How to Watch NFL Games Online in 2024

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While getting a stadium ticket is tricky and expensive, you can still watch NFL games online and enjoy American football in the US or when traveling abroad.

You can watch every action, highlight, and touchdown online via the most popular sports streaming platforms. However, some games might not be available to you due to an NFL blackout or regional blocks. In that case, the best VPN product can help you to bypass those hurdles and enjoy uninterrupted streaming.

Read on to see how to watch NFL games online from anywhere.

How to Watch NFL From Anywhere

  1. Pick a reliable VPN. Choose a VPN, like Surfshark, with guaranteed security, speed, and efficiency.
  2. Sign up and install. Download and install the VPN app, then create a new account.
  3. Connect to a server. We suggest connecting either to the US, where all the major streaming platforms offer NFL coverage or to Australia, where you can watch the NFL for free on the 7 Network.
  4. Access streaming platforms. Visit NFL Game Pass, ESPN+, or a regional sports network available online.
  5. Enjoy unrestricted action. Bypass geo-restrictions and catch the game from anywhere.

Top 3 VPNs to Watch NFL Online

  • Starting from $2.19/month
  • Starting from $6.67/month
  • Starting from $3.39/month
  • Starting from $2.03/month
  • Starting from $3.99/month
  • Starting from $1.17/month
  • Starting from $29.00/year
  • Starting from $1.99/month
  • Starting from $2.19/month

Why Do You Need a VPN to Watch NFL Online?

  • Beat geo-restrictions – VPNs allow you to connect to servers in countries where NFL games are available for streaming.
  • Avoid blackouts – Due to regional streaming rights, some games might be unavailable to watch online. With a VPN, you can bypass regional blackouts by connecting to a server in a location different from your original address.
  • Cheaper subscriptions – Game Pass (international) is a pricy solution, but it’s one of the very few ways for international fans to access the games. However, with a VPN, viewers can purchase significantly cheaper NFL+ or NFL+ Premium subscriptions that are available in the US.
  • Secure connections – Encrypting your connection, VPNs add an extra layer of security when accessing streaming platforms, ultimately safeguarding your data.

Best VPNs to Watch NFL Games Without Cable

The best VPNs offer essential features like security, privacy, and speed. They should also be cost-effective and highly efficient. From our extensive research and long-term experience with VPNs, we rank the following as the best options for watching NFL games.

1. Surfshark – The Overall Best VPN for NFL Streaming

Cheapest Plan $2.29/month
Max Devices Supported Unlimited
Server Network 3,200+ servers in 100+ countries
Free plan No

Surfshark is one of the most reliable VPN providers for speedy NFL game streaming online. The provider offers over 3,200 RAM-only servers worldwide, meaning you’ll be able to enjoy any NFL content securely.

Due to its large server fleet in over 100 countries around the globe, Surfshark successfully unblocks geo-restricted content. This includes the biggest NFL broadcasters like Sling TV, NBC Sports, ESPN, Amazon Prime Video, and more.

Surfshark also makes sure that all your online activities are properly secured. Fast WireGuard tunneling protocol, RAM-only servers, independently audited no-log policy, kill-switch, and MultiHop features guarantee that no third party will get their hands on your personal data.

Lastly, Surfshark is very affordable, with monthly rates going as low as $2.29. Best of all, the provider does not limit the number of simultaneous connections.

Read more in our Surfshark review.

Pros pros

  • Easily unblocks NFL streaming platforms
  • 3,200 RAM-only servers worldwide
  • MultiHop feature
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections

Cons cons

  • No free plan available

2. ExpressVPN – Fast and Trustworthy VPN For NFL Streaming Online

Cheapest Plan $6.67/month
Max Devices Supported 8
Server Network 3,000+ servers in 105+ countries
Free plan No

When it comes to seamless NFL streaming without cable hassles, ExpressVPN is among the go-to options. With stable and fast speeds, it ensures you witness every touchdown in real time, minus the cable fuss.

The network has a wide global server network to its name, effortlessly bypassing geo-restrictions. It seamlessly provides access to NFL Games Pass and ESPN+ anywhere on the map.

