What are some of the biggest innovations happening in the big data space?


Right now, advances in machine learning technology are driving a lot of the innovation in the big data space. But what I think is most exciting is the recent availability of open-source machine learning frameworks – such as TensorFlow – which help speed the progress of those advancements by democratizing the basic building blocks.

Technology as complicated as machine learning is best advanced when each stage of progress doesn’t need to be built from scratch. So open-source platforms like TensorFlow give entrepreneurs and technologists a boosted playing field, where they can more easily build on top of the innovation that has come before.

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Steve Davis

Steve Davis is a founding partner of Signafire and has led the concept and architecture of Signafire’s unique approach to big data analytics. Prior to Signafire, Steve worked at a Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC) and directly supported an elite U.S. Special Operations Command innovation and fusion cell. In this capacity, Steve worked directly with all-source, human terrain, geospatial, and other specialized intelligence analysts to rapidly develop tools and techniques to integrate and exploit large volumes of data. Steve’s hallmark in this role was the ability to flexibly develop new technologies to support warfighters in extreme circumstances, deploying…