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Data Centers

It can be difficult for chief information officers to keep up with all the latest developments. Here are 6 things many CIOs don't...

6 Things Many CIOs Don't Understand About Data Centers

The continuing development of artificial intelligence promises to make great advances for enterprise in the near future.

What AI Can Do for the Enterprise

Cloud bursting could be a good solution for some organizations, but it still need some time before it will be ready for widespread adoption.

An In-Depth Look at Cloud Bursting

Consolidating data centers can save an organization time, money and effort. Here we examine some of the details of consolidation.

5 Reasons Your Company Should Consolidate Its Data Center

Autonomic computing allows systems to be more self-sufficient and lessens the need for human intervention. Although the idea of autonomic...

The Past, Present and Future of Autonomic Computing

These five Active Directory pain points highlight some of the reasons that AD is so expensive and so cumbersome to manage.

The Top Five Active Directory Management Pain Points

The software-defined data center is here, but it's not quite what we imagined. Many have unrealistic expectations of SDDCs, so here we...

The Software-Defined Data Center: What's Real and What's Not

Technological disruption has always brought change to business, but the scale and speed for which innovative disruption is being brought...

The Innovative Disruption of the Cloud

A virtual infrastructure can help a business make the most of its resources. However, there are some pitfalls to watch out for that can...

5 Things That Can Bog Down Virtual Infrastructure

Virtualization can be a big step for a business, but first a choice must be made on which platform to use.There are several to choose from,...

Choosing a Virtualization Platform

IT departments are being forced to store more data with less money to do so. One solution to this is storage virtualization, which can cut...

Keeping Up With the Data Explosion by Virtualizing Storage

With big data being generated at increasingly rapid rates, it can be more than some data centers can handle. There are several factors that...

How Big Data Impacts Data Centers

While making a data center energy efficient can save money, it isn't as simple as it sounds. Virtualization is one possible solution.

INFOGRAPHIC: Data Centers Drink Your Energy Milkshake

Data centers can consume massive amounts of energy, but some companies are implementing methods to lower their environmental impact - and...

10 Innovations That Have Made Data Centers More Efficient

Data centers can use enormous amounts of energy, but thanks to recent legislation, more of that energy will be coming from renewable...

How Lawmakers Are Pushing Data Centers in a Green Direction

Big data is used to analyze nearly everything. Can it be used to help reduce energy waste too?

Is Cutting Energy Waste a Problem Big Data Can Solve?

Only a few years ago "green IT" was the buzzword du jour. So, what happened to it? Have companies given it up or have they just changed...

Is Green IT Dead?

Data security is as important as ever, especially in business. But who is responsible for that security when data is stored in the cloud?

Who's Responsible for Cloud Security Now?

Got a disaster recovery plan? It might be just what your company's missing, because when disaster strikes, it isn't just data that can go...