What Does OpenAI Mean?

OpenAI is a tech company founded in December 2015 by partners including Elon Musk, known for his leadership of the Tesla electric car company and the SpaceX space exploration company. From headquarters in San Francisco, CA, OpenAI seeks to promote artificial intelligence through an open, cooperative model.


Techopedia Explains OpenAI

Part of the model of OpenAI is a positive move toward transparency. The company, which is currently funded with $1 billion, is pledging to make its research and patents public. It is also maintaining an open invitation to like-minded individuals to apply for a role in the collaborative company.

However, another major part of the OpenAI philosophy is both pre-emptive and reactionary. News reports show Elon Musk has described artificial intelligence as among the top threats to the future of humankind. Many others in related industries share this concern over a potential “intelligence explosion” that could render human intelligence obsolete or have other negative and unintended consequences for humanity. With that in mind, part of the work of OpenAI is to explore how to make safe, deliberate steps in AI, rather than leaving its future to the whims of the free market.


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