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Activity Tracker

What Does Activity Tracker Mean?

An activity tracker is a type of electronic device that helps monitor some type of human activity, such as walking or running, sleep quality or heart rate. An activity tracker can be a smartwatch, or other small device linked to a local area network or otherwise connected to an IT system.


An activity tracker is also known as a fitness tracker.

Techopedia Explains Activity Tracker

Activity trackers can measure the number of steps someone walks, as well as their heart rate and other indicators. Many of these wearable devices can port data directly to a smartphone or personal computer. This means that activity trackers have a lot of potential to change the ways that people monitor their health and fitness.

Many top activity trackers, such as top-selling Fitbit models, are compatible with Apple and Android mobile systems, (since these are the two biggest types of smartphone platforms) and can also be linked to Bluetooth in order to upload data to a computer. Activity trackers have been shown to help with conditions like obesity and sleep apnea. In general, activity trackers have become part of a “next generation” of wearable computers that change how people live and work in the twenty-first century.


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