The Best WordPress Page Builders in 2024

Why Trust Techopedia
Why Trust Techopedia

The best WordPress page builders make creating captivating, customized websites less of a chore. They remove the complexity of WordPress site design, giving you a stellar site regardless of your coding skills. With a top-notch website, you’re more likely to have better chances of increased traffic and lead conversions.

Conversely, a poorly chosen WordPress page builder can have a detrimental effect on your website’s performance and overall user experience. By selecting a reputable product that perfectly meets your specific demands, you can get good results and a WordPress site that truly shines.

Keep reading as we deeply dive into our 10 best WordPress page builders and best WordPress builder plugins, discussing their features, pricing, and what makes them unique.

The Best WordPress Page Builders in 2024

  1. Elementor – Most Versatile WordPress Page Builder
  2. Divi Builder – Best WordPress Page Builder for Creative Designs
  3. Beaver Builder – Best WordPress Page Builder for Customer Support and Tutorials
  4. WPBakery Page Builder – Best WordPress Page Builder with Plenty of Add-Ons
  5. Oxygen Builder – Best WordPress Page Builder for the Longest Money-Back Guarantee
  6. Brizy – Best AI WordPress Page Builder
  7. SiteOrigin Page Builder – Most Affordable WordPress Page Builder
  8. SeedProd – Best WordPress Page Builder for Landing Pages
  9. Page Builder Sandwich – Easiest WordPress Page Builder
  10. WordPress Gutenberg Block Editor – Best Block Editor-style WordPress Page Builder

The 10 Best Page Builders for WordPress in 2024 Reviewed

We’ll discuss how we tested and evaluated some WordPress page builders based on crucial criteria like features, pricing, and their standout abilities. But first, take a look at our detailed reviews of the best WordPress site builders.

1. Elementor – Most Versatile WordPress Page Builder

Screenshot of Elementor's logo

Best For Versatility
Free Trial
Top 3 Features ● Live Drag and Drop Editor
● Live Editing
● 100+ Widgets
Free Trial/Version/Demo Free Plan
Price Starting from $0
Why We Picked It

Elementor is most notable for its versatility and flexibility. It’s ideal for building any website and is famously easy to use, whether you’re a professional or have zero web design knowledge.

Elementor lets you create perfectly responsive pages without writing any code. Remember that there are several screen sizes and dimensions available today, and it’s important that your website looks good on any screen.

With Elementor, you don’t have to worry about code adjustments, as you can position any elements and preview your layout to ensure its visual appeal.


Elementor’s best features are its live editing, intuitive interface, and drag-and-drop editor. With over 100 widgets, custom icons, fonts, headers, and footers, customizing your website to your taste is a breeze.

Its animation and custom CSS functionalities let you create desired effects or personal touches. It also includes a WooCommerce feature alongside PayPal and Stripe integrations, making it an excellent e-commerce website builder.

Elementor Pricing

Elementor offers three solutions — WordPress Hosting, Page Builder Plugin, and Static Hosting + Builder. Below, we’ve listed the available WordPress page builder plans. You can also download the free WordPress builder plugin, though this version has significantly fewer features.

Elementor Plans Price (Annually)
Free $0
Essential $59/year
Advanced $99/year
Expert $199/year
Agency $399/year
  • Essential – This base plan allows you to build one site and provides access to 50 pro widgets, a theme builder, motion effects, a template library, and dynamic content features.
  • Advanced – The Advanced package allows you to build up to three sites. It includes 85 pro widgets, custom code and CSS, dynamic WordPress fields, and several marketing and e-commerce features.
  • Expert – The Expert plan offers the same design, e-commerce, and dynamic content features as the Advanced plan and allows you to build up to 25 sites.
  • Agency – Perfect for agencies, this plan takes the notch higher with the possibility of building up to 1,000 sites.

Although Elementor doesn’t offer a free trial, it provides a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to cancel within the first month at no cost.

Besides these paid plans, Elementor has a free plan that comprises basic page-building features like drag-and-drop editors, mobile editing, responsive design, and a Canvas template.

Who It's Best For

Elementor’s ease of use and versatility make it a good option if you have minimal coding skills but need a solid, professional site. If you’re more adept at coding or design, you can check out Oxygen Builder.

