The Truth About Cybersecurity

Hackers attack a computer every 39 seconds, but what's almost as surprising is the number of people who believe that they’ll never be hacked because they don’t meet the...

How to Keep from Getting Phished in 2020

Phishing scams are rapidly evolving both in terms of the tools being used and the cleverness with which they are being designed. But there is hope. Learn how new...

IoT in 2020: What's Next?

2020 will be a new phase of opportunity for IoT. Learn what new trends to look forward to from big picture to everyday living.

Understanding Biometric Security: The Growing Threats and How to Beat Them

Some believe facial features or the way you type, are more secure than a password, but there are still millions of data breaches and they're growing every day.

Neurotechnology Vs. Neural Networks: What’s the Difference?

Will machines ever be able to think independently? Neurotechnologies and neural networks are evolving at a steady pace, and with every step, we're providing ourselves...

The Growing Cybersecurity War on the Healthcare Industry

Learn what the biggest cybersecurity threat facing the healthcare industry is right now and what we can do about it.

Immersive Graphical Displays of Information: How Mixed Reality Technology is Changing the Game

Discover how incorporating mixed reality and natural user interaction will increase the value of immersive graphical displays of information technology for...

National Entrepreneurs' Day: 5 Ways You Can Avoid AI Startup Failure

Learn from this actionable advice that could help you be among that 0.1% of entrepreneurs that make it instead of the 99.9% that fail.

How IoT Can Compromise Your Home's Safety and Security

With any new technology, there are trade-offs, and unfortunately, IoT systems and devices can create threat vectors for cyber attacks.

How IoT Can Make Your Home Safer and More Secure

Learn how relatively inexpensive it is to add IoT features to a product, and how this has helped to make life easier and more convenient to keep your home safe from a...

Understanding Privacy Risks and Benefits of Skype Communication

Learn the privacy benefits of Skype and also the privacy concerns related to it.

Top 5 Ways to Organize the Data You Need in 2020

Do you know what your company can do to improve its data management and processing over the coming year? These 5 tips will help.

5 Tips for Getting Into Information Systems Management

If you make the right choices, getting into information systems management today is simpler than it sounds. Learn how.

Straight From the Experts: How to Limit Cybersecurity Risks with Workplace IoT Devices

Is a security-by-design approach the best way to limit IoT cybersecurity risks in the workplace? We asked the tech experts to weigh in.

Job Role: IoT Product Manager

The IoT product manager is now very much in demand in today's job world. But what do these individuals do?


What is peer-to-peer content distribution?

Peer-to-peer (P2P) content distribution is a highly distributed computing model that leverages unused available compute and storage capacity on endpoint devices to store...

What are the main characteristics that tie BI and AI together?

The purpose of business intelligence (BI) is to collect and analyze large amounts of noisy business data and make it coherent and structured enough to be used in...

Why aren’t more people choosing cybersecurity as a career?

It's a big question – all over the IT industry, cybersecurity professionals are very much in demand. Companies need help circling the wagons, protecting trade...

What is bi-directional activity in relation to neurotechnology?

A bidirectional neural interface is a device that is implanted in a biologic nervous system so that it is able to send and receive inputs and instructions.In other words...

What are some significant challenges companies are facing when it comes to management reporting?

Companies face an array of serious challenges in management reporting, which is essentially a broad-spectrum approach to providing information to levels of management in...

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