Why Experts Think Poodl Inu Will Outperform BONK and WIF This Month

BONK and WIF are two of the hottest cryptocurrencies of this year. They just made a significant comeback and stretched their market caps. Currently, they are only behind Pepe on the global meme coin chart. 

But their dominance is being contested with the entry of a new dog coin. Poodl Inu ($POODL) is quickly capturing the spotlight, attracting the meme coin community with its bold charm.

Your Idea of Poodles is About to Change

Poodles are adored for their cute and cuddly appearance. It’s impossible to skip the shorts and reels that feature their playful antics. With just an animated stroll down the street, they effortlessly win over the hearts of humans from all corners of the planet. 

However, if that’s what you’re expecting from Poodl Inu, prepare to be surprised. Sure, Poodl Inu certainly radiates charm and cuteness. But there’s a mischievous edge to its character that sets it apart in the crowded ‘dog’ coin market.


This is how the project introduces itself:

“We’re in a bull run the likes of which we haven’t seen in years. If you’re sitting back waiting for money to fall into your lap, well guess what, IT JUST DID! You’re here early, just grab a BAG of the DOPEST DOG SINCE DOGE, and then watch it grow by staking. It’s so easy even a degenerate like you can do it. So what are you waiting for!?!


Poodl Inu clearly holds the potential to disrupt the market, igniting a viral frenzy across various social media platforms. The unapologetic essence of meme coins is embodied by the project with a fresh twist. That explains why Poodl Inu is rapidly cultivating a dedicated following across social media platforms.

Success Shouldn’t be a Matter of Chance

In recent years, the meme coin market has witnessed the entry of a crowd of dog-inspired cryptocurrencies. They are everywhere, from the top echelons to the bottom of the meme coin chart. It’s not surprising, given the widespread popularity of tokens like Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and BONK, all adorned with puppy themes.

But the growing number of similar-looking dog coins presents a challenge for their price trajectory. Success in this domain has largely become a matter of chance. The result? Most of them struggle to distinguish themselves from the crowd. Even those that initially surge in momentum have a hard time carving out unique identities.

$POODL stands out as an exception. With its distinctive personality, $POODL can’t blend into the crowd even if it tried. 

Poodl Inu is gonna be a star! His face is gonna be plastered over every crypto website, crypto influencer, and YouTube video in the entire world. Normies and non-believers are gonna be crying into their $0.25 bowl of microwave ramen for not buying during Presale.

Global Campaign=Glorious Gainz,” notes the website. 

$POODL fully resonates with the eccentricities cherished by the meme coin community. In addition, it surpasses expectations by establishing a robust ecosystem capable of sustaining genuine token demand. There is more to $POODL than the superficial appeal of a puppy-themed coin.

Staking, Dog DEX Park, and More

Poodl Inu is constructing a robust ecosystem full of practical utility. The whimsical theme acts as a powerful magnet to the ecosystem. Right from the presale stage, it helps the project attract both investors and users to its core offerings.

The tokenomics, deeply rooted in community involvement, establishes its credibility from the outset. 

  • Half of the Poodl Inu token supply is earmarked for early public investors, with the ongoing presale featuring attractive fixed discounted rates ahead of the token’s listing debut. 
  • 30% of the total token supply is dedicated to staking rewards. It encourages active community engagement, especially when the underlying project boasts a sustainable user base. It fuels token demand and mitigates early token dumps even as the initial FOMO slows down. 
  • 10% is allocated to developing the DEX Dog Park. It will sustain token demand beyond speculative trading to create a decentralized exchange ecosystem that adds tangible value.
  • 10% is allocated for global marketing campaigns. It will be vital for raising awareness and expanding the project’s reach.

The long-term price action of $POODL will be underpinned by DEX Dog Park and the staking system. 

Early Entry As a Strategy Against Unpredictable Price Swings

Meme coins are equally popular and notorious for their rapid and often unpredictable price swings. Staying profitable in the meme coin market is a challenge. But those who consistently stay ahead of the market through strategic decision-making make it possible. 

Early entry into meme coins, in particular, helps investors book the maximum profits from a meme coin’s price trajectory. 

The ongoing $POODL presale presents that opportunity at fixed discounted rates. Early investors can also capitalize on attractive staking rewards by participating in the presale. 

Viraj Randev

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