Voice Over Wireless Local Area Network

What Does Voice Over Wireless Local Area Network Mean?

Voice over Wireless Local Area Network (VoWLAN) is a wireless network process for voice communication over a wireless local area network (WLAN). VoWLAN enables voice or audio communication on a typical wireless network through Wi-Fi or wireless, voice-enabled devices.


VoWLAN is also referred as VoWi-Fi or Wi-Fi VoIP.

Techopedia Explains Voice Over Wireless Local Area Network

VoWLAN is primarily a business application designed to provide economical voice communication over an Internet backbone. Because calls are routed internally or over the Internet, this system can decrease or even eliminate mobile telephony costs. VoWLAN uses the same IEEE 802.11 wireless networking standards as Wi-Fi to build a supporting infrastructure.

VoWLAN is similar to VoIP communications except that with VoWLAN, communication takes place within an organization’s geographic perimeter, such as in a hospital, factory or warehouse. VoWLAN works over a Wi-Fi network and software utilities installed on each client device such as a PDA, Wi-Fi handset or Wi-Fi enabled laptop. The client software provides the logical interface for communication, whereas the back-end wireless infrastructure serves as the communication medium.


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