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What are some of the resources available to women looking to get into a career in data science?

By Dr. Sonja Ann Jones | Last updated: December 24, 2018

There are quite a few resources available to women who are looking to get into data science. There are many courses that women can take via colleges and online universities for specific skill sets needed around data science such as statistics, machine learning, calculus, algebra, analytics, data visualization, data wrangling, software engineering and codingPython, Java, R, C++, SQL, statistical packages, etc.

Also, women can benefit from leveraging career centers, meetup groups, technical and analytic groups, LinkedIn, recruiters and networking groups to help them find jobs and create opportunities from networking. There are groups that have been established for women to help them specifically in data science and in their technical careers. I was a co-founder for one of these groups called ASK – Alpha Sigma Kappa, Women in Technical Studies, when I was in college and it has touched thousands of women's lives since its creation. It is a group that helps women in their technical careers and studies. Other groups to consider for women to join to network in technology consist of WITI – Women in Technology International, Women Who Code, Anita Borg, Catalyst, ChickTech, Ellevate, Everwise, Grace Hopper, Ivy, Power To Fly, See Jane, Tech Ladies on Facebook, Women on Boards, and Women Who Get It, to name a few. There are other groups out there as well that help in business networking such as NAFE, PBWC, WSA, TeamWomen, World Association of Women Entrepreneurs, etc.

It is essential to network in both group types. Local groups and groups at your places of employment can also help.

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Written by Dr. Sonja Ann Jones

Profile Picture of Dr. Sonja Ann Jones

Dr. Sonja Ann Jones has more than 25 years of experience in the big data space, and is currently a sales engineer for Bay Dynamics. In the past, she has worked at Oracle, Cognos, Paraccel, Qlik, Splunk and BMC.

She has an MBA and Doctorate in business focused on entrepreneurship, and a bachelor's degree in mathematics and statistics.

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