


  • Offers easy-to-use apps
  • An effective kill switch on the LAN level
  • Excellent customer support and knowledge base


  • Speeds can be slow at times


VyprVPN has one of the simplest pricing you’ll come across. That said, there are no 2 or 3-year plans, like the other providers in the list, making VyprVPN a shorter-term VPN pick only.

VyprVPN pricing

But it’s constantly adding more features and servers, making it a compelling package nonetheless. You can try it now for 30 days and get your money back if you’re unimpressed.

13. Private Internet Access — Strong Open-Source Option with Innovative Features

Private Internet Access (PIA) is the best open-source Indian VPN software on the list. With over 10 years of experience, no other VPN service offers such extensive customization options.

For starters, to save you from manually doing it, you can set custom rules for automatic connection and disconnection — where you can choose certain network types where you want the VPN to connect automatically.

PIA cheap india vpn app

During our testing, we found the kill switch feature to be 100% leak-proof.

The customization features also extend to DNS settings, proxies, port forwarding, remote ports, and more — so you’ll have full control over your VPN account with PIA.

Another remarkable security feature is the firewall-based kill switch. If your VPN accidentally fails, it’ll cut you off from the internet so that your data doesn’t accidentally leak.

If you want better browsing speed and stability, go for PIA’s dedicated IP feature. Under this, you’ll have your own static and anonymous IP address that no one else can access. This will help you dodge most of the CAPTCHAS and security warnings so that you can have an uninterrupted browsing session.

For India: Private Internet Access provides 3,100+ servers in 84 countries, including virtual servers for India based in Singapore. Other territories covered include all 50 US states, Australia, Japan, Indonesia, and the UK.

Best For Starting Price Free Version Money-Back Guarantee Max Devices Supported Server Count Server Locations
Ease of use $2.19/month — 3-year plan No 30-day 10 3,100+ 84+


  • Offers multi-hop connections
  • Passed independent third-party audits
  • Has a browser extension for added functionality
  • Split tunneling to choose what goes through the VPN


  • Unverified installer


PIA offers the largest number of servers at one of the cheapest rates in the entire VPN industry. It’s not only incredibly budget-friendly but also feature-rich.

Private Internet Access pricing

You can get started with PIA for just $2.19/month with its 3-year + 3 free months plan. Remember, it also comes with a generous 30-day guarantee, so we see no reason why you shouldn’t try PIA today.

14. PrivateVPN — Leading Service to Access Geo-Restricted Content

While most VPN providers connect you with bots or regular customer care executives, PrivateVPN connects you with their in-house developers who actually worked on the software. Naturally, your problems get fixed much faster.

PrivateVPN also amps its overall platform security with a whopping 2048-bit military-grade encryption which is the most secure and rapid type of connection. With this, you can browse content in HD, surf the web, and download items at lightning speed.

private vpn interface

The only downside is that it has a small network of 200 servers in 63 countries. While we didn’t find it impacting our network speed, you’ll surely have fewer options to choose from. However, other remarkable features, such as an intuitive kill switch and instant website unblocking, make up for this minor setback.

For India: PrivateVPN has 200 servers covering 63 countries, including India, with virtual servers for Bangalore and Mumbai, the US, the UK, the UAE, Australia, Thailand, Singapore, and Japan, and it’s generally found to be great for unblocking sites and services.

Best For Starting Price Free Version Money-Back Guarantee Max Devices Supported Server Count Server Locations
Bypassing DPI Firewalls and VPN blocks $2/month —  3-year plan No 30-day 10 200+ 63+


  • Supports 10 simultaneous connections
  • Follows a strict no-logs policy
  • Stealth VPN helps bypass firewalls
  • Uses advanced 2048-bit military encryption


  • No kill switch on the iOS version


PrivateVPN is a budget king, with its 3-year + 3 free months costing just $2/month. Although technically, it’s cheaper than PIA, too, its renewal cost is $6/month.

PrivateVPN pricing

However, you have 39 months of dirt-cheap access to one of the best VPNs before you need to worry about renewing your subscription. Get started with PrivateVPN today — a 30-day money-back guarantee will ensure you don’t lose any money if you don’t like it.

How Does a VPN Work?

A VPN works by encrypting your internet traffic and hiding your online identity. It does this by routing your internet connection through a remote server run by a VPN host.

This server acts as a filter for your data, turning it into a code that makes it difficult for anyone to track your activities or steal your information. The VPN server also masks your Indian IP address.

This makes it appear that your internet activity is coming from the VPN server instead of your device to protect you from being monitored by the Indian government, your ISP, hackers, and others while you surf the web. The best VPN services allow you to access the internet either via Indian VPN servers or servers located in other countries.

Why Do I Need a VPN App in India?

One in five people use a VPN in India, and it’s a key service for ensuring you can use the internet securely and remotely. Here are a few reasons you absolutely need a VPN while browsing the internet:

Access Politically Sensitive Material 

The Indian government limits access to websites that advocate against or have anti-government or separatist information. If you want to access these websites, you’ll need to use a VPN. However, it’s important to note that accessing this content may be illegal.

