Ken Hess

Ken Hess is a Linux, Windows, Mac, and Virtualization Administrator who also writes on a variety of technology topics including Open Source Software, Linux, Windows, Mac, Databases, Virtualization, Big Data, and BYOD.

Articles by Ken Hess

Autonomic computing allows systems to be more self-sufficient and lessens the need for human intervention. Although the idea of autonomic...

These five Active Directory pain points highlight some of the reasons that AD is so expensive and so cumbersome to manage.

Discover five ways to accelerate your virtual applications and to keep your users happy by doing so.

VDI boot storms can kill performance, but can also kill user confidence in the solution as an alternative to local desktops, but you can...

A virtual infrastructure can help a business make the most of its resources. However, there are some pitfalls to watch out for that can...

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