Pros pros

  • Ease of Use
  • Flexibility
  • Website Kits

Cons cons

  • Slower page load speed
  • Limited styling options
  • Dependency on theme compatibility

2. Divi Builder – Best WordPress Page Builder for Creative Designs

Screenshot of Divi Builder logo

Best For Creative Designs
Free Trial
Top 3 Features ● Live Drag and Drop Editor
● Custom CSS Control
● 2000+ Premade Designs
Free Trial/Version/Demo Demo
Price Starting from $89/year
Why We Picked It

Divi Builder’s design features are unmatched, making it an excellent choice for creatives and design enthusiasts. Boasting over 2,000 design layouts and 200+ website elements, Divi is well-equipped to help you build an eye-catching, unique site.

Its responsive editing, hover styling, transform controls, and custom shapes upgrade the look and interface of your site, helping you build a masterpiece.


In addition to its phenomenal design tools like border effects, filters, shadows, and advanced animation, Divi comes with marketing and speed features.

It maintains fast loading times even with complex designs by removing unnecessary bloat code and employing speed-boosting techniques like deferring cache requests. Its social follow module improves social media efforts and lets you easily share your handles.

Divi Builder Pricing

Divi offers two pricing structures – Divi yearly and Divi lifetime. Both plans have extensive features ranging from theme and builders to numerous website packs and 24/7 premium support.

Divi Plans Price (Annually) Price (One-time payment)
Divi Yearly Divi $89/year
Divi Pro $277/year
Divi Lifetime Divi Lifetime $249
Divi Lifetime + Pro Services $297 (plus $212 Each Following Year For Pro Services)
  • Divi – This base plan includes a Divi theme and builder, 300+ website packs, and unlimited website usage.
  • Divi Pro – Besides the regular Divi package features, it includes Divi AI, Divi Cloud, Divi Teams, and Divi VIP support.
  • Divi Lifetime – Going for a one-time fee, this plan offers all the features of the base Divi plan, including Extra, Bloom, and Monarch.
  • Divi Lifetime + Pro Services – This plan attracts an extra amount annually for the pro services. It allows you to enjoy the Divi and Divi Pro features, like Divi Cloud for unlimited cloud storage and Divi AI for unlimited text and code generation.

        Divi Builder allows users to create multiple websites with no hidden charges. While it doesn’t come with hosting, it is compatible with various web hosts, such as Pressable and SiteGround.

        Furthermore, a 30-day money-back guarantee protects you if you are dissatisfied with Divi Builder’s service. Simply email support to receive your refund instantly. Your account remains active for your one-year term when you cancel your subscription, but you can still use themes you have already downloaded.

        Who It's Best For

        Due to its complex variety of design tools, Divi Builder is generally best for seasoned WordPress users with a flair for design. For beginners, Elementor or Page Builder Sandwich are more suitable alternatives.

        Pros pros

        • Comprehensive design options
        • Built-in split testing
        • Customer support

        Cons cons

        • Not beginner-friendly
        • Page load speed is relatively slow
        • Layout doesn’t automatically show responsive views

        3. Beaver Builder – Best WordPress Page Builder for Customer Support and Tutorials

        Screenshot of Beaver Builder's logo

        Best For Customer Support and Tutorials
        Free Trial
        Top 3 Features ● Free Tutorials and Online Courses
        ● Lightweight Code
        ● 3rd Party Integrations
        Free Trial/Version/Demo Free Plan + Demo
        Price Starting from $0
        Why We Picked It

        Beaver Builder provides helpful tutorials and an incredible support system to guide beginners in using the software. In addition to a simple, straightforward interface, its community and online courses provide excellent support and answers to common questions.

        It also offers a live demo site to let you experience the software before making any payments.


        Beaver Builder’s key features are its various resources, tutorials, and lightweight code. It also has a drag-and-drop editor with easy-to-use, beautiful templates. Moreover, it offers numerous add-ons and integrations, including Font Awesome, AB Split Test, and LifterLMS, to make your website building seamless and flexible. White labeling is also available on its advanced plans.

        Beaver Builder Pricing

        Beaver Builder’s four plans cater to everyone, from freelancers to agencies.

