Brad Casey

Brad Casey has a background in writing technical documents, but is branching out into the article/blogging format. He loves all things related to information technology, and has an unquenchable passion for writing. 

Casey has a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice, but after some soul searching a few years ago, he decided to obtain a Master of Science in Information Assurance. Casey enjoys dabbling in Java every now and then, and is fond of playing around in whatever Linux distribution happens to be on hand. Casey's true love, however, is using Wireshark to conduct network packet analysis - he's absolutely fascinated with watching packets dance across the wire. He's even found it helpful to his writing, where he strives to delve into the finer details of whatever concept he's attempting to illustrate. Casey sees this "detail diving" as a written version of a Wireshark capture.  

Articles by Brad Casey

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