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Sarah Hall is the CEO at Harley&Co., a marketing, PR and strategy firm. She first cut her teeth in the professional world on the floor of the UN General Assembly as a delegate for St Vincent and the Grenadines, fighting for the rights of women, children and other vulnerable populations. From there she spent time in the public health space working for PHMC in Philadelphia and UMCOR in the Ivory Coast.Never one to limit her curiosities, Hall turned her attention to behavioral economics, running the workforce component of the first national replication of a successful financial incentive program for Seedco/NYC government. She then transitioned to a NYC creative agency where she worked with numerous international brands and successfully ran the global re-launch of Calvin Klein's CKONE in 44 countries and 10 languages.Always imbued with the spirit of a entrepreneur, Hall decided it was time to strike out on her own and launched hybrid agency Harley & Co. in the spring of 2012. Bridging the divide between the analytical and creative, she assembled an elite team of strategists and creatives with backgrounds as diverse as her own to work with brands, governments, startups and talent.Lest this all sound too serious, she also had numerous intermissions that included things like sky diving, spontaneous global travel and the utterance of countless wildly inappropriate things. 

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