        Beaver Builder Plans Price (Annually)
        Free $0
        Standard (Best for Entrepreneurs) $99/year
        Pro (Best for Freelancers) $199/year
        Agency (Best for Agencies) $399/year
        Ultimate (Best for Power Users) $546/year
        • Standard (Best for Entrepreneurs) – The Standard plan includes a WordPress page builder plugin with various module and template options. With access to world-class support, you can create unlimited sites.
        • Pro (Best for Freelancers) – This package comprises all the standard features, functions effectively within a multisite network, and comes with Beaver Builder themes.
        • Agency (Best for Agencies) – The distinguishing feature of this plan from the Pro package is White Labeling. Essentially, you can customize the tool as your own site to reflect your brand identity.
        • Ultimate (Best for Power Users) – With the Ultimate plan, users enjoy all Agency features with a 6-month free Assistant Pro.

              Beaver Builder’s free WordPress Page Builder option, Power Pack Lite for Beaver Builder, is an add-on with over 350 design elements and various page templates. It also has lead generation modules such as Popup and Banner Creators.

              Beaver Builder’s paid plans include standard, editor, productivity, and developer features, like Global Custom CSS, advanced styling options, in-line editing, and e-commerce integrations.

              If you decide to cancel within 30 days of your initial purchase, you are entitled to a refund. In case you’re not ready to commit financially, you can easily create demo sites for free, although they are reset daily.

              Who It's Best For

              Beaver Builder’s tutorials make it a beginner-friendly option perfect for people starting with WordPress page builders. However, its simplicity results in limited designs and features, so if you’re more advanced, go for more complex website builders like Divi Builder or Oxygen Builder.

              Pros pros

              • Intuitive interface
              • Online tutorials
              • Integrations

              Cons cons

              • Limited design options
              • Fewer customization options
              • Relatively expensive

              4. WPBakery Page Builder – Best WordPress Page Builder for it’s Many Add-ons

              Screenshot of WPBakery's logo

              Best For Add-Ons
              Free Trial
              Top 3 Features ● Yoast SEO and WooCommerce Compatibility
              ● Free Lifetime Updates
              ● Frontend and Backend Editor
              Free Trial/Version/Demo Demo
              Price Starting from $59/lifetime
              Why We Picked It

              WPBakery Page Builder is an outstanding WordPress page builder for its numerous add-ons. In fact, it offers over 250 add-ons to improve your website’s functionality. With these, you can take your WordPress site to the next level, equipping it with as many features and functions as you need.

              But that’s not all. WPBakery Page Builder also boasts free updates, meaning you don’t have to pay for subsequent upgrades or improvements to your WordPress page builder plugin. This shows its affordability and value for money.


              WPBakery’s 80+ layouts and templates provide a sizable variety of design choices. It adapts to any theme, improving its flexibility and reducing any chances of incompatibility with WordPress themes.

              WPBakery also has an AI content generator, robust Yoast SEO toolkit, and WooCommerce compatibility, all necessary features for website performance and e-commerce stores.

              WPBakery Pricing

              WPBakery Page Builder offers three one-time payment plans, all listed in the table below, depending on the number of websites you would like access to. You can also opt for its hosting service if needed.

              WPBakery Page Builder Plans Price (One-time payment)
              Regular $59/lifetime
              5 Sites $256/lifetime
              10 Sites $499/lifetime
              • Regular – The Regular plan allows you to build one website in addition to one year of access to WPBakery Page Builder AI and the template library. Users also enjoy a one-year premium support.
              • 5 Sites – This plan includes all features of the Regular package and lets you build up to five sites.
              • 10 Sites – Users can build up to 10 sites and access all the features the platform offers.

                  WPBakery Page Builder has a 15-day money-back policy and provides discounts, which apply to only the Regular plan. However, it is only available for bulk licenses, beginning at a minimum of 20 licenses. Students also enjoy discounts via university-assigned email.

                  Interestingly, theme developers can monetize this builder by including it in their themes and selling it for profit. WPBakery Page Builder also offers after-sale support with video tutorials and thorough documentation to streamline the learning curve.

                  Who It's Best For

                  WPBakery’s extensive add-ons make it a good fit for anyone in search of additional functionality or integrations for a more complex site. On the other hand, for basic website design, opt for simpler page builders like Page Builder Sandwich or Gutenberg Block Editor.