ExpressVPN also comes with a user-friendly interface, robust security measures, and consistent performance. This means you’ll be able to access regionally blocked content and enjoy NFL Thursday, Friday, and Sunday Football Night.

Now, talking about price, the provider is on a slightly more premium end, with plans starting at $6.67/month. However, you are able to use the subscription simultaneously on eight devices.

Read more in our ExpressVPN review.

Pros pros

  • Fast Lightway protocol
  • Secure AES-256 encryption
  • Over 3,000+ servers worldwide

Cons cons

  • Premium prices
  • No free plan available

3. PureVPN – Reliable VPN with Top Security for Watching NFL Games

Cheapest Plan $1.95/month
Max Devices Supported 10
Server Network 6,500+ servers in 65+ countries
Free plan No

PureVPN is yet another good VPN for streaming NFL games from anywhere. The provider has an extensive server fleet of over 6,500 servers worldwide. This allows NFL fans to stream football games with little to no lag.

PureVPN’s strength lies in effortlessly unblocking content, making it a solid choice for accessing NFL games without the usual constraints associated with cable subscriptions.

In terms of security, PureVPN comes with a secure WireGuard protocol, a reliable kill switch, and a recently added obfuscation feature that makes your VPN traffic appear as normal traffic. This allows you to bypass geo-restrictions on platforms that block VPN use.

PureVPN’s user-friendly setup and affordable pricing, starting at just $1.95/month, make it a crowd-pleaser for football enthusiasts. Plus, you can use the VPN on ten devices simultaneously.

Read our full PureVPN review.

Pros pros

  • Fast WireGuard protocol
  • Over 6,500+ servers worldwide
  • Obfuscation feature

Cons cons

  • Some features not compatible with WireGuard
  • Limited Linux compatibility
  • Slow connection

Where Can You Watch NFL Games Online?

You can watch NFL games online, but the platform and games shown will vary by location.

In the US, you can watch NFL games on all the major platforms, like CBS All Access, NBC Sports, and ESPN. DirectTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket is an option for out-of-market games. As for Thursday Night Football, you can stream it on Amazon Prime Video.

International viewers can choose between a local sports network or DAZN, which offers coverage in multiple countries.

Here’s a breakdown of popular online channels and the locations where the channels are available.

Country Streaming service
The US Sling TV, CBS All Access, NBC Sports, ESPN, YouTube TV, FuboTV, DAZN
The US (Thursday Night Football) Amazon Prime Video
The US (out-of-market games) and local channels  NFL Sunday Ticket
Canada TSN
The UK Now TV
Australia Foxtel Now, 7plus
Multiple countries, including China DAZN

How to Watch NFL Games Online Free from Anywhere

  1. Download a reliable VPN:

    Select and download a reputable VPN service like Surfshark to ensure a secure and reliable connection.
    Download a reliable VPN:
  2. Install the VPN app:

    Install the VPN application on your preferred device that you’ll use for streaming NFL games and create an account.
    Install the VPN app:
  3. Connect to a server:

    Open the app and select a country where NFL streaming is available. If you’re planning on using a Game Pass, choose the US.
    Connect to a server:
  4. Search up NFL on 7plus:

    Once connected, choose which game you’d like to watch and enjoy NFL streaming session on 7plus.
    Search up NFL on 7plus:
  5. Enjoy NFL games for free:

    Relax and watch every Thursday Night Football, Friday Night Football, or Sunday Night Football online.

How to Watch NFL Games in the US

You can watch NFL games online in the US on many different streaming platforms and TV/streaming channels, including NBC Sports, CBS All Access, ESPN, Amazon Prime Video, NFL Network, Fubo TV, Sling TV, Twitch, and many more.

How to Watch NFL Games in Canada

The easiest way to stream NFL games in Canada is by using DAZN. DAZN offers all subscribers access to every single one of the NFL 2023/24 season games for around CA$29.99 per month.

How to Watch NFL Games in the UK

You can watch NFL games for free on Channel 5 in the UK The channel broadcasts Monday Night Football, which you can easily stream on any of your devices.

Additionally, for on-demand NFL streaming, you might opt for Sky Sports or Now TV, as both TV streaming platforms hold the rights to stream NFL games in the country.

