Leah Zitter

Dr. Leah Zitter is a recognized FinTech writer and researcher with more than 10 years experience writing for media outlets, small-scale businesses, ICOs, non-government organizations, multinational corporations and governments.

After having received practicum training in journalism from The Center for Near East Policy Research, Leah gained her Bachelors in Liberal Arts, her Masters in Philosophy/ Advanced Logic and her Ph.D. in Psychology/Scientific Research (focus: Behavioral Neuroscience). She is also ExpertRating-certified in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and has Yeda School of High-Tech accreditation in Technical Writing.

Leah innovated the "Deep Web Method" to help job-seekers find hidden online jobs and to help business owners and marketing professionals find hidden online clients.


Articles by Leah Zitter

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