Prakash Gupta

Prakash Gupta is responsible for all technology and product development at 42Gears. With a total of over 10 years of experience, Prakash was involved in building market-leading mobile computing solutions at Motorola. Prakash holds an Electronics and Communication degree from IT-BHU and has also published 3 U.S. patents.

Articles by Prakash Gupta

Bring your own device (BYOD) allows employees to utilize their own mobile devices for business. While this can be extremely convenient, it...

BYOD: A Necessity for Modern Business

Wearables are being used in enterprise more than ever, so with that, one must implement proper security. An appropriate enterprise mobility...

Adopting Wearables with Enterprise Mobility Management Solutions

Much of the world seems to be moving to mobile devices, which makes mobile device management more important than ever. But how do you...

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