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What Does Disco Mean?

Disco is an optical disk authoring software application for Apple’s Mac OS X. Disco provides capabilities for audio disk/file burning, multiple disk file spanning, disk image creation and creating a searchable discography. Disco is a less-expensive alternative to Roxio Toast.


Disco was developed out of a collaborative effort between Austin Sarner and Jasper Hauser and released in 2007 as shareware. Users were required to pay a licensing fee after reaching a seven disk maximum on the same computer.

The Disco application has been offered as freeware since July 2011.

Techopedia Explains Disco

Disco provides tools and features for professional-grade mixing and music arrangement, such as dual audio decks, cross fader, automatic mixing effects and looping. Completed mixes may be burned to a disk with one click. Disco also integrates with iTunes and includes a built-in playlist editor.

Key Disco application features include:

  • Usage of all internal and external Apple-supported CD/DVD burners
  • Multi-session CD support
  • Rewritable CD/DVD disk burning and erasing feature
  • Dual-layer DVD support
  • Supports burning based on file systems, such as Hybrid, UDF, ISO 9660, HFS+ and Joliet
  • Option for easy switching between audio CD or MP3 production
  • Changeable track order with a drag and drop feature
  • Ability to make CDs according to AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS folders
  • Spanning capability for effortless backup creation
  • Ability to automatically divide several files on multiple disks to accommodate size constraints
  • Ability to make disk images from disks and files in formats like ISO, CDR and DMG
  • Ability to make CDs in disk image formats like ISO, CUE/BIN, IMG and DMG

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