How Machine Learning Is Taking Over the Cloud

Cloud has been around for a while now, but machine learning is a little newer on the tech scene. What happens when these two technologies are used together? It's sure to...

How Structured Is Your Data? Examining Structured, Unstructured and Semi-Structured Data

Structured, unstructured, semi-structured - what does it all mean? Here we take a look at these different types of data, their differences and how they're used.

What Makes Web Content Go Viral?

Viral marketing and social media marketing are a huge departure from the traditional world of marketing. Learn more about the tactics involved here.

Another Look at Man-Computer Symbiosis

Computer pioneer J.C.R. Licklider envisioned a future where humans and computers would work together in harmony and have a symbiotic relationship. How close are we to...

Interesting Facts About Computer Timekeeping

You probably don’t think about the clock in your computer too much, but there are a lot of interesting things that keep everything running smoothly. Here, learn about...

The 3 Most Important Things POS Software Can Do

Many businesses use point-of-sale software to ring up sales, but what some fail to realize is that these systems have functionality that far exceeds that simple act....

Cybercrime 2018: The Enterprise Strikes Back

It felt like 2017 was a banner year for cybercrime, with headlines about the Equifax data breach and WannaCry ransomware, but in 2018 the enterprise is poised to defend...

Jedi Strategies for Social Media Management

Find out how a business can keep its social media presence from going to the Dark Side, according to Jedi wisdom.

How Retailers Can Safeguard Against Holiday Hackers

As the holidays approach and shoppers shift into high gear, so do hackers. Protect yourself and your business against data breaches so that your holidays may continue to...

What Makes Unix Special?

Why has this quirky operating system endured in the face of challenges from the likes of Microsoft? The answer is simple: Many developers find it's a refreshing...

AI Technology: What to Expect in 2018

Artificial intelligence is hotter than ever, but what can we expect from it in 2018? We asked the tech industry, and here's what they had to say about it.

Perl 101

If you think Perl is a relic from the '90s, think again. This language is still going strong. Learn the basics here.

How AI Is Helping in the Fight Against Crime

From identifying suspects to handling crowd control, AI-powered technology is a powerful tool in law enforcement's arsenal.

Can Big Data Solve The Urban Planning Challenge?

City populations are growing at an unprecedented pace, and cities need to accommodate these increasing throngs of people. City planners are now using big data to help...

The Pioneers of the World Wide Web

The concept of a web of information navigated via links predates the World Wide Web. Learn about some of the conceptual pioneers behind the modern web.


What are some ways that machine learning systems can be helpful for human resources?

Wherever you look, machine learning is transforming industries. One of the later adopters is the human resources field – at first, machine learning was largely...

How does network scanning work?

In a general sense, network administrators use network scanning to identify active hosts on a network by evaluating IP addresses and more. The same types of principles...

How can machine learning work from evident inefficiencies to introduce new efficiencies for business?

One of the biggest potential applications of machine learning systems is the mining of important efficiencies for business processes and operations. This field is still...

Why is consumer ML/AI technology so "disembodied" compared to industrial mechanical/robotics projects?

The question of why robotics has not kept pace with machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) work in consumer electronics is an interesting one, and one that...

How has data scraping for machine learning become the most labor-intensive bottleneck since manual data entry in legacy migration?

One of the practical problems that companies might encounter when trying to start a machine learning (ML) project is the challenge of acquiring the initial training data...

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