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Joe Sinkwitz

CEO at Intellifluence


Joe Sinkwitz is an executive, author, father, and husband, living in sunny Scottsdale, AZ. Taking an analytical approach to the softer side of the persuasive sciences which comes with his 20+ year involvement in digital marketing, Joe focuses primarily on SEO (Principal of Digital Heretix), digital marketing education (co-founder of Digital Marketers Organization), and of course influencer marketing (CEO of Intellifluence).

Additionally, he is the author of 'The Ultimate Guide to Using Influencer Marketing', which is available on Amazon.

Articles by Joe Sinkwitz

  • Image for The Future of VR/AR... Is Influencers?

    The Future of VR/AR... Is Influencers?

    The use of influencers in marketing campaigns has proven to be . The influence they will wield in the world of virtual and augmented reality is undeniable.

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