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The Founders

Techopedia™ is a family affair. It was started by the father-and-son team of Dale and Cory Janssen.

Dale Janssen - Co-founder Janalta Interactive Inc.

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Dale has spent a lifetime in IT. Heck, he graduated from university before there was even such a thing as computing science degrees. In the not-too-distant past, Dale owned and operated a national Microsoft, Novell, IBM and Cisco training company with offices across Canada.

In this capacity, he was a Certified Microsoft Instructor, Master Certified Novell Instructor, MCSE, CNA, CNE, MCSE and a whole bunch of other letters too. During this time, he won a series of industry awards, including one for the top training company in North America.

Dale started and developed one of the first Gold Novell Authorized companies in Canada and branched out in technical training. This training company expanded across Canada and was eventually sold to Executrain of Canada, which in turn was absorbed by CDI College in Canada.

During this time Dale sat on several Novell and Microsoft Advisory Boards and watched the advent of Certification Training on the Internet. He purchased and developed one of the largest certification websites on the Internet, and eventually sold it to BrainBuzz of Tampa, Florida.

Since that time, he has started, developed, managed and flipped several popular web properties.


Cory Janssen - Co-founder Janalta Interactive Inc.

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Cory always had an interest in all things “techie" but found his niche in the crossroads between finance and the Web. He was the co-founder of, one of the most successful financial sites on the Internet. Investopedia was sold to Forbes Media in 2008 and he now spends most of his time dreaming up other projects for the Web.