How to Watch NFL Games in Australia

Australian football fans will be able to watch the games live for free on the 7plus TV streaming platform.

Additionally, for any on-demand games, Australian residents can also opt for the NFL Game Pass International.

How to Watch Out-of-Market and Blackout NFL Games

Out-of-market games are matches not airing locally, while blackouts occur when local broadcasters do not have streaming rights to a game and, hence, are unable to stream it. These restrictions aim to tone down competition between regional sports and out-of-market networks.

Sometimes, local broadcasters deliberately choose not to air NFL games to encourage fans to purchase venue tickets and watch their favorite teams in action.

So if you’re wondering how to use a VPN to watch out of-market games, take a look at our guides:

How to Watch NFL Out-of-Market Games 

  1. Download and install a VPN. The best way to watch out-of-market NFL games is by using a VPN to change your IP address. We suggest you try out Surfshark.
  2. Connect to a server outside your country: If you’re in the US, for example, connect to a server in Canada for fast streaming.
  3. Watch NFL football on a streaming platform or local channel. Take advantage of platforms like DAZN, which provide broader game access. Or you can watch it for free on local channels like 7plus in Australia.

How to Watch Blackout NFL Games 

  1. Check local broadcasters like Fubo and 7plus. Confirm the blackout status on the official NFL website.
  2. Download a VPN like Surfshark. Use a virtual private network to access games outside your blackout region by connecting to an offshore server.
  3. Connect to a server location close by. For a faster streaming experience, connect to a server in a neighboring state or country where NFL games are accessible.

What is an NFL Pass?

NFL Game Pass is your all-access pass to NFL content. It offers an extensive library of games, highlights, and exclusive content. This allows fans to relieve the thrill with on-demand access to every NFL game, including the much-celebrated Super Bowl.

Beyond game footage, NFL Pass provides access to NFL network programming, giving you a comprehensive football experience.

However, NFL Game Pass comes in different options, such as:

NFL Game Pass International NFL+ NFL+ Premium
Price $99.99/year $49.99/year $99.99/year
Available countries Over 100 countries outside the US Only in the US only Only in the US
NFL RedZone Available Unavailable Available
Game replays Available Unavailable> Available
Live out-of-market NFL games Available Unavailable Available
Live game audio Available Available Available
Devices you can use it on Mobile devices, TV and streaming devices, and game consoles Only mobiles and tablets Only mobiles and tablets

How to Get an NFL Sunday Ticket And Is It Worth It?

NFL Sunday Ticket is a premium service for die-hard NFL fans, providing access to out-of-market Sunday games. It’s available through DirectTV and covers every touchdown and highlight. Pricing varies, with the full package costing around $300 for the season, which is a lot.

However, NFL Game Pass International can be a cost-effective alternative to NFL Sunday Ticket. It gives you on-demand access to games and NFL Network at a fraction of the price. So, if you’re budget-conscious and want flexibility, Game Pass International could be the better choice for NFL access at an affordable price.

Everything to Know About NFL Games

The National Football League is the epicenter of American football madness. The season typically kicks off in early September, running through to February with the grand showdown: the Super Bowl.

Here are some key NFL dates to note:

Games Dates
Pre-season: August 5-26, 2023
Week 1 regular season September 7-12, 2023
Week 18 regular season January 7-12, 2024
Wild Card Playoffs January 13-14, 2024
Divisional Playoffs January 20-21, 2024
Conference Championships January 28, 2024
Pro Bowl February 4, 2024
NFL Super Bowl February 11, 2024


If you’re an avid NFL fan, you may have experienced broadcasting issues, the most common being blackouts. This is especially true if you’re trying to watch an out-of-market or local NFL game.

Fortunately, you can sidestep these frustrations with a VPN like Surfshark. Whether it’s catching every touchdown uninterrupted or ensuring secure connections, the right VPN allows you to own the digital stadium.

With Surfshark, you’re not just avoiding interruptions but seizing complete control of your digital stadium experience. Watch every touchdown seamlessly, regardless of location, and ensure your connections are interruption-free and secure.


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