Lee Kirby

Chairman & Co-Founder, Salute Mission Critical

Lee has more than 30 years of experience in all aspects of information systems, strategic business development, finance, planning, human resources, and administration both in the private and public sectors. Lee has successfully led several technology startups and turnarounds as well as built and run world-class global operations. He is a trusted advisor and independent consultant for various organizations in the data center sector and provides interim leadership to emerging and transforming technology companies. His core technical competency focuses on improving the performance of critical infrastructure through sustainable solutions that reduce power and water consumption with application across all industries.Lee provides leadership from business strategy development through funding to execution and his focus on sustainable operations has repeatedly driven value to all stakeholders. Salute launched in 2013 and is focused on providing military veterans with job opportunities. By immersing the veterans and helping them gain experience and skills this initiative will deliver a feeder system to the data center industry and the first step in a career for the veterans. In addition to an MBA from the University of Washington and further studies at Henley School of Business in London and Stanford University, Lee holds professional certifications in management and security (ITIL v3 Expert, Lean Six Sigma, CCO). He also serves as a frequent contributor for several industry publications, including Mission Critical Magazine, Data Center Management, Processor Magazine Network World and BusinessWeek. In addition to his many years as a successful technology industry leader, he has masterfully balanced a successful military career over 36 years (Ret. Colonel) and continues to serve as an advisor to many veteran support organizations.

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