Cody Flynn

Cody Flynn is an IT professional at a Fortune 500 company. He is also a freelance writer discussing collaboration and his adventure trying the Google platform from a Microsoft background.

Articles by Cody Flynn

With the introduction of Office 365, Microsoft's strategies are shifting toward a more mobile society. Will it be enough to retain their...

Why Office 365 Will Be Microsoft's Bread and Butter

Geolocation uses technology to determine where you are, and then act on that information. It is used in mapping, social media, advertising...

Geolocation: What It Is, What It Has to Offer

Becoming an IT leader is important to many IT professionals. Here are a few highlights on strategies that can strongly help your career to...

8 Ways to Become an IT Leader

The Bitcoin protocol is still evolving, which makes understanding how it works even more complicated. Get the basics here.

How the Bitcoin Protocol Actually Works

Moving to the cloud truly enables workers and companies to be agile and adapt to what the work environment throws their way.

Cloud Evolution: How We See and Use the Cloud Has Changed

Cloud computing is a great solution for the right company with the right people at the right time under the right conditions. Here's how to...

Don't Mess This Up: How to Implement Cloud Computing

Amazon Web Services is a relatively simple and inexpensive alternative to more traditional IT solutions, and can let your company focus its...

Are You Missing Out on Amazon Web Services?

Businesses, schools and nonprofits are taking advantage of the vast product tool set known as Google Enterprise.

6 Cool Ways Companies Are Using Google Enterprise

Wondering if it's worthwhile to upgrade to SharePoint 2013? Here we look at what it has to offer.

Moving to SharePoint 2013 - Is It Worth It?

The world of IT can be a volatile one. Here are four IT jobs that are on the decline and the four that will soon replace them.

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