                  Pros pros

                  • Adaptable with many WordPress themes
                  • Frontend and backend editing
                  • Large selection of add-ons

                  Cons cons

                  • Complexity for beginners
                  • Slower loading time
                  • No regular updates

                  5. Oxygen Builder – Best WordPress Page Builder for its Long Money-Back Guarantee

                  Screenshot of Oxygen Builder's logo

                  Best For Longest money-back guarantee period
                  Free Trial
                  Top 3 Features ● Global Colors
                  ● Lifetime Updates
                  ● Header Builder
                  Free Trial/Version/Demo Demo
                  Price Starting from $129 (one time)
                  Why We Picked It

                  Oxygen Builder offers an amazing 60-day guarantee, as opposed to the general 14 to 30 days most other website builders promise. You have ample time to test its features and check its suitability for your needs, even after paying.

                  It’s also incredibly fast, although its complex interface and elements make it slightly more difficult than other website builders. Regardless, you can find detailed tutorials on its website to help you transition smoothly.


                  Oxygen Builder’s numerous features include a rich design library with website kits for various use cases and a fully customizable header builder. Oxygen’s header builder is noteworthy and gives you effects like overlay and responsiveness.

                  Furthermore, its Global Color tool lets you save any color of your choice and maintain consistency throughout your website. Its integrations with Yoast, RankMath, and SEOPress make it one of the best website builders for SEO, while bloat-free code guarantees fast loading times.

                  Oxygen Builder Pricing

                  Oxygen Builder operates a one-time payment pricing structure with three well-rounded plans.

                  Oxygen Plans Price (One-time payment)
                  Basic $129/Lifetime
                  WooCoo $149/Lifetime
                  Ultimate $179/Lifetime
                  • Basic – This base plan offers a lifetime unlimited license for a one-time fee.
                  • WooCoo – Users enjoy WooCommerce integration in addition to basic features.
                  • Ultimate – This package includes all WooCoo features, Gutenberg Block Builder, Simplified Client UI, and Composite Elements.

                      With a one-time payment for any of the plans, you can use Oxygen for an unlimited number of sites. However, the Composite Elements feature attracts an extra $29/year charge if you’re on the Basic or WooCoo plan. Furthermore, all payments are made through PayPal or Stripe.

                      Who It's Best For

                      Oxygen Builder loads its websites in a remarkably short time, so if speed is your highest priority, then this is an excellent choice. Unfortunately, it’s not very user-friendly, making it a hard WordPress page builder for beginners. Instead of Oxygen Builder, Elementor, Beaver Builder, and Page Builder Sandwich are better options for novices.

                      Pros pros

                      • Lightweight and fast-loading times
                      • Full design control
                      • 60-day guarantee period

                      Cons cons

                      • Not beginner-friendly
                      • Limited pre-built templates
                      • May require coding knowledge

                      6. Brizy – Best AI WordPress Page Builder

                      Screenshot of Brizy's logo

                      Best For AI Website Building
                      Free Trial
                      Top 3 Features ● White Label Available
                      ● Pop-Up Builder
                      ● Custom Field Plugin
                      Free Trial/Version/Demo Free Plan
                      Price Starting from $0
                      Why We Picked It

                      Brizy’s most unique feature is its AI website-building tool, which can create a stunning website in just a few minutes. You can quickly customize your text and images and create a perfectly functional website for your brand.

                      Besides its AI tool, Brizy also provides a regular drag-and-drop editor that’s intuitive and easy to understand regardless of skill level.


                      Brizy’s abilities aren’t limited to templates and a drag-and-drop editor alone. Other amazing features include a landing page builder, contact form, pop-up builder, and an SSL certificate for your website. Like Oxygen Builder, Brizy has a fast loading speed, and its autosave feature ensures that your draft is always saved.

                      Brizy Pricing

                      Under Brizy WordPress, you have five comprehensive plans from which to choose.

                      Brizy Plans Price (Annually)
                      Free $0
                      Personal $59/year
                      Freelancer $99/year
                      Agency $199/year
                      White Label $299/year
                      • Personal – This package grants you access to theme builders, marketing and lead generation tools, and a pop-up builder. However, you can only build one site.
                      • Freelancer – The Freelancer plan allows users to create a maximum of 25 sites. It includes all standard PRO features, such as WooCommerce and landing page builders.
                      • Agency – This package works on WordPress multisite and includes premium priority support. You can also build up to 50 sites and access all PRO features.
                      • White Label – It includes all the Agency features and White Label functionalities. Users can create up to 100 sites with this plan.
                      • Enterprise – This plan grants full access to Brizy API and includes an API license generation, success manager, and dedicated priority support.