Access Geo-Blocked Content

VPNs are commonly used to access geo-blocked content on streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, or BBC iPlayer. With a VPN, you can unlock global content from the comfort of your own home. That means you can access a UK IP address from India using a VPN – or vice versa, using an Indian VPN connection from the UK.

Protect Your Online Privacy 

In light of cybercrime and government surveillance, using a VPN is becoming increasingly popular in India to protect your online identity.

A VPN will hide your IP address and keep your location and identity private, protecting you against cybercrime and government monitoring.

Best Free VPN in India – Free Vs. Paid VPNs

If you’re looking for a reliable free VPN in India, ProtonVPN is a great option. With unlimited data and bandwidth, it’s one of the few free VPNs in India that won’t limit your internet usage, and we rate it as the best free VPN for Android in India.

Plus, it’s fast enough for seamless streaming, with an average speed of 66Mbps. While the free version of ProtonVPN may not be able to unblock all geo-restricted content, like some region-locked Netflix titles, it does offer unlimited data and bandwidth, making it a good choice for bypassing content-based ISP throttling.

If you only need a VPN for occasional use, such as checking your email on public Wi-Fi, a free VPN like PrivadoVPN or ProtonVPN might work for you.

However, a paid VPN would be a better choice if you want more robust security features, better streaming performance, additional features, and more flexibility.

Are Free VPNs safe? 

The safety of free VPNs varies, as some free services may sell your data and lack proper security measures.

However, ProtonVPN offers the same level of security on its free plan as on its premium plans, while ExpressVPN boasts a risk-free money-back guarantee that acts as a free trial.

If you’re considering a free VPN, it’s important to choose a reputable provider like ProtonVPN that takes your privacy and security seriously.

How We Ranked the Best India VPNs

We’ve taken extra care while shortlisting our top picks. Let’s look into how we ranked the best Indian VPNs:

Performance and Speeds

We tested the download and upload speeds of each VPN on servers in India and compared them to their baseline speeds to determine their performance.

Connection stability was also evaluated, as we believe a VPN that disconnects frequently is ineffective in providing internet security.

Privacy Policies and Overall Security

We evaluated the privacy policies of each VPN to ensure they don’t log or share user data with third parties.

The overall security features, including encryption standards, were also considered to determine the level of protection each VPN provides.

Unblocking Power

The ability to unblock popular websites and platforms was evaluated, including OTT platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video and international websites like BBC iPlayer and Disney+.

When looking at which country’s VPN servers are fastest for India, you should also consider what purpose you’re putting them to. Indian servers will likely provide the fastest connection for a purely anonymized IP address, while geographically proximate servers may bypass Indian restrictions and still deliver high-speed connections.

If you want to access US or UK services, for example, though, you’ll have to connect to servers in those countries.

Value for Money

The price of each VPN and the features offered at that price point were evaluated to determine the best value for money. Free VPNs were also compared to the paid options to determine their effectiveness.

How to Use a VPN in India

ExpressVPN is one of the best VPNs for India and is free to use for a trial, thanks to its 30-day money-back guarantee. Let’s get into how you’d get started:

  • Step 1 — Go to the ExpressVPN website and press the “Start Now” button to access the subscription page.
  • Step 2 — Choose your preferred subscription plan and create an account.
  • Step 3 — Download the installation file for your device (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, etc.).
  • Step 4 — Install and launch the ExpressVPN app.
  • Step 5 — Select a server from the list of available countries.

Now, simply log into a streaming platform like Hulu or YouTube and start watching TV shows and movies in India or abroad.

What are the Downsides of Using a VPN in India?

Using a VPN from a recommended provider is a great way to protect your privacy and security while using the internet and to bypass geo-restrictions and bandwidth throttling. On balance, there are some downsides to using a VPN, however.

Using a VPN will slightly decrease your internet speed, for example.  VPNs are actually banned in some countries, as well, and quality services naturally come with a cost, while disreputable providers offering free services may snoop on your activity.

And while it will be far harder for governments, advertisers, ISPs, and malicious actors to track you when using a VPN, if you log into services or post information or files, then there will inevitably be some tracks left behind, even if your IP is obfuscated.

VPN Guides

We also have a number of other VPN guides for different use cases, including:

Conclusion – What’s the Best VPN for India? ExpressVPN

Our list of the best VPNs for India includes options for all use cases, including both paid and free solutions. Whether you need affordable VPNs for limited devices or one that can run simultaneously on unlimited devices, our list won’t disappoint.

After carefully reviewing the best VPNs India-wide, we found ExpressVPN to be a notch ahead of the rest with features such as high-speed Lightway protocol, an instant kill switch, bank-grade security, and 24/7 available customer service.

Don’t take our word for it. Try ExpressVPN now with the 30-day guarantee to see for yourself. If you don’t like it, get a full refund.

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