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A backtick in computer science represents a “shell” form of command structure that some call a “double operator.” Essentially, the use of backticks allows for evaluating a string as part of a general... (Read on)

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There are various reasons why companies strive for multi-cloud systems or platform diversity in the cloud. Generally speaking, having platform diversity gives an IT architecture... (Read on)

3 Signs IoT Is the Killer App for Cloud Computing

With its security issues and costs, the cloud has seen limited implementation, particularly outside of the business space. But with the rise of IoT, the cloud will transition into mainstream use as a result of IoT data requirements.
Penetration Testing and the Delicate Balance Between Security and Risk

Penetration testing helps arm system administrators with the information they need to determine acceptable levels of risk in systems and networks.
3 Options That CIOs Have To Consider: Build, Colocation or Cloud

As the amount of data businesses need to manage is continually growing, the CIO must plan ahead. Traditionally the options have been either building or colocation, but now a third has been added: the cloud.
The Ability to Combat Ransomware Just Got a Lot Tougher

Discover how pools of investment money, research and development and the creation of vast distribution channels is speeding up the evolution of ransomware to make it an even greater menace in 2017.
Why Is Java Preferred to Other Languages as a Building Block?

Despite a few flaws, no other language matches up to Java in terms of flexibility and seamless integration with other frameworks and technologies.
SYN Flood Attacks: Simple Yet Significantly Destructive

With a staggering 65,535 TCP ports being made available on a single IP address it's easy to see why there are so many security exploits on the Internet. But while SYN attacks are hardly new, they're still hard to address.
6 Signs That Mobile Is the New Key to Winning at SEO

This update from Google is putting a much heavier emphasis on mobile devices than ever before, meaning that many will need to adjust their SEO strategies.
How to Nurture a Data Scientist

To nurture data scientists, companies need to focus more on culture and organizational structure. Data scientist Ben Lorica provides his take in this guest post.
Scripting Languages 101

Whether you're tired of mousing around on your computer doing the same thing over and over, or want to build applications for the web, learning a scripting language (or two) might be the ticket.
Adopting Wearables with Enterprise Mobility Management Solutions

Wearables are being used in enterprise more than ever, so with that, one must implement proper security. An appropriate enterprise mobility management solution is a must for any business using wearables.
How Call Tracking Can Optimize E-Commerce Conversion Rates

When it comes to web traffic to an e-commerce site, it's not always about quantity, but quality. Call tracking can help produce results.
Remember IRC? It's Still Around - And It's Still Worth Using

IRC is a wonderful way to get free support, especially for open-source software, but it's often overlooked in favor of newer social media platforms.
What AI Can Do for the Enterprise

The continuing development of artificial intelligence promises to make great advances for enterprise in the near future.
How Big Data Analytics Can Optimize IT Performance

Is your IT business performing at it's peak efficiency? Big data analytics can you achieve this.
What Enterprise Needs to Know About Identity and Access Management (IAM)

IAM gives the right people the right level of access at the right time -- and that's really important for business.
4 Tips for Avoiding Blame IT Syndrome

One of the biggest non-technical issues most corporate IT departments face is managing end user expectations.
5 IT Infrastructure Skills That Are Often Overlooked

Maintaining an organization's IT infrastructure is a big job, and the people entrusted to manage it need more than just basic IT skills. Here are the most important skills for IT infrastructure management.
Whaling: Phishers Look to Land a Big Catch

Spear phishers are baiting their hooks for 'big phish' with access to highly valuable corporate information, a strategy known as whaling.
The Growing Cybersecurity War on the Health Care Industry

Whether it is cyber criminals utilizing ransomware or hackers performing data breaches for extortion, the healthcare industry is now the most targeted industry for cyber attacks. These breaches are costing healthcare organizations and patients alike.
How Green Computing Can Improve Energy Efficiency in IT

Green computing is great for business and for the environment. Here are some ways to help go green at your organization or home.
Identity and Access Management (IAM) Provides Cloud Security Boost

Implementing IAM - both on the cloud and on-site - can be challenging, but the rewards can make the effort well worthwhile.
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Tech Pioneers You've Probably Never Heard Of

As in any field, there are big-name pioneers in tech. Here we look at some of those who made a huge impact but received much less recognition. 
Introduction to Databases

No matter what part of IT you work in, you have to store data at one point or another, and it doesn't hurt for just about everybody to have some knowledge of databases and how they work. 
8 Steps to Understanding IP Subnetting

Understanding IP subnetting is a fundamental requirement for almost any IT pro. But although the concepts are simple, there is a general difficulty in understanding the topic. We break it down in eight simple steps. 
Creative Disruption: The Changing Landscape of Technology

Learn about the history behind some major technological innovations - and how they changed the world. 
How Spreadsheets Changed the World: A Short History of the PC Era

The introduction of spreadsheets helped launch the movement that eventually brought computers to home users. Writer John McMullen was there when it happened. Hear the story first-hand, based about his experiences working in the field. 
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Temporal logic is a branch of symbolic logic which is concerned with problems on propositions that have truth values dependent on time. Temporal logic is considered... Read more

In computer science, random access is the capability to have access to any item from a given population of elements at random. Random access is the opposite of... Read more

Self-replicating machines are a category of autonomous robot that can make copies or reproduce themselves autonomously with help of raw materials from the existing... Read more

XPath injection is an attack technique used in exploiting applications used for constructing XPath queries based on the user-provided inputs. It can be used... Read more

An expression tree is a representation of expressions arranged in a tree-like data structure. In other words, it is a tree with leaves as operands of the expression... Read more
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The 4th Era of IT Infrastructure: Superconverged Systems:
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Approaches and Benefits of Network Virtualization
Approaches and Benefits of Network Virtualization:
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