                              Brizy’s free WordPress page builder option contains builder and design features but very few dynamic and marketing functions. The former includes sliders, responsive control, custom fonts, and over 4,000 vector icons. However, the latter comprises only WordPress templates, email integration, and leads.

                              Brizy has a 30-day money-back policy, prioritizing customer satisfaction. Moreover, the websites you build will continue to run after your subscription expires, albeit PRO features will be inaccessible.

                              Who It's Best For

                              Brizy’s White Label and lead generation features make it a solid choice for agencies and organizations needing professional website builders. For more personal projects or smaller websites, opt for page builders with basic functionalities like WordPress’ Gutenberg Block Editor.

                              Pros pros

                              • User-friendly interface
                              • Fast and lightweight
                              • Wide range of design elements
                              • AI website builder

                              Cons cons

                              • Limited customization with fonts and colors
                              • Compatibility issues with newer updates
                              • Integration limitations

                              7. SiteOrigin Page Builder – Most Affordable WordPress Page Builder

                              Screenshot of SiteOrigin's logo

                              Best For Affordability
                              Free Trial
                              Top 3 Features ● Integrates With Any Theme
                              ● Live Editing
                              ● Widget Bundle
                              Free Trial/Version/Demo Free Plan
                              Price Starts from $0
                              Why We Picked It

                              SiteOrigin is one of the best free WordPress page builders, providing free themes and a responsive page builder. Despite its affordability, you still get a dependable WordPress page builder with widgets and reliable support.

                              For $29 only, its Premium plan remains one of the most inexpensive on the market while offering useful add-ons and customer service.


                              SiteOrigin Page Builder has a responsive drag-and-drop editor. It also adapts comfortably to any theme or WordPress widget and promises to enhance your WordPress experience. With SiteOrigin, you can rest assured of clean, lightweight code, facilitating faster load times.

                              Other attractive features include live editing to help you visualize your website quickly and history browsing.

                              SiteOrigin Pricing

                              SiteOrigin’s themes and WordPress page builder are free, but you can pay for any Premium package to access its add-ons and better support.

                              SiteOrigin Plans Plans (Annual with Auto-Renewal) Price (One Year – No Auto-Renewal)
                              Free $0 $0
                              Single $29/year $38
                              Business $49/year $64
                              Developer $99/year $128
                              • Single – This plan allows users to build only one site and is ideal for your main website.
                              • Business – At $9.80 per website, you can create a maximum of five websites.
                              • Developer – The Developer package is your go-to if you create sites for various clients. You can build an unlimited number of sites, and each site costs less than $1.

                                  With an active SiteOrigin license, you get immediate builder plugin updates and prompt email support. In addition, there’s a 60-day money-back guarantee in case you decide to cancel your subscription.

                                  Who It's Best For

                                  SiteOrigin’s affordable prices are ideal for anyone on a tight budget with basic website requirements. For more advanced website builders, check out Divi Builder or Oxygen Builder.

                                  Pros pros

                                  • Free
                                  • Stable and reliable
                                  • Seamless widgets integration

                                  Cons cons

                                  • Limited design flexibility
                                  • Interface complexity
                                  • Dependency on widgets bundle

                                  8. SeedProd – Best WordPress Page Builder for Landing Pages

                                  Screenshot of SeedProd's logo

                                  Best For Landing Pages
                                  Free Trial
                                  Top 3 Features ● Premium Integrations
                                  ● Spam Protection
                                  ● Live Previews
                                  Free Trial/Version/Demo Free Plan
                                  Price Starting from $0
                                  Why We Picked It

                                  SeedProd excels at creating pre-launch landing pages, maintenance mode pages, and coming soon pages. Unlike more general-purpose WordPress page builders, it caters specifically to users who need to create temporary pages to inform visitors about its website’s status or upcoming launch.

                                  SeedProd also has ReCaptcha spam protection, a valuable tool to protect your site from spam and security risks.


                                  SeedProd has a custom theme builder and over 300 predesigned templates. Thus, you can create your custom design or quickly choose an already-made one.

                                  Moreover, SeedProd comes with a sales funnel builder and premium integrations with several email marketing service providers, including MailChimp and ConvertKit. Other notable features include live preview, 20+ built-in color schemes, domain mapping, and custom scripts.

