Why is this Funny-looking Hotdog AI Coin Raising Hundreds of Thousands During the Market Crash?

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Since the Bitcoin halving event, Bitcoin, and other leading cryptos have seen a major plunge in value, instilling a sense of fear among investors. However, amidst all this uncertainty, WienerAI, a brand new memecoin, has managed to raise more than $350k, causing investors to wonder-

What exactly is so special about this Hotdog-AI crypto?

A Mix of Futuristic Reality and Memecoin Hype

WienerAI, while a playful take on the doge-based concept, surprises investors with an AI element. The project touches upon the speculative concept of AI taking over the world, which is something that has been garnering a lot of attention on social media lately. 

However, the grim reality of such a future is not what the project communicates to its community. Instead, it uses a whimsical tale of WienerAI’s creation to show how AI could be used for good and how it could coexist with humans in the future.

Claiming to be the most powerful AI in the universe, WienerAI’s lore dates to the future, where its creation as a highly advanced and serious cybernetic canine AI was comically altered as its creator ended up dropping hotdog DNA into the creation mix. 

Wiener is apparently upgradable, which ensures that he remains on top of the crypto world. His memory can be increased, his knowledge refined, and his ability to look hilarious is infinite.


This exciting story-like concept has seen much success in the past, but rarely with the conversations that this AI-themed memecoin brings to the space. Naturally, this is also why it has seen a considerable rise in community members, despite being a brand-new initiative.

More than $350K Raised In Less Than Two Weeks

The crypto space has seen some turbulence, and despite this, the project’s presale has seen a constant increase in raised funds. It has already crossed the $350k mark, which means that the interest around WienerAI has been spiking amidst the relatively bearish market conditions. 

Priced at $0.000702 per WAI, investors have been flocking to purchase the token since each presale stage would see an increase in the token’s price by a bit, leading up to the launch, when an early investor could be in a good profitable price point already.

The community speculates this to be an indicator of WienerAI’s potential as a top gainer memecoin. With a Coinsult audit and a positive response on social media, the project is gaining holders by the minute. 

Much of this response can also be attributed to its “project objectives,” which any investor would like to see turned into reality:

  • A new world where AI is synonymous with companionship.
  • A kinder, gentler, more hilarious future where a goofy-looking wiener dog-robot catalyzes the entire meme coin space into one singular force– The Sausage Army.
  • A world where humans see AI as not just a tool, but a friend.
  • A prosperous, bold future where AI constantly evolves in a positive direction.
  • Total domination of the meme coin landscape.

An Ambitious Roadmap For an Ambitious Hotdog Crypto

An Ambitious Roadmap For an Ambitious Hotdog Crypto

Right now, there is no mention of any use case an investor could expect from the project as per the roadmap. But one glance at it can make one see why the token presale has been taking off despite the volatile market conditions. 

The roadmap is a simple but concise 3-step plan, which the developers claim is set to be executed within a few months. The first step involves the presale launch and employing a worldwide marketing campaign. 

The second step features a WienerAI Upgrade, which could hint at the integration of some exciting AI utility element, which has not been announced yet. This step will also focus on creating a bigger community. The developers also intend to see WAI lead the Ethereum blockchain, where it is built upon, as a top gainer crypto. 

The third step involves the token listing process, where the WAI token would be listed across a string of exchanges, which could help the token’s value skyrocket since memecoins usually pump significantly when exposed to a wider number of crypto investors.

So, while the project does feature a funny-looking Hotdog as its mascot, the WAI token could in fact end up being the leading doge-crypto on the block with gains that no memecoin enthusiast may want to miss out on.

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