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In computer science, cloning is the process of creating an exact copy of another application program or object. The term can be used to refer an object, programming or an application that has similar... (Read on)

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There are many reasons why companies might want to make a move to a NoSQL database and away from traditional relational database systems. Companies might embrace NoSQL because the... (Read on)
Build Your Business with Content Marketing

Content marketing is emerging as a powerful strategy by providing consumers with useful content rather than standard advertising.
Why Spark Is the Future Big Data Platform

Hadoop has long been the de facto standard for handling big data, but Spark is starting to gain popularity due to its increased efficiency.
Is It Time to Refresh Your Office Technology?

Should you replace that old computer, printer or server, or just have them repaired? There are many factors to consider when thinking about updating your office equipment.
How Big Data Can Revolutionize Education

Big data is making a big impact in nearly every field these days, and education is no different. This data is helping teachers, administrators and students in their daily lives.
Architects and Builders of the Internet Cathedral

Many hands had a part in the development of the Internet. It was a collaborative effort of the military, academia and private enterprise.
Artificial Intelligence: Top Feeds to Follow on Twitter

Follow these top feeds on Twitter to keep up on breakthroughs in the ever-advancing field of artificial intelligence.
Implementing a Smarter Customer Engagement Strategy Using Big Data

Customer engagement is at the root of all business, but an organization's strategy can make all the difference in its success. Big data is now assisting in companies' customer engagement strategies.
Why Open-Source Databases Are Gaining Popularity

Open-source DBMSs are cost-effective and are expanding in terms of capabilities, making them better options for business.
Why the World Is Moving Toward NoSQL Databases

Relational database management systems still have their place in the world of data, but they are beginning to be overshadowed by NoSQL database management systems.
10 Insights Into NoSQL

Although RDBMS has been around longer, NoSQL is gaining ground, and it has many advantages that make it an excellent solution for databases.
The Women of ENIAC: Programming Pioneers

Most people picture computer programmers as men, but in fact, many of the first programmers were women. Here we take a closer look at the six women who programmed the ENIAC.
How Bitcoin Can Change the World

Bitcoin hasn't been in the headlines lately, but it's still around, and still growing. Learn about some of its developments and where it's going.
The 10 Most Important Hadoop Terms You Need to Know and Understand

In order to really understand big data, you need to understand a bit about Hadoop. Here we'll take a look at the top terms you'll hear in regards to Hadoop - and what they mean.
What Core Business Functions Can Benefit From Hadoop?

Big data is streaming into businesses at unprecedented rates, and properly harnessing that data can lead businesses in exciting new directions. Hadoop is just the tool many businesses need.
Professor Donald Lupo and the Internet of Everything

In order to keep up with demand for silicon chips, we may need to turn to new production methods. Professor Donald Lupo discusses the printing of chips.
How the Cloud is Changing the Work Landscape

The cloud is foisting change on so many levels, including how people work. In fractional employment, highly skilled specialists are being summoned into virtual teams throughout the cloud, to add innovation and task completions for businesses today.
Why Automation Is the New Reality in Big Data Initiatives

Self-service and automation are making big data analytics available to all users, rather than only IT professionals, and empowering business professionals to make better decisions.
7 Reasons Why You Need a Database Management System

A database management system can be a very powerful tool for modern organizations, and can lead to greater efficiency overall.
Using the Method of Procedure (MOP) for Effective Network Change Control

Equipment doesn't last forever, and when it's time for routine maintenance or any kind of repair or replacement, the proper procedures must be followed to ensure a good result.
Improving Customer Experience With Digital Transformation, Big Data and Analytics

Technology is changing the way business is done, and in order to keep up, organizations must adapt. Digital transformation is a process organizations must enact in order to modernize, and big data and analytics help to provide better customer service.
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Tech Pioneers You've Probably Never Heard Of

As in any field, there are big-name pioneers in tech. Here we look at some of those who made a huge impact but received much less recognition. ?? string.Empty) 
Introduction to Databases

No matter what part of IT you work in, you have to store data at one point or another, and it doesn't hurt for just about everybody to have some knowledge of databases and how they work. ?? string.Empty) 
8 Steps to Understanding IP Subnetting

Understanding IP subnetting is a fundamental requirement for almost any IT pro. But although the concepts are simple, there is a general difficulty in understanding the topic. We break it down in eight simple steps. ?? string.Empty) 
Creative Disruption: The Changing Landscape of Technology

Learn about the history behind some major technological innovations - and how they changed the world. ?? string.Empty) 
How Spreadsheets Changed the World: A Short History of the PC Era

The introduction of spreadsheets helped launch the movement that eventually brought computers to home users. Writer John McMullen was there when it happened. Hear the story first-hand, based about his experiences working in the field. ?? string.Empty) 
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In the fields of online advertising and online marketing, personas are fictional characters which are used for representing different types of users for helping... Read more

In information technology, a configuration item is a component of a system that can be identified as a self-contained unit for purposes of change control and... Read more

Configuration is the manner in which components are arranged to make up the computer system. Configuration consists of both hardware and software components.... Read more

Analytics of Things is the term used to describe the analysis of the data generated by the Internet of Things devices. In other words, analytics of the Internet of... Read more

A teletypewriter is an electromechanical typewriter that helps in point-to-point communication with the help of typed messages via a simple electrical... Read more
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