                                  SeedProd Pricing

                                  SeedProd has a free plan, SeedProd Lite, which enables you to use the drag-and-drop feature to create high-converting, responsive landing pages. It also has four premium versions, listed below.

                                  SeedProd Plans Price (Annually)
                                  Free $0
                                  Basic $79/year
                                  Plus $199/year
                                  Pro $399/year
                                  Elite $599/year
                                  • Basic – With this plan, you can build one site and have access to standard support. It also includes 50 PRO templates, 90+ PRO page blocks, and access controls.
                                  • Plus – The Plus plan allows you to create up to three sites with email marketing integrations and 100+ PRO section templates. In addition, you have access to 2 million stock images to facilitate your site-building.
                                  • Pro – With a full website kit, dynamic text features, and over 3000 Zapier integrations, users can build up to 5 functional sites.
                                  • Elite – The Elite package includes all the Pro features and enables you to build a maximum of 100 sites. It also has domain mapping and WooCommerce support.

                                        SeedProd has an affiliate program that offers a 20% commission on referrals. If you’re building client sites, you can purchase an appropriate plan for each client by referring them. Otherwise, you can subscribe to the Elite license.

                                        Who It's Best For

                                        SeedProd specializes in landing page building, so it’s best for anyone who wants to create specific pages. Good examples are maintenance mode, coming soon, or custom 404 pages. In contrast, if you’re looking for a more general-purpose, flexible website builder, go for Elementor or Beaver Builder.

                                        Pros pros

                                        • Specific landing page builder
                                        • Email marketing integrations
                                        • Spam protection

                                        Cons cons

                                        • Limited free plan
                                        • Not beginner-friendly
                                        • Difficult to customize

                                        9. Page Builder Sandwich (PBS) – Best WordPress Page Builder for Seamless Page Building

                                        Screenshot of PBS' logo

                                        Best For Seamless Page Building
                                        Free Trial
                                        Top 3 Features ● Pre-Designed Sections and Templates
                                        ● Animations
                                        ● Shortcode Mapping
                                        Free Trial/Version/Demo Free Plan
                                        Price Starting from $0
                                        Why We Picked It

                                        Page Builder Sandwich’s differentiating factor is its simplicity and ease of use. While most WordPress page builders are fairly easy to figure out, they still require a little experience and prove slightly complicated for a beginner.

                                        Meanwhile, PBS accommodates the most basic skill levels and still builds attractive websites. Its free builder plugin is an added advantage, although you get more features with the paid version.


                                        Page Builder Sandwich’s simplicity doesn’t stop it from giving you the best features. Its page builder features include carousel sliders, buttons, icons, and shortcode integrations for applications and plugins like YouTube, MailChimp, and WooCommerce.

                                        Additionally, your backgrounds don’t have to be plain, as PBS gives you the option of video backgrounds and tint. Other exciting features for your page include newsletter integrations, countdowns, 1700+ vector icons, and pricing tables.

                                        PB Sandwich Pricing

                                        PBS’ paid plans fall under either yearly subscriptions or one-time payment plans.

                                        PBS Plans Price (Annually) Price (One-time payment)
                                        Free $0 $0
                                        1 Website  $29/year $89
                                        5 Websites $49/year $149
                                        Unlimited Websites $199/year $599
                                        • Free Plan – The free WordPress builder plan is fully customizable, offering flexibility with layouts, colors, and fonts. In addition to creating responsive designs, you can preview them before saving to see how they’ll turn out.
                                        • Annual Plan – These plans allow users to build plans from as little as one to an unlimited number of sites. Features include page templates, pre-designed sections, various design options, and updates for a year.
                                        • Lifetime Plan – Besides the annual plan features, all packages provide premium elements and VIP support forever.

                                        If PBS doesn’t cut it for you, you can receive a refund within 30 days of your initial purchase. Also, not renewing your plan after it expires denies you access to updates, although your site will still work.

                                        Who It's Best For

                                        PBS is a simple, basic page builder, which makes it a beginner-friendly alternative. However, compared to more advanced WordPress page builders, it has fewer features and integrations. Consider Divi Builder, Brizy, or WPBakery for higher features, abilities, and integrations.

