Lawrence Yarham

Lawrence Yarham is an experienced consultant, manager and software development coach who has worked with and delivered solutions for many well-known brands and organizations.  He believes that it's always worth stepping back and asking yourself "Why am I doing this and who does it benefit" first, before rolling up your sleeves and getting on with it. Chances are you’ll save yourself time later! 

Lawrence has 20+ years of experience working within businesses (12 years from his own consultancy) in the field of information technology. He has consulted with multi-national organisations, where he has helped deliver many solutions using best practice methodologies, multiple technologies and integrating with other systems. His experience includes Web, security, mobile, middleware, databases, back-office and legacy systems.

Lawrence is a friendly and outgoing person who believes that the success of projects and businesses is defined by the happiness and effectiveness of its people. He has worked with many teams, helped them work together more effectively and has managed and mentored all levels of staff to greater productivity in software development activities.

Articles by Lawrence Yarham

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