Ahhh, the good ol' Interweb. Sub-topics include search engines, social media, and WWW.

According to this infographic from, at least 11,000 Twitter users have purchased more than 72,000 followers. So who's...

INFOGRAPHIC: The Economics of Fake Twitter Followers

Google is known for unique and ambitious projects, and Loon is no exception - it uses hot air balloons to broadcast Wi-Fi signals,...

A Loon-y Proposition - Your Future Wireless May Be Brought To You By a Hot Air Balloon

The jump from Web 1.0 to 2.0 gave us a more easily accessible, interactive web. But what can we look forward to with Web 3.0? Experts share...

Straight From the Tech Experts: What Will the Defining Feature of Web 3.0 Be?

Most businesses know that they need to participate in social networks as part of an integrated marketing program, but few know how to...

Social Media: How to Do It Right

If news business is, in fact, evolving into something new - a combination of print and digital - journalists aren't the only ones who'll...

News Isn't the Only Thing the Internet's Changing

Your online activities could open you up to a world of trouble, like hackers, identity thieves and malware. Here are some tips for keeping...

6 Free Ways to Take Control of Your Internet Privacy

The publishing world is undergoing a major shift as reading becomes increasingly digitized, and that's affecting readers and writers too.

E-Books: What They Mean for Writers, Readers and the Written Word

Social networks represent a drastic and rapid change in the way we connect with each other. Perhaps what's most interesting is the...

Social Media Networks: Who's Using Them?

Attract visitors to your website with these basic, timeless SEO strategies.

3 SEO Tactics That Google Loves

Sockpuppet marketing is shilling in sheep's clothing. Here, we review this online scourge, its legal ramifications and advice from Google's...

No, That's Not My Hand In There! Why Sockpuppet Marketing Is Bad News

For better or for worse, the impact of technology has never been more obvious than in the music industry.

Technology and Music: From Records to Digital Recordings

How is the information you provide to websites and web services used? The answer may surprise you.

What You Should Know About Your Privacy Online

Cookies are likely to disappear over the next few years as advertisers and tech companies find more effective ways to track users online.

Why Cookies Are Getting Stale

Spam may be little more than annoying email. Then again, it might just steal your identity or drain your bank account.

Email Spam: What Goes Around Comes Around?

Digital IP can make or break a company, and its theft and misuse can be disastrous. Here we examine some low-tech ways to keep your IP out...

10 Low-Tech Ways to Protect Digital IP

Hashtags began innocently enough, but now it seems we've created a monster. Learn more about their history here.

INFOGRAPHIC: The History of the Hashtag

People love cats, and so, apparently, does AI! Here we take a look at artificial intelligence projects focused on felines (and how they can...

AI and Cats: A Wonderful Love Story in the Digital Age

If you are on the Internet regularly, chances are you have come across a site that uses OAuth. Find out how the newest version of this...

OAuth 2.0 101

We take an in-depth look at what crowdsourcing is, how it works and why it isn't going away anytime soon.