                                        Pros pros

                                        • Easy to use and beginner-friendly
                                        • Live frontend editing
                                        • Lightweight codes

                                        Cons cons

                                        • Limited features
                                        • Dependency on themes
                                        • Fewer updates

                                        10. WordPress’ Gutenberg Block Editor – Best WordPress Page Builder for Block Editing

                                        Gutenberg Block Editor Logo

                                        Best For Block Editing
                                        Free Trial
                                        Top 3 Features ● Reusable Blocks
                                        ● Pre-Designed Layouts
                                        ● Custom Blocks
                                        Free Trial/Version/Demo Free Version
                                        Price Free
                                        Why We Picked It

                                        The Gutenberg Block Editor is WordPress’ built-in page builder and site editor. Unlike other WordPress page builders, which are usually external page builders or software, this block editor is a builder plugin directly built into WordPress. So, if you prefer directly integrated page builders, the Gutenberg Block Editor is an excellent option.

                                        Another stand-out feature is its block editing, which represents page elements as adjustable blocks. This method lets you create pages easily by adding or adjusting blocks for all your page’s content, from headers to paragraphs and multimedia.


                                        As mentioned, the Gutenberg Block Editor’s main feature is block editing, which lets you easily add, rearrange, and customize content elements. Like other WordPress page builders, you can create custom blocks or choose from the existing default blocks.

                                        For convenience, this block editor lets you save and reuse any block of your choice across multiple pages. Previewing your pages in real-time isn’t a problem either, and this editor shows you what your page will look like on different devices.

                                        Gutenberg Block Editor Pricing

                                        The Gutenberg Block Editor is free to WordPress users (built-in) and has no additional cost.

                                        Who It's Best For

                                        Gutenberg Block Editor is built into WordPress, so there’ll be seamless editing and no compatibility or integration issues. If seamlessness is a priority for you, then this editor is perfect.

                                        However, it’s also less advanced than other WordPress page builders and requires average proficiency. Although block editing is a straightforward page-building method, you may need to write some custom CSS code to create a truly professional site. So, Elementor or Brizy are better suited for these concerns.

                                        Pros pros

                                        • Simplicity
                                        • Free
                                        • Native integration

                                        Cons cons

                                        • It may require coding knowledge
                                        • Some users experience slow loading times
                                        • Limited advanced features

                                        The Best WordPress Page Builders in 2024 Compared

                                        Below, we’ve drawn a comprehensive chart to summarize the reviews above.

                                        WordPress Page Builders Top Features Free Trial / Free Version / Demo Cheapest Paid Plan (annually)
                                        Elementor Live Drag and Drop Editor, Live Editing, 100+ Widgets Free Version $59
                                        Divi Builder Live Drag and Drop Editor, Custom CSS Control, 2000+ Premade Designs Demo $89
                                        Beaver Builder Advanced Styling Options, Lightweight Code, 3rd Party Integrations Free Version + Demo $79
                                        WPBakery Page Builder Yoast SEO and WooCommerce Compatible, Free Lifetime Updates, Shortcode Mapper Demo $59
                                        Oxygen Builder Global Colors, Lifetime Updates, Header Builder Demo $129 (one-time payment)
                                        Brizy White Label Available, Pop-up Builder, Custom Field Plugin Free Version $59
                                        SiteOrigin Page Builder Integrates With Any Theme, Live Editing, Widget Bundle Free Version $29
                                        SeedProd Premium Integrations, Spam Protection, Live Previews Free Version $39.50
                                        Page Builder Sandwich Pre-Designed Sections and Templates, Animations, Shortcode Mapping Free Version $29
                                        WordPress Gutenberg Block Editor Reusable Blocks, Pre-Designed Layouts, Custom Blocks Free Built-in Plugin Free

                                        Why You Should Use a Page Builder for WordPress in 2024

                                        It’s no secret that building an aesthetically pleasing website that converts requires long, painstaking hours and several lines of tricky code. Unfortunately, most people lack the time or the skills to develop a remarkable site.

                                        Using the best WordPress page builders changes this, offering you highly creative, endless layout and design possibilities for your website. Their drag-and-drop interfaces let you build and customize your website in no time without having to write a single line of code.

                                        Free Vs. Paid Page WordPress Page Builders – Which is Better?

                                        Similar to most digital products, there are both free and paid WordPress page builders, but which should you choose? The answer to this question largely depends on your specific goals and needs.

