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Mr. Robert F. Kruk has more than 20 years of global business and information technology operations experience as CIO, interim CIO, Project Manager and Consultant alongside a record of successfully aligning IT organizations with business goals to reduce costs; improve functionality and operations; integrate systems; and design, develop, and implement technology solutions. As the CIO and Vice President of blueStone, LLC, he has led a multitude of IT Projects and Programs as well as provided Systems' Assessment, and Human Capital Services to Fortune 500 companies throughout the U.S. and Europe. Rob possesses a powerful combination of abilities including a broad-based proficiency in IT systems, hardware, and software along with outstanding management and communication skills. He applies leading-edge technology to complex global business endeavors and interfaces productively with executive directors and senior management to transfer their business vision into an IT strategy that achieves stellar results.During his employment with IBM, Ernst & Young, and PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Rob earned a reputation for expanding consulting opportunities by providing exceptional service to his internal and external customers. He practices a walk-the-talk business philosophy, employs an open communication style, demonstrates high ethical standards, and recognizes individualcontributions to the group in order to build high performing teams. He tackles challenges with an unrelenting internal drive for success and functions as a thought leader offering technical and systematic solutions to increase revenue and reduce costs. He believes in maintaining an active and visible presence at the executive corporate table.

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