Why visual artificial intelligence is the key to effectively monetizing your eCommerce site.

artificial intelligence brain exploding

Even now in 2020, confusion exists about what artificial intelligence, ML and DL actually are, what intelligent machines can do, and so much more.

mobile smartphone with icon graphic cybersecurity network of connected devices and personal privacy data information

How Does Data Protection and Privacy Look in 2020? Since 2018, there has been many proposals for federal privacy laws, and none of them has been adopted, yet.

Write for Techopedia

Techopedia is reaching out with a great writing opportunity to keep busy and put your name at the forefront of the tech industry.

Remote work and virtual business team devops

Technology has made remote work possible and effective, but not without impact. Learn more.

Artificial neural networks artificial intelligence brain

Neural networks are the driving force behind artificial intelligence, but what do they actually do? Here we take a look at 5 real-world use cases

Advanced Analytics: Police Tools Combating Crime

Advanced analytics and ML are being employed as police tools to identify crime. Look at how they correspond to the ear, eye, and hand.


Advancing standards of care through machine learning means hospital ORs are used more efficiently. Here's how.

machine learning roadblocks

Machine learning is helping businesses around the globe, but some aren't yet ready for it. Here are some of the hurdles companies need to overcome before adopting the...


Explainable AI is a game changer when in comes to commercial insurance. Here's why.

Secure Privacy Data Network Digital Cloud Computing Cyber Security Concept

As organizations tap into big data and rush to integrate intelligence, we must start to put in place regulation so that technology is a positive influence.

loud computing information technology concept and machine learning

A close look at the strengths and weaknesses of these solutions reveals that they complement each other in novel ways.

Customer service and care patron protection customer personalization Reinforcement Learning

The missing piece to personalized marketing is a scalable way to gauge customer preferences and make product recommendations for profitable visitor engagement.

Visual contents concept and Diversity, Artificial Intelligence

Are we being careful to not misuse AI by having it reinforce human biases in the training data?

career shift transformation business concept with progress bar

Consider these five important factors in order to make the right tech career path choice



In times of uncertainty, companies are under pressure to make the right decisions for their customers quickly and reliably while staying within budget. The complexity...


While hyperautomation is an extremely important term in today's technology conversations, it's also one that is fairly subjective and broad.In general,...

Notepad with word CDN Content Delivery Network concept and marker.

Ideally, only positive impact. If done correctly, peer-to-peer content distribution is invisible to the end user — and only as visible to the administrators as...

AI (Artificial Intelligence) concept

A decision scientist is a technology professional who is mainly focused on making technologies work for decision-making processes within an enterprise.However, the term...

Mobile internet. earth abstract over screen modern glass smartphone

The mobile network state is an indicator on smartphones and similar mobile devices that shows whether the device is connected to a telecom carrier’s mobile network...

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