Michael Golub


As Anexinet’s Senior Vice President of Analytics and Machine Learning, Michael oversees innovation and delivery of Anexinet’s Analytics offerings to empower and modernize our customers with systems of insight for competitive advantage.Michael has been building and leading enterprise modernization efforts for over 25 years with a focus on applying emergent technologies to strategic business initiatives. Prior to joining Anexinet in 2011, Michael served as Program Manager for Accenture Federal Services where his team delivered a life-saving solution to the Department of Defense that won the NDIA Top 5 DoD Systems Engineering Program Award and changed the way the Army manages technology programs. Before this, Michael lead enterprise logistics and robotics based transformations at QVC.Michael’s passion for technology, team building, and results translates into agile solutions that deliver state of the art capabilities allowing our clients to achieve their business goals.Michael holds a BS degree in Information Studies from Drexel University and sits on their Data Science Advisory Board.

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