Why Traders Might Dump Pepe For This New Meme Coin In June

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PEPE coin has seen a downward trend since hitting its all-time high of $0.00001717 last month. Many traders are now taking profits after its recent bullish run.

However, buying PEPE now may not be the wisest idea. This is because the exact trajectory of PEPE is currently unknown. This meme coin already had a big rally and perhaps now is the time for some other memes to pump. As a reminder, PEPE did have a long consolidation/correction period after its parabolic run following its launch in 2023.

In this situation, traders are looking for new opportunities.

One meme coin that potentially stands out is Shiba Shootout. Let’s explore why traders might shift their focus to this new meme coin.

Shiba Shootout: A Blend of Fun and Rewards

Shiba Shootout offers a mix of entertainment and rewards. This project provides investors with an opportunity to invest while also participating in the meme coin’s journey. The project also allows users to take part in high-stakes battles for fun and potential rewards.

Community and social connections are vital in entertainment projects. Shiba Shootout encourages users to team up, strategize, and solve challenges with a touch of cowboy charm.


This community activity is further strengthened through regular campfire story sessions. There, the members share their crypto and meme coin experiences in a storytelling format.


What makes Shiba Shootout stand out?

What Makes Shiba Shootout Standout

Shiba Shootout’s entertaining features can attract more users. This can also help in increasing demand for SHIBASHOOT tokens and driving up their price. The project’s focus on combining fun with rewards makes it an appealing option for traders.

Cactus Staking

One of Shiba Shootout’s notable features is “Cactus Staking.” This allows users to stake their SHIBASHOOT tokens and earn rewards over time. The longer tokens are staked, the more rewards users earn. This feature encourages long-term participation and community engagement.

Lucky Lasso Lottery

Another feature is the “Lucky Lasso Lottery.” Users can use SHIBASHOOT tokens to participate in the lottery and win crypto prizes. A portion of the proceeds goes to charitable initiatives. This initiative also makes the investors feel like they are doing something for charity and the community.

Savings Saddlebags

Shiba Shootout also offers the “Savings Saddlebags” feature. This allows users to allocate a portion of their tokens to a dedicated wallet. The tokens will then be locked for a particular period. Over time, these tokens earn additional rewards, which will also act as a passive income stream for users.


Posse Rewards

The “Posse Rewards” referral program rewards users to invite friends to join the Shiba Shootout community. Both the referrer and the referred friends earn bonus tokens.

Currently, the Shiba Shootout presale is ongoing. This presents a chance for traders to buy SHIBASHOOT tokens at a low price.

To participate in the presale, users need to connect their Coinbase, Best, Trust or MetaMask wallet through the Shiba Shootout website. They can purchase SHIBASHOOT tokens using ETH, BNB, USDT, or credit/debit cards. It is crucial to use the official website to avoid scams.

Why Shiba Shootout Stands Out

Shiba Shootout offers various ways for users to earn rewards. Instead of relying solely on the token’s price increase, users can earn through staking, lottery participation, and referral programs.

Shiba Shootout stands out with its combination of fun, rewards, and community engagement. While PEPE enjoyed its recent surge, Shiba Shootout offers a fresh alternative for traders.

With over $450k raised, Shiba Shootout could see increased demand and value for its tokens. For traders looking for a promising meme coin other than Pepe, Shiba Shootout is something that you can check out.

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