Will the BTC Price Hit $100,000 By Year-End? Low-cap Green Bitcoin Has Higher Potential

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The crypto market is about to witness significant inflows, following the approval of BTC ETFs. Standard Chartered Bank, which earlier predicted $100,000 for BTC toward the end of 2024, sees more possibilities in the current landscape.

The bank notes that Bitcoin could experience a surge, reaching $200,000 by the end of 2025 if the market responds well to the approval of the ETFs.

Will the BTC Price Hit $100,000 By Year-End?

Standard Chartered Bank draws attention to the potential for inflows ranging from $50 billion to $100 billion this year to the market. They are contingent upon the approval of more spot bitcoin ETFs. If they are successfully launched, Bitcoin could experience a surge, reaching $200,000 by the end of next year.

The developments around the Bitcoin ETF approvals could mirror the trajectory of the first U.S.-based gold exchange-traded product, which was launched in November 2004. As gold exchange-traded product (ETP) holdings matured, the price of gold surged four times over a span of seven years.

But the recent surge in optimism surrounding Bitcoin ETF approvals hints that Bitcoin can accomplish this achievement in less duration. The price of Bitcoin has been responding well to the market developments, and recorded an impressive growth of almost 155% last year.

BTC is trading above $43,000 now.


With the approval of more Bitcoin spot ETFs, the price of bitcoin has the potential to follow a trajectory similar to gold. The positive outlook is strengthened by the upcoming Bitcoin ‘halving’ event scheduled for late April 2024. If everything unfolds as expected without setbacks, $100,000 is a realistic goal for BTC this year.

Why Investors Are Buying Green Bitcoin Alongside Bitcoin 

The ambitious price predictions surrounding Bitcoin have urged investors to stock up on Bitcoin. But they are opting for a broader approach, diversifying their portfolios by investing in both established and emerging cryptocurrencies.

It allows them to secure a robust position in the ongoing rally.

But maintaining a diversified collection of assets is crucial to a resilient crypto portfolio. That allows investors to maintain sustained profitability in rapidly varying market conditions and mitigate risks.

High-cap cryptocurrencies make good investments now. But their large valuations limit potential growth. During a market downturn, in particular, they are more vulnerable to price corrections.

In contrast, low-cap cryptocurrencies that show promise for growth and expansion can give much higher returns. Green Bitcoin, for example, has been making it to the portfolio of strategic investors over the last few weeks.

Capitalizing on Bitcoin Frenzy Without Compromising on Utility

The Bitcoin in Green Bitcoin is a great way to cash in on the ongoing Bitcoin mania. To justify the ‘Green’ in Green Bitcoin, the project actively collaborates with sustainability-focused initiatives. That helps it tap into eco-conscious communities within the crypto market.

The Bitcoin theme and a dedicated focus on sustainability allow Green Bitcoin to win the attention of the market.

But has that ever been enough in the long term?

But the long-term market action of Green Bitcoin looks strong, thanks to its novel predict-to-earn platform deeply rooted in its innovative gamified staking system.

With the unique system, participants can earn rewards by monetizing their market insights and intuitions. They can employ their predictive skills in forecasting BTC prices across the daily and weekly contests hosted on the platform.

Staking $GBTC tokens, they gain access to the competitions. Since the predictions are directly tied to real-world outcomes, the challenges are inherently transparent, leaving no room for conflicts. The predict-to-earn challenges are set to expand beyond BTC with time, expanding the user base of the platform.

Predict-to-Earn vs. GameFi, GambleFi, and Trading

Green Bitcoin sets itself apart from popular GameFi, GambleFi, and play-to-earn platforms with low technical barriers and risks.

One of its key advantages is the fair and trustless environment based on real-world outcomes. Blockchain adds to the transparent nature of the challenges. It offers a simpler alternative to trading, characterized by lower risk, despite providing exposure to market events.

Green Bitcoin’s predict-to-earn is open to everyone, unlike gaming which targets youngsters.

In addition to these, Green Bitcoin incentivizes passive staking as part of its long-term strategy, offering higher returns for those who stake their tokens for an extended period. This encourages a more committed and engaged community while contributing to the project’s overall stability and growth.

Early Investors Have Little Time Left

To get strategic entry into the project, early investors have little time left. The presale of $GBTC is now live.

Staking rewards will accompany presale participation. The rate of staking returns will be significantly higher for early participants. For example, the APY sits at 387% at the time of writing. But as more investors join the pool, it is bound to decrease over time.


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