Aaron Endré

A poet at heart and technologist by trade, Aaron Endré left his hometown of Kalamazoo, Michigan, in 2008 to join the flourishing tech industry in San Francisco. As the first hire at Bhava Communications, a Bay Area tech PR agency, he helped grow the practice from two people around a kitchen table to more than a dozen experienced professionals. His marketing and PR portfolio includes data infrastructure companies from disruptive startups like Pure Storage, Data Robotics and Cloudera to international public enterprises like Overland Storage and IBM.

In 2012, Aaron left agency life to join Huddle, the enterprise content collaboration company that helps organizations across the globe to collaborate intelligently. Huddle's intelligent collaboration platform is revolutionizing content management by enabling organizations to store, discover, share and work on content with others securely in the cloud.

At Huddle Aaron leads communications in the United States, overseeing media relations, analyst relations, advertising, social media engagement, events, and customer and community advocacy. He regularly blogs for Huddle on industry news and topics relating to information managment, predictive intelligence, data security and collaboration.

Aaron can usually be found in San Francisco sipping Starbucks blonde roast and people watching or hiking the mountains in nearby Marin county.


Articles by Aaron Endré

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