MSSPs: Why Outsourcing Your Company’s Security Is Better Than In-House


Businesses of all sizes can get value out of outsourcing their security to experts rather than relying on in-house or ad-hoc services, and larger companies, in particular, may see value in employing a Managed Security Service Provider rather than building up their own security team.

In today’s fast-evolving digital landscape, cybercrimes are an ever-present threat to businesses, and ensuring the security of their operations has become a top priority.

However, one significant challenge companies face is the shortage of skilled cybersecurity professionals and the high costs of maintaining in-house cybersecurity teams.

This is where Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) can come into play.

MSSPs offer a practical solution by providing access to expert cybersecurity teams. They help organizations keep their business environments secure and navigate the complex world of cyber threats.

In this article, we’ll explore how MSSPs can benefit and strengthen businesses in the face of these ever-present digital dangers.

Among the services carried out by an MSSP are early alert monitoring, managing network infrastructure, or endpoint protection solutions.


An MSSP can add new cybersecurity policies according to business needs and perform regular security checks to find any cyber-related flaws in the network.

The History Behind Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs)

 In late 1990, MSSP came into the picture with the blessing of Internet Service Providers (ISPs). During that time, ISPs started offering their users firewall services and subcontracting their firewall infrastructure. 

Over time, the perception of the specialized MSSP changed for companies, with various firms expanding their remit, primarily as the internet evolved.

The Difference Between MSP And MSSP

An MSP (Managed Service Provider) is a vendor company that offers various IT services such as software maintenance, network monitoring, and device management. Besides providing security services, their prime target is to systematically handle their client’s IT infrastructure and deliver smooth business operations.

On the other side, an MSSP exclusively aims for security-based services. It usually maintains a high-end security operations center (SOC) and monitors real-time situations.

The Purpose of Implementing MSSP

Security Monitoring

MSSP provides network monitoring and threat detection technology to identify faults or gaps in security. This service can be essential for incident monitoring and critical observation. High-level MSSPs offer 24/7 monitoring from the security operations center ( SOC). If issues are detected, MSSP takes necessary actions quickly to stop malicious activity.

Incident Response 

Correct responses to cyber-related incidents efficiently within the proper time is vital to avoid more extensive damage. MSSPs build strategies to help and grow businesses to protect them from future cyber threats.

Penetration Testing (Pentest)

Penetration testing is ethical hacking to find security vulnerabilities in computer systems that hackers can attack. In this test, a group of the company’s trusted ethical hackers breaks computer systems or networks to trace security flaws.

Penetration testing is called pen testing, too. Pentest is an excellent way to improve cybersecurity solutions for clients.

Compliance Management

MSSPs offer compliance management services as well. It assures businesses to follow all required legal and regulatory guidelines for a smooth day-to-day operation.

Vulnerability Management

An MSSP detects cyber vulnerabilities inside the business IT environment and strategizes to fix them. It uses vulnerability management tools to identify systems or network infrastructure defects and repair them with necessary patches and configurations.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

MSSPs provide VPN services for their customers, which restrict and control the network access of its clients to defend their business operations. For a big organization, a private VPN is essential to protect customers’ networks and IT setup.

Benefits Of MSSP

  • Robust Security Measures

Managed security service providers offer expert security measures and are aware of the recent cyber threats. Dedicated cyber experts monitor and ensure a secure and robust IT infrastructure.

  • Cost Savings

MSSPs are popular for delivering cost-saving services for companies. Outsourcing the cyber security tasks to other vendors saves vast costs compared to creating a new internal cyber expert team. Moreover, MSSPs offer discounts on the market-leading cybersecurity software.

  • Round-the-Clock Protection

Incidents like cyberattacks may happen anytime, not only during the company’s standard business hours, and 24/7 support and monitoring services are necessary to keep a healthy IT and network setup.

  • Availability of Cyber Experts

Skilled cybersecurity experts are in high demand, but their supply is meager. MSSP provides teams of expert cybersecurity professionals with in-depth knowledge on the subject. This facility is of utmost importance to operate a smooth business.

The Bottom Line

In this digital age, cyber threats are an obvious threat to any business, and MSSPs are one weapon in the armory to help fight them.

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from outsourcing their security to experts rather than relying on in-house or ad-hoc services. Large companies, in particular, may see value in employing an MSSP rather than building up their security team.

One thing is sure, though: if your business is connected to the internet, the security of your employees, data, and customers must be a top priority.


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