Xbox Series X 2024 ‘Brooklin’: Release Date, Price, Leaks, Specs

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Rumors and leaks have been swirling around the internet regarding a new Xbox Series X coming in 2024. Unlike many other rumors in the gaming space, this one actually has a lot of credibility behind it since the source is Microsoft itself.

This isn’t going to be the next-generation console but an Xbox Series X refresh. Let’s break down all the details about what exactly you can expect from this new piece of hardware.

Key Takeaways

  • The Xbox Series X new model is expected in late 2024.
  • It will not have any additional power over the Xbox Series X — view it instead as a mid-generation refresh.
  • A new Xbox controller is expected to launch before the console and be bundled with it.
  • Codenamed ‘Brooklin’, it is expected to cost $499 at launch.

When is the new Xbox Series X Release Date?

Expected Release: Late 2024

Thanks to leaked documents during an FTC vs Microsoft trial regarding the purchase of Activision Blizzard, we were exposed to an inside look at when the new Xbox Series X is expected to arrive. The timeline listed in the document has the launch of Brooklin as either the end of October or the beginning of November 2024.

However, because this was an internal document, plans may have changed between its creation and now.

If the Brooklin is intended to still hit that intended release window then we expect it to be formally announced by June or July 2024 at the latest.

XBox Series X refresh.

Screenshot from Microsoft documents of the new XBox Series X refresh.


New Xbox Series X Specs and Features

GPU: 12TF, RAM: 16GB, Storage: 2TB, Controller: Codename ‘Sebile’

As we can see in the above render of what Xbox envisions the Brooklin to look like, the new console will ditch the rectangular form factor of the current Xbox Series X and opt for a more sleek and cylindrical design. While a good-looking console is always nice, it’s what’s inside that counts.

In terms of power, the Xbox Series X 2024 refresh won’t have any noticeable upgrades over the Xbox Series X. It will have the same CPU and GPU as the current model and still target the same 4K resolution for games. RAM also remains unchanged at 16GB.

The Xbox Series X refresh isn’t exactly the same internally as the current model, however. The biggest difference listed is in the internal storage, which would be double that of the base model at 2TB. This is important because the Broklin will have no disc drive — so all games will need to be stored on the hard drive.

Bundled in with the Brooklin will be all the standard cords and cables you expect, but instead of the standard controller, we will get an Xbox Series X refresh controller codenamed Sebile. This is meant to launch before the new console and be the new standard controller for Xbox moving forward. This controller will be able to connect via Bluetooth 5.2 and Xbox Wireless 2 to your console or directly to the Cloud.

Some upgrades this controller is expected to have include haptic feedback, an accelerometer, and both a rechargeable and replaceable battery.

Another small change to the internals is the upgrade to WiFi 6E support. This would make playing and downloading games via WiFi more stable and potentially improve performance.

Xbox Series X Vs. Xbox Series X Refresh Specifications

Specs Xbox Series X Xbox Series X Refresh
Storage 1TB 2TB
Controller Standard Sebile
WiFi WiFi 5 WiFi 6
Bluetooth NO Bluetooth 5.2
USB ports 3 USB-A 2 USB-A, 1 USB-C
Max resolution 4K 4K

What Will the Xbox Series X Refresh Price Be?

Expected RRP: $499

If the new Xbox Series X leak holds true, the Brooklin will be priced at $499 at launch, which is the price point the Series X launched at.

Will the Xbox Series S Also Get a Refresh?

Yes, the leak also mentions another console to launch prior to Brooklin, code-named Elwood. Just like the new Xbox Series X, Elwood won’t have any additional power over the Series S but increase the storage to 1TB and have the same new connectivity improvements.

Will the Xbox Series X Refresh Play Physical Games?

No, the render of the Brooklin shows a cylindrical console without a disk drive. This would mean that the only way to purchase or play games on the system would be digitally or via the cloud.

The increased storage space to 2TB and upgraded WiFi connector were no doubt chosen to make this transition away from physical media easier, however, those without a reliable internet connection or who prefer to purchase their games physically won’t be given that option here.

The Bottom Line

The new Xbox Series X mid-gen refresh is not intended to act as either an upgrade or a full leap into the future, and it isn’t something current Xbox Series X owners would need to buy — although it would still be an upgrade for Series S owners.

Because the new controller is expected to be available separately, you don’t need to buy this console unless you either have an Xbox yet or are ready to upgrade from the S model.


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