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Are You an IT Thought Leader? Write for Techopedia!


Techopedia accepts vendor-neutral articles from IT and business professionals who are interested in sharing observations with their peers about how information technology can be used to solve specific business problems.  

What Type of Articles Are You Looking For?

  • We are looking for articles that provide our readers with insights into how information technology (IT) can be used to solve specific business problems.
  • We are open to publishing articles from corporate evangelists if the content is educational and vendor-neutral. We do not pay for content from corporate evangelists.

Why Should I Write For Techopedia?

1. You'll get to share your expertise on a global scale.

When you are featured as the author of a Techopedia article, your ideas will be shared with literally millions of industry professionals each month. We’ll also promote you and your expert content on our social channels too!

2. We'll help you gain industry recognition.

Each article you publish on Techopedia will help you build your personal brand and promote your recognition as a thought leader and/or tech evangelist.

Will you edit my submission?

We ask for clean copy, but please know that we often optimize submissions for SEO. We want your articles to be found as easily as possible by major search engines!

How Do I Submit Something to Techopedia?

If you would like to submit a pitch for an article or series of articles, please use the Contact Us form on this page.


If you already have a draft of an article and would like someone to review it, you can email Techopedia's content strategist and attach the draft as a Word document. Please remember that your copy must be original and if accepted for publication, cannot be published on other sites. It help move things along if you include the following with your draft:

  • Suggested Headline
  • Author byline (full name, title, company)
  • Article body (ideal word count is between 650-850 words)
  • Author bio (90 words or less — hyperlinks back to yourself or your company are encouraged here!)

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