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As Chief Technology Officer of SnagFilms, Manik Bambha oversees the technology, operations and new media initiatives for the company's leading on-demand platform featuring the world's largest selection of free films and shows. Prior to joining SnagFilms, Manik oversaw technology for a gaming and online events startup in NYC and was a technical lead at MySpace where he played a vital role in MySpace video and music initiatives-one of the largest media initiatives in history. With extensive experience in media and CDN space, Manik is heavily involved in bootstrapping the media and web arms of companies to do digital distribution of content and OTT deployment across all platforms. Manik brings extensive knowledge and expertise across every form of media and holds nine patents in the fields of advanced media, monetization and user discovery. Additionally, Manik has broad experience from web technologies for large-scale sites, video encoding software, MU online gaming and large data storage in PBs. He holds a Masters in CS from University of Southern California and a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from Pune University.

Articles by Manik Bambha