Web3 Wildlife Project Chimpzee Announces Flexible Staking Program With Up to 30% APY

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The much-awaited crypto wildlife project will make its way to top-tier crypto exchanges in the coming days. The initial launch of the token was on the P2B exchange, on 11th January 2024.

As an expression of gratitude to the early investment community, Chimpzee ($CHMPZ) has launched a flexible staking program that allows users to earn up to 30% APY in passive rewards. Here is a closer look at the staking program and its potential.

Stake Your $CHMPZ to Earn Up to 30% APY

To stake tokens, users can go to the staking portal live on the website. The portal will support the staking of native $CHMPZ tokens and Chimpzee NFT Passports. Once staked, users can monitor and manage their staking activities, including APY and returns, from the platform.

If you choose to stake both $CHMPZ tokens and NFT passports, you will be eligible for up to 50% APY from the platform.

  • Up to 30% APY on staking your CHMPZ tokens.
  • Up to 20% APY on staking your NFT Passports.

Staking went live soon after the claim period began on 10 January 2024, just in time for the token’s debut on the P2B crypto exchange. More information about the staking program is published on the website.

Staking is regarded as one of the most exciting sources of crypto income. It allows users to put their tokens to work and grow their holdings over time. It comes particularly in handy for long-term investors.


The Chimpzee staking program will be an excellent tool for fueling engagement in the green crypto community in the coming days. Staking programs play a key role in mitigating early dumps during a launch.

With $CHMPZ gearing up for more exchange launches in the days, the attractive staking APYs will work strategically.


On the one hand, it will encourage new investors to stock up on the tokens at the low initial prices. On the other hand, it will discourage early investors from liquidating their funds. Putting them to work on the staking dashboard will yield more returns over time.

The resulting growth in demand will push the price of the token up the charts, in turn boosting the value of the tokens held and earned by investors.

The more CHMPZ investors stake, the more rewards they earn.

$CHMPZ is an Excellent Long-term Hold

Chimpzee hosted one of the most successful presales of 2023, drawing traffic from both crypto and traditional communities. The project’s vision to boost wildlife initiatives through crypto incentivization struck a chord with the early investment community, sending the presale past an impressive $2.7M in just a few weeks.

The animal mascot that graces the wildlife token also enhances its appeal among the meme coin community. Chimpzee is essentially a utility project with a three-pillar ecosystem that includes a merchandise store, an NFT marketplace, and a play-to-earn game. While the use cases of the native token on these platforms will power its organic demand over time, the speculative aspect that stems from the meme coin theme can’t be ignored.

It will primarily fuel the performance of the token in the initial stages. The upcoming token launches will pave the way for a series of price actions for $CHMPZ.

After P2B, Chimpzee is set to launch on BitMart.


The token has also implemented a burning mechanism to strengthen its price action in the short and long terms. The burning events held during the token presale played a key role in establishing the credibility of the project.

Like staking, burning encourages the long-term holding of the token. Deflationary tokenomics is widely used in the crypto market to heal an asset from broader market downturns.

More importantly, Chimpzee began donating to various environmental causes that align with its wildlife conservation vision right from the presale stage. With each new milestone, a predetermined amount was donated to these causes, joining forces with reputed organizations.

Crypto with a Real-world Purpose

In stark contrast to the mainstream crypto trends, Chimpzee puts forward a Web3 mission that has real-world roots. The project’s goal to reinvigorate wildlife conservation has played a key role in nurturing the early investment community, which includes eco-conscious investors and users.

The Chimpzee ecosystem is designed to cater to a wide range of users in the coming months.

For example, the shop-to-earn platform acts as a merchandise hub, while the trade-to-earn platform caters to active NFT traders through a profit-sharing model. The play-to-earn platform subtly advocates climate action, with its theme centered around wildlife conservation.


Rewards on these platforms come in $CHMPZ tokens. And Chimpzee NFT Passports allow users to grab exclusive perks like more rewards and attractive staking Annual Percentage Yield (APYs). A share of Chimpzee’s profits from the above three platforms goes toward supporting wildlife causes.

Chimpzee’s success marks a shift in trend in the crypto market, which has long been dominated by frivolous projects. The use of meme coin dynamics for a socially impactful objective is expected to fuel the FOMO around the project in the next few weeks. It won’t be surprising to see Chimpzee top the meme coin charts soon.

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