                                        As expected, paid WordPress page builders generally have more advanced features and support than their free counterparts. Hence, you’ll likely need to use a paid WordPress website builder to build a highly functional professional website.

                                        However, if you’re on a tight budget or need a minimal website, you’re better off with a free page builder. The best free website builders will still give you promising features, although they come at no cost.

                                        How We Review And Test Website Builders

                                        To provide our readers with accurate and well-informed recommendations, we test the most popular website builders on the market to find the best options for you. Our methodology consists of the following criteria:

                                        • Ease of Use – We assess the user interface and overall usability of each website builder to determine how intuitive and beginner-friendly it is.
                                        • Template Variety and Quality – We evaluate the range and quality of pre-designed templates offered by each website builder, considering factors like aesthetics, customization options, and industry-specific templates.
                                        • Customization Options – We examine the level of customization available within each website builder, including the ability to modify layouts, fonts, and colors, and add custom CSS or HTML code.
                                        • Mobile Responsiveness – We test the responsiveness of websites created with each builder to ensure they display correctly and function smoothly on various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and desktops.
                                        • Speed and Performance –  We measure the load speed and performance of websites built with each platform, considering factors such as page load times, image optimization, and caching options.
                                        • SEO Features – We analyze the built-in SEO tools and features offered by each platform, including meta tags, sitemaps, URL structures, and integration with analytics platforms.
                                        • Ecommerce Functionality – We evaluate the ecommerce capabilities of each website builder, assessing features such as product listings, inventory management, payment gateways, and order processing.
                                        • Integrations – We look at the integration capabilities of each website builder, including compatibility with third-party tools and platforms such as email marketing software, CRM systems, and social media networks.
                                        • Customer Support – We test the responsiveness and availability of customer support offered by each website builder, considering factors such as available support channels, response times, and user satisfaction ratings.
                                        • Scalability and Flexibility – We evaluate the scalability and flexibility of each website builder, considering factors such as the ability to add new pages, features, and functionality as the website grows and evolves.
                                        • Security Features – We review the security features of each website builder, including SSL encryption, malware scanning, and regular security updates, to ensure the protection of user data and website integrity.
                                        • Analytics and Reporting – We examine the analytics and reporting capabilities of each website builder, including the availability of built-in analytics tools, integration with external analytics platforms, and reporting options for tracking website performance and visitor behavior.

                                        How to Choose the Best Page Builder for WordPress

                                        As seen above, your needs and requirements determine the best WordPress page builder for you. This means that what works for one brand or business may not be the right fit for you. Below, we’ll show you how to choose the best WordPress page builder and what you must look out for.

                                        Evaluate Your Specific NeedsBudget & Value for MoneyEase of UseKey FeaturesDesign Options & CustomizabilityCustomer Support

                                        First, determine your needs and the exact goals of your website. It’s crucial to consider not just your immediate needs but also your potential future requirements. Each WordPress website builder has its specific strengths and selling points, so choose one that aligns with your current and future needs. For instance, if you’re a beginner in coding, a simple, no-code page builder should be a top priority.

                                        How much are you willing to spend on a page builder? Each provider has unique pricing plans and costs, and your choice should suit your budget. Also, ensure that any plan you subscribe to offers the features you need at a practical cost.

                                        One of the major advantages of WordPress page builders is their simplicity and ease of use compared to writing code from scratch. Choosing a complex product defeats this purpose and can frustrate you. Moreover, a problematic page builder may adversely affect your website, resulting in a poor interface and slow loading times.

                                        Once you’ve identified your needs, ensure that the page builder’s features comfortably meet those needs. You should be equipped with everything relevant to quickly building the perfect website. To verify this, don’t hesitate to sign up for demos and free trials to test the software. This hands-on experience will give you a better understanding of the product’s capabilities.

                                        Unique websites offer a higher chance of lead conversions, so you want to ensure you have the best design tools at your disposal. Look for themes and customization features to help you visualize and create an eye-catching, functional site.

                                        While your preferred choice should be easy to use, it’s equally important to have access to responsive customer support. This is your safety net in case you encounter difficulties. Additionally, you may need to make inquiries occasionally, making it imperative to have available customer support. Remember, a well-supported product can significantly impact your website’s performance and overall experience.

                                        Our Other Website Builder Guides

                                        Above, we’ve broken down our top WordPress page builders. Here’s a list of our other website builder guides to help you get the best websites possible.

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