Robert Springer

Robert Springer is a freelance writer based in the small mountain town of Sisters, Oregon. He has written articles for national magazines, online publications, websites and newspapers. Before freelancing, he worked in the banking, television and information technology industries. In addition to writing, he enjoys being delightfully distracted by his school-age twins.

Articles by Robert Springer

VPNs are becoming easier to set up than ever before. Here we examine how to set up VPN connections on several of the most popular types of...

Successful stints at two tech titans weren't enough for this Renaissance man; he’s now a successful writer and editor.

The virtual currency Bitcoin has had more than its 15 minutes of fame recently. What exactly is bitcoin and is all of the attention it’s...

Seemingly joined at the hip, the technology terms "the cloud" and "SaaS" are really more like parent and child than Siamese twins.

The rapid adoption of HTML5 - the successor to the now long-in-the-tooth HTML4 - is allowing programmers to create some impressive websites...

Cookies are likely to disappear over the next few years as advertisers and tech companies find more effective ways to track users online.

Are smartwatches useful - or just expensive and redundant tech baubles in disguise?

Called a "ghost town" less than a year ago, Google+ is now a huge, rapidly growing social network that is attracting a lot of attention -...

Computing devices are getting smaller, faster and easier to use. It's great news for consumers, but what about those working in IT?

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