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What are some advantages of multi-cloud deployments?

By Justin Stoltzfus | Last updated: January 16, 2019
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Multi-cloud deployments involve a company selecting more than one cloud vendor or provider, and putting different workloads into each platform, or delegating different tasks or volumes to multiple cloud services. Multi-cloud can, in many cases, work out much better for a firm, because the company has more than one choice when it comes to handling a particular aspect of IT operations.

There are a number of major benefits to architecting multi-cloud deployments that have convinced companies to start out with multiple cloud providers instead of just one.

Some of the benefits of multi-cloud deployment have to do with various business goals. Different cloud providers may fulfill different roles that are optimized for certain applications. An individual cloud platform may be great for high-volume data transfer, but not as well optimized for specific sales or outreach tasks. Developers or other stakeholders may request cloud operations that do different things, where, for example, a company may utilize one cloud provider for sales, and another for internal data handling.

Other benefits of multi-cloud involve building an initial infrastructure that’s easier to maintain, scale and adjust. When companies go into single-cloud initial platforms, it can be hard to build out into multi-cloud later. With an initial multi-cloud environment, scalability benefits from a greater number of options.

Multi-cloud can also help with the cost and availability of on-demand services. When a company reaches a cost threshold, needs a new service added, or experiences a greater volume of data demand, having more than one provider option to choose from allows for a more tailored result. That’s another major reason that multi-cloud can make a lot more sense for a company.

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