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Troy Sadkowsky is a native data scientist and the founder of DataScientists.Net, a site designed to allow data scientists come together to share experiences and knowledge, helping them to inspire and instruct each other in organizing, packing and delivering information. Sadkowsky has a diploma in biological laboratory techniques, a Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Information Technology and Master of Business Administration degrees. He currently works in the field of cancer research as a professional data scientist serving a number of universities across the world. Sadkowsky has a strong background in scientific software development and is specialized in prototype development and data management. Sadkowsky is new to online article writing but has quickly taken to the task and enjoys using a blogging-style format for sharing his knowledge and experiences. Sadkowsky loves learning new things and relies heavily on user-generated content to help him stay ahead of technological advancements. When he’s not building machine-learning software applications, Sadkowsky is working on his straw bale house, which is iteratively becoming more ambient and self sufficient. Sadkowsky also enjoys hanging out with his three daughters; he also heads to the mountains to snowboard whenever he gets the chance.

Articles by Troy Sadkowsky