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Backtracking is an algorithm for capturing some or all solutions to given computational issues, especially for constraint satisfaction issues. The algorithm can only be used for problems which can accept... (Read on)

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Erasing a solid state drive (SSD) can require some work. There are slightly different processes involved in securely erasing or "wiping" these kinds of drives, depending on their... (Read on)

Breaking Silos: How to Consolidate, Cleanse and Use Your Data for Good

Silos prevent organizations from truly harnessing the power of their data. Data must be consolidated and properly managed in order for it to produce powerful results.
Professional Services Automation: The Latest In Business-Boosting Software

PSA tools can integrate IT trouble tickets with CRM systems, allowing for better customer care and fewer techs.
Using Product Management Features in a CRM Solution

Knowing more about how a product fits into a greater high-tech methodology for today’s businesses, as well as understanding how product management fits into a CRM suite, can help business leaders make good implementation decisions.
Are You Tracking Your Clicks?

Click tracking can help quantify your advertising techniques by verifying the number of actual site visitors, tracking conversions and comparing success of different marketing strategies, among other things.
Data Warehousing 101

Data warehousing provides a solid foundation for consolidating historical, current and future data, allowing an organization to generate reports, conduct advanced analysis and do some data mining.
Can Public Key Infrastructure Provide More Security Online?

So just how safe is your data? Here we take a deeper look at the PKI technology designed to protect it.
No, Data Analytics Bots Aren’t Going to Steal Your Job in 2017

Data analytics has become an essential task in today's world of business intelligence, but many fear that this task will soon fall to computers rather than human analysts.
7 Limitations of the Public Cloud

Public cloud is quickly becoming a popular business solution due to its ease of implementation. However, it does have some drawbacks that must be considered before using it for business.
An In-Depth Look at Cloud Bursting

Cloud bursting could be a good solution for some organizations, but it still need some time before it will be ready for widespread adoption.
Experts Share the Top Big Data Trends for 2017

We asked experts in the field to deliver their predictions about what the year holds when it comes to big data technology. Here's what they told us.
Astounding Sci-Fi Ideas That Came True (and Some That Didn't)

We can only guess what the future of technology holds, but history suggests that if you're looking for future facts, you might just find them in science fiction.
Top 6 Trends in Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Not long ago, customer relationship management (CRM) was thought to be on the decline. But the ride isn't over for CRM software. Find out what trends are on the rise here.
Experts Share the Top Cloud Computing Trends to Watch for in 2017

Most experts currently agree that the cloud market will accelerate more quickly in 2017. So what will all this mean for cloud technology, as well as for the companies that use and market it? We asked experts in the space for their thoughts.
IT Infrastructure: How to Keep Up

Computing has changed over the years, but what hasn't changed is the need to properly maintain your IT infrastructure. Methods are becoming more advanced, with some systems even anticipating failure before it occurs.
3 Tips for Developing an IT Marketing Strategy

Developing an effective marketing plan is all about knowing what makes your product or service unique and figuring out how to communicate that to potential clients.
Experts Share the Top Cybersecurity Trends to Watch for in 2017

Each and every year, new attacks leave behind a new normal in cybersecurity. So what will that look like in 2017? We asked experts to give us their predictions.
Is the Cloud Catching on in Your Doctor's Office?

Medical cloud services are making headway in health care with the migration to electronic medical records for doctors and physician practices.
Native App or Mobile Web App?

Many factors must be taken into consideration when deciding whether to develop a native app or a mobile web app, so here we take a look at some of the pros and cons of each.
Your Car, Your Computer:  ECUs and the Controller Area Network

Everyone knows that modern cars have computers, but have you ever really thought about their extent? Here we explore the Controller Area Networks and electronic control units that comprise modern-day vehicle computing systems.
The Most Important Trends in Gaming

If the gaming industry can deliver on the potential of some of these trends, the future looks bright.
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Tech Pioneers You've Probably Never Heard Of

As in any field, there are big-name pioneers in tech. Here we look at some of those who made a huge impact but received much less recognition. 
Introduction to Databases

No matter what part of IT you work in, you have to store data at one point or another, and it doesn't hurt for just about everybody to have some knowledge of databases and how they work. 
8 Steps to Understanding IP Subnetting

Understanding IP subnetting is a fundamental requirement for almost any IT pro. But although the concepts are simple, there is a general difficulty in understanding the topic. We break it down in eight simple steps. 
Creative Disruption: The Changing Landscape of Technology

Learn about the history behind some major technological innovations - and how they changed the world. 
How Spreadsheets Changed the World: A Short History of the PC Era

The introduction of spreadsheets helped launch the movement that eventually brought computers to home users. Writer John McMullen was there when it happened. Hear the story first-hand, based about his experiences working in the field. 
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A global variable is a programming language construct, a variable type that is declared outside any function and is accessible to all functions throughout the... Read more

The Harvard architecture is a term for a computer system that contains two separate areas for commands or instructions and data. In the Harvard architecture, the... Read more

A Hamming distance in information technology represents the number of points at which two corresponding pieces of data can be different. It is often used in various... Read more

Gray code evaluates the nature of binary code or data that is composed of on and off indicators, commonly represented by ones and zeros. Developed by Bell Labs... Read more

Multiple inheritance a feature of some object-oriented programming languages in which a class or an object inherits characteristics and properties from more than... Read more
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The 4th Era of IT Infrastructure: Superconverged Systems
The 4th Era of IT Infrastructure: Superconverged Systems:
Learn the benefits and limitations of the 3 generations of IT infrastructure – siloed, converged and hyperconverged – and discover how the 4th...
Approaches and Benefits of Network Virtualization
Approaches and Benefits of Network Virtualization:
Businesses today aspire to achieve a software-defined datacenter (SDDC) to enhance business agility and reduce operational complexity. However, the...
Free E-Book: Public Cloud Guide
Free E-Book: Public Cloud Guide:
This white paper is for leaders of Operations, Engineering, or Infrastructure teams who are creating or executing an IT roadmap.
Free Tool: Virtual Health Monitor
Free Tool: Virtual Health Monitor:
Virtual Health Monitor is a free virtualization monitoring and reporting tool for VMware, Hyper-V, RHEV, and XenServer environments.
Free 30 Day Trial – Turbonomic
Free 30 Day Trial – Turbonomic:
Turbonomic delivers an autonomic platform where virtual and cloud environments self-manage in real-time to assure application performance.

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