Kuntal Chakraborty

Kuntal Chakraborty is an IT Engineer by profession and education. He has experience working as a Systems Engineer and Network Engineer, in companies like SIEMENS, ATOS, TVSNet, etc.

Being an enthusiast about remote work culture and virtual workforce, Kuntal started his web entrepreneurship journey two years ago. At present, he works independently with some companies in the Artificial Intelligence domain. Also, he is an Amazon Alexa Developer who has created a couple of Alexa skills, which have been published successfully in 'Alexa Skill Store' on the Amazon website.

On the other side, Kuntal is passionate about writing and he writes on various topics on his own blog and other websites as well. Kuntal likes to write about different topics including the latest technologies and their possibilities, remote work culture, web entrepreneurship, etc.


Articles by Kuntal Chakraborty

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