Brad Hines

Brad Hines is a digital marketing strategist and freelance writer at, and founder of, a nonprofit that is partnered with the United Nations World Food Program to raise world hunger awareness and for other humanitarian issues. Brad is a lover of art, travel, cooking, and design.

Articles by Brad Hines

The standouts for 2014 included contextual-based technologies like IoT, IBeacon and other technology designed to bring people and things...

The Best of Tech from SXSW 2014

This Web whiz has spent much of her career in the tech industry and thrives on helping other women break the ranks. We interviewed her...

How I Got Here: 12 Questions With Web Entrepreneur Angie Chang

It’s that time of year when everyone feels a little bit ... futuristic. Here's what people in the tech field think is coming down the pike...

Experts Predict the Top Tech Trends of 2014

Not everyone liked the quirky cases Apple came up with for the iPhone 5c, but they look pretty mundane compared to some of the other ones...

The 10 Weirdest iPhone Cases - Ever

Google promises us a revolutionary wearable device. Will it deliver?

Is Google Glass Groundbreaking ... Or Just Goofy?

From recipes for homemade devices to hacks for improving existing ones, today's DIY "hackers" have created some pretty cool stuff.

6 Interesting DIY Tech Gadgets

3-D printers are an interesting intersection of crowdsourcing and the do-it-yourself movement.

From Mind to Matter: Is There Anything a 3-D Printer Can't Do?

Mobile and Web 2.0 technology is allowing for some cool devices you may not have heard of.

6 Cool Wearable Devices

Social algorithms are cold, scientific, data-driven measurements, but that doesn't stop us from using them in all kinds of artful ways.

Are Social Media Algorithms Getting Out of Hand?

If you're in business and are looking for a mobile payment processing system, there are now countless options to choose from. We test 8 and...

Mobile Payment Systems: We Put Them to the Test

Generation Y is known for its huge tech superstars, but its reputation isn't all good. Does this group deserve its increasingly bad rap?...

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