VR Coin $5SCAPE is the Hottest Crypto to Watch this Week

5th Scape is the hottest crypto of the week. The VR coin’s public presale is beginning to capture the attention of long-term investors, hinting at an early sell-out.

The huge price difference between the current presale price and the listing price (434.76%) partly explains the growing traffic to the token sale.

But long-term investors have their eyes on higher returns. The integrated AR and VR ecosystem shows promise for exponential growth in the coming years. Here is an analysis of 5th Scape and whether it can live up to expectations.

An Integrated VR and AR Ecosystem in Web3

5th Scape introduces an integrated VR and AR ecosystem into the Web3 gaming domain. With the strategic combination of advanced technologies like blockchain and AI as well, the project aims to step up the existing standards in the industry.

This is achieved across different aspects, including audio, visuals, theme, comfort, motion tracking, payments, and asset transactions to name just a few.

For example, the curated gaming library of 5th Scape features titles such as MMA 3D, Cricket 3D, Soccer 3D, Archery Master, and Thrust Hunter.


In Archery Master, you will “step into the shoes of a legendary archer, facing mythical creatures and mastering the art of the bow in a visually stunning realm”. When it comes to Thrust Hunter, you can “fine-tune your dream car, and engage in global multiplayer races for an electrifying adrenaline surge”.

MMA Cage Conquest, on the other hand, is an adrenaline-fueled world of mixed martial arts. It takes you “from gritty training sessions to the roaring crowds of iconic MMA arenas”. According to the white paper, it is “not just a fight, it’s your journey to becoming the ultimate MMA champion”.

VR Ultra Headset For Stunning Visuals

5th Scape’s VR Ultra Headset allows gamers to enter a new dimension of immersive experiences. It redefines the standards in terms of visual clarity, ergonomic comfort, and precise motion tracking for gaming, exploring, and learning.

For example, ergonomic features like adjustable straps and lightweight materials ensure that the headset has a comfortable fit for users of all ages. It is designed for long durations of gaming.

5th Scape VR Ultra Headset

Precise motion tracking features convert real-world movements into the virtual space, improving the overall sense of presence and immersion. Intuitive controls make it easy to interact with virtual objects and menus.

In addition, the headset supports a wide range of VR content, compatible with an extensive library of games, simulations, and educational experiences.

Visit the 5th Scape website to learn more about the integrations.

Unparalleled Comfort and Control with SwiftScape VR Chair

SwiftScape VR Chair is ergonomically designed. The contoured seating and adjustable components of the chair are suitable for a wide demographic. Another feature is swift motion support, which allows the chair to be synchronized with in-game movements and offers a more realistic experience.

Like the VR headset, SwiftScape VR Chair can be integrated into existing VR setups. It is compatible with various VR systems, blending comfort, control, and style. Together, the integrated ecosystem is designed to offer a rich and immersive VR experience, creating an unforgettable gaming adventure.

5th Scape Innovation Hub for Developers

The 5th Scape team prefers to be called virtual reality architects. Their ambitious vision for the project and the development progress so far justify the title.

Another feature that underscores the project’s commitment to innovation and collaboration in the space is the Developer Center.

Here, developers from around the world will join the team in shaping the future of virtual reality. It will provide members with resources, tools, and support to breathe life into their visions and co-create a wide range of VR experiences that cater to a global audience.

In addition, it opens doors to various benefits like access to funding through grants, subsidies, development programs, and crowdfunding initiatives. The next is the opportunity for community-building engagement through programs like beta testing. By nurturing a community from an early stage, developers can gather feedback on gameplay mechanics, user interfaces, and overall experiences at the right time.

The project also offers diverse revenue streams for developers, beyond traditional game sales. For example, subscription-based gaming services will allow them to take advantage of steady income. It encourages them to step up the quality of their content through regular updates.

Presale is Live for Early Investors

Early entry into promising projects is a great strategy for long-term investments. Currently, 5th Scape offers its native token $5SCAPE for discounted prices.

The vesting schedule for presale investors is spread across a duration of 8 months. It mitigates the chances of token dumps and protects the interests of long-term investors. 5SCAPE holders get a lifetime of complimentary access to a curated selection of captivating VR content within the 5th Scape universe.

The presale is divided into 12 rounds with a gradual price increase.

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