Todd Lyle

Todd D. Lyle is a leader. Currently his focus is on educating organizations about the potential for harnessing the human element through use of the cloud via a cloud services brokerage.

His fascination with the possibilities of information technologies began when he was issued his first “laptop” while serving as a young lieutenant in a U.S. Army aviation regiment in South Korea. In 1988, a bulky Zenith SuperSport 286 portable computer was his first brush with “mobile” computing.

Years later, having served with IFOR in Bosnia as a Force Protection Officer, Lyle returned home and obtained a Master of Science in Risk Control from the University of Wisconsin – Stout in the winter of 1998. Shortly thereafter he was offered a leadership position with a major technology company. It was while working at Microsoft that Lyle became interested in utility computing commonly referred to as the cloud.

Being well aware of the potential of cloud computing, in 2007 Lyle launched Duncan Cloud Services Brokerage to participate in the development, implementation and governance of this exciting new utility. At Duncan, Lyle assembled a business and technology savvy team that created “ingenious cloud computing services bundles that focus on affordable and customer-centric solutions.”

Today Lyle draws on his military and private sector experiences to teach and talk about continuity, operations, security, and best practices when it comes to people using the internet.

Lyle’s years of process development and his various wins and losses have allowed him to become a practical innovator in the realm of technology solutions. In 2013 Todd was encouraged to share “need to know technologies,” the result being the “Grounding The Cloud” series.


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