Bluetooth and Wi-fi

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi: Find out what separates these two wireless technologies.

hyperconverged systems

Hyperconverged systems are where the future lies. What are the benefits of getting onboard now?

 Top AI & Machine Learning Trends to Watch Out in 2021

Wondering what 2021 holds in AI and Machine Learning Trends? Here is what business can expect in the very near future.

Virtual reality VR myths

In the world of modern technology, few things have captured the public’s imagination like virtual reality. But there are some prevalent myths that need busting

virtual reality

Virtual reality has been a buzz word in tech for decades now, but despite repeated predictions of it becoming the 'next big thing,' it still hasn't really stepped into...


Why are containers so popular, and how does containerization contribute to efficiency and enhanced operations? Here are some ideas from some of the pioneers.

Server virtualization

Your company is planning a journey to the cloud, and a major step involves virtualizing your servers to get rid of all that bulky on-premise hardware. But maybe you’re...

learning AI

Advances in artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning are making these some of the hottest areas in which to focus your tech skills. Here are some ways...

AI eye movements, personality indicators

Sometimes humans can't even understand each others' personalities, so what if a machine could? AI is learning to predict people's personalities, which can lead

cybersecurity advancements

Spurred by COVID-19, cybersecurity advancements from gadgets to telehealth and privacy protection are crowding the second half of 2020.

Online Learning: 10 Essential Computer Science Courses

Computer science is a broad and fundamental part of the technology industry. Online learning offers the ability to learn from anywhere, and get involved as computer...

What is the impact of AI on Art

Machines have long been used in manual labor, but are they capable of more creative tasks? Here we take a look at how artificial intelligence (AI) is being used in art.

Student knowledge by online laptop, education at home. Books on the desk at home and a laptop for knowledge.

Online courses are a great opportunity to spend your time studying your best interests. And if this field is programming, these courses are perfect.

Bitcoin Mining and the Environment

Mining bitcoin is an energy-hungry business. Innovations are working toward solutions that could alleviate some of the energy consumption.

Online Learning: 5 Helpful Big Data Courses

This list of edX courses, an online platform, offers high-quality courses from top universities around the world. Many of these courses are free.


AR VR automotive industry

Car manufacturers are realizing there’s extensive untapped revenue to unlock by drawing attention to the passenger — especially when looking to the future as...


In times of uncertainty, companies are under pressure to make the right decisions for their customers quickly and reliably while staying within budget. The complexity...


While hyperautomation is an extremely important term in today's technology conversations, it's also one that is fairly subjective and broad.In general,...

Notepad with word CDN Content Delivery Network concept and marker.

Ideally, only positive impact. If done correctly, peer-to-peer content distribution is invisible to the end user — and only as visible to the administrators as...

AI (Artificial Intelligence) concept

A decision scientist is a technology professional who is mainly focused on making technologies work for decision-making processes within an enterprise.However, the term...

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