How to Watch Single’s Inferno Online in 2024

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Single’s Inferno is a Netflix original reality show where twelve young Korean singles seek love on a deserted island.

The show kicked off in 2021 and, in no time, gained massive local and international success. This led to two more seasons, with the latest one debuting in December of 2023.

The reality show is exclusively streamed on Netflix in 38 countries around the globe. So, if the show is not available in your region, a VPN can help you change your IP address and stream Single’s Inferno from anywhere. Read on to learn how to watch Single’s Inferno online.

How to Watch Single’s Inferno Free From Anywhere?

  1. Find and install a reliable VPN service. We suggest trying Surfshark, which can effectively unlock numerous Netflix libraries.
  2. Choose a server location where Single’s Inferno is available on Netflix.
  3. Open Netflix and search for Single’s Inferno.
  4. Sit back and watch Single’s Inferno online, streaming as many episodes as you like.

Top 3 VPNs to Watch Watch Single’s Inferno

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Why Do You Need a VPN to Watch Single’s Inferno Online?

  • To bypass geo-restrictions – Netflix streams Single’s Inferno in only 38 countries. If you’re based outside a supported country, you need a VPN to change your IP address and access the show.
  • Online security – A VPN can enhance your online security by encrypting all your activities. This makes it impossible for any snooping third eyes to get a hold of your personal data online.
  • Prevents bandwidth throttling – Internet service providers (ISPs) often reduce the speed of customers’ connections if they use too much data or access unauthorized content. A VPN hides your browsing activity from your internet service provider (ISP), meaning they won’t throttle your network.

The Best VPNs to Watch Single’s Inferno Online

  1. Surfshark – This is the overall best VPN for watching Single’s Inferno online. The provider comes with over 3,200 servers worldwide, strong security features, and reliable streaming speeds that guarantee fast and smooth Netflix streaming.
  2. ExpressVPN – A fast and reliable VPN for watching Single’s Inferno online. You can expect the provider to offer an extensive server network spanning 105 countries, including most countries where Netflix streams Single’s Inferno.
  3. NordVPN – A user-friendly and fast VPN for streaming shows on Netflix worldwide. The provider smoothly unlocks numerous Netflix libraries and ensures your online security at all times. Even when enjoying Single’s Inferno online.

To provide our readers with competent recommendations, we thoughtfully test VPN services in-house.

Where Can You Watch Single’s Inferno Online?

Are you curious about where to watch single’s inferno? The show was financed and created exclusively for Netflix. It doesn’t stream on any other platform, which fits into Netflix’s long-known strategy of creating original, exclusive shows to attract subscribers.

Currently, the show can be viewed in over 35 countries worldwide. Said locations include popular Netflix libraries like the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, Japan, and many more.

Since Netflix is known for shuffling its selection in libraries all over the world, it is very possible that the show will become available in new locations, too. Here, you can check the show’s availability on Netflix.

How to Watch Single’s Inferno From Anywhere?

  1. Install a reliable VPN service on your device.

    We advise you to try out Surfshark as it offers a large server fleet and can easily bypass geo-restrictions.
    Install a reliable VPN service on your device.
  2. Choose a server location where the Single’s Inferno series is available on Netflix.

    Pick the country closest to your original location to avoid any potential lag.
    Choose a server location where the Single’s Inferno series is available on Netflix.
  3. Open Netflix and search for “Single’s Inferno” in the search bar.

    Pick Single Inferno season 3 for the latest drama, or catch up on the two previous seasons.
    Open Netflix and search for “Single’s Inferno” in the search bar.
  4. Hit play and enjoy the show.

How to Watch Single’s Inferno in the US?

US residents will be able to enjoy Single’s Inferno 3 streaming on Netflix from the comfort of their homes. The third season of the show is available on the Netflix US library since December 12, 2023.

How To Stream Single’s Inferno in Canada?

Similarly to the US, Canadians will be able to watch the shenanigans of Single’s Inferno on their Netflix Canada accounts. So tune in to catch the latest moments of season 3, or check out two previous seasons of the show.

How To Watch Single’s Inferno in Europe?

Currently,Single’s Inferno can be streamed in 19 countries in Europe. This includes some of the biggest nations, like the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, and many more.

If you’re residing in one of the nineteen countries, you can simply jump on your Netflix account and stream the show live. However, if Netflix doesn’t show Single’s Inferno in your search bar, this means that it is unavailable in your country, and you will need a VPN for Netflix to help you with that.

Everything to Know About Single’s Inferno

While most dating shows are based around contestants living a relatively fun and luxurious life, Single’s Inferno is the opposite, where participants bond in challenging circumstances. That’s the appeal of this show, and it has made it popular across the globe.

The show starts with twelve singles on the island working to form friendships and learning about each other. As the show progresses, couples who match can leave the island together. No one loses or wins; instead, every person must leave the island with a match, which can morph into a long-lasting relationship.

Show Start date Filming Location Number of Seasons Number of Episodes Original Language Creators
Single’s Inferno December 18, 2021 Seoul, South Korea 3 18 Korean Kim JaeWon and Kim NaHyun

The newest third season of Single’s Inferno aired on Netflix on December 12, 2023. What’s more, Yoo Ki Hwan, Netflix’s unscripted lead for Korea, has noted that the third season will be different from the last two in terms of the setup. “What used to be ‘Paradise’ and ‘Inferno’ will change completely,” noted Yoo KiHwan.

So stay tuned to enjoy all the drama firsthand.

Single’s Inferno Cast

Since we’re already two seasons in, take a look at previous singles on the show.

Single’s Inferno Season 1 Cast

Single’s Inferno Season 1 Cast 

Men Women
Kim JunSik Shin JiYeon
Choi SiHun Kang SoYeon
Oh JinTaek Ahn YeWon
Moon SeHoon Song JiA
Kim HyeonJoong Kim SuMin
Cha HyunSeung Seong MinJi
Single’s Inferno Season 2 Cast

Single’s Inferno Season 2 Cast 

Men Women
Kim HanBin Shin SeulKi
Kim SeJun Lee Nadine
Shin DongWoo Lee SoE
Jo YoongJae Park SeJeong
Kim JinYoung Choi SeoEun
Choi JongWoo Lim MinSu
Single’s Inferno Season 3 Cast

Single’s Inferno Season 3 Cast 

Men Women
Choi MinWoo Kim GyuRi
Lee JinSeok Choi HyeSeon
Lee GwanHee An MinYoung
Son WonIk Yun HaJeong
Yun HaBin Yu SiEun
Park MinKyu Cho MinJi


Single’s Inferno is an exciting dating show that managed to capture viewers’ attention all over the world. The premise of the show is for twelve single Koreans to build connections and potentially even find love. Alongside the expected drama, couples will also have to complete challenges, which is bound to keep viewers entertained.

Since the show is an original Netflix release, this means that the platform has exclusive rights to it. Currently, Single’s Inferno is available in 38 countries worldwide, including Netflix US, Netflix UK, Netflix Australia, and many more. However, if the show is not available in your region, a VPN provider like Surfshark can help you bypass geo-restrictions and stream each episode live from anywhere.


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