Michael Kassner

Michael Kassner is a veteran reporter of technology, wordsmith, and founder of MKassner Net (LLC).

Articles by Michael Kassner

Agriculture usually isn't considered a very high-tech industry, but farmers are now using big data and other technological innovations to...

Why Big Data Is Big Business in Agriculture

Big data is big business, but only if it's used properly. Here we examine some myths about big data that may be holding your company back.

6 Big Myths About Managing Big Data

Digital IP can make or break a company, and its theft and misuse can be disastrous. Here we examine some low-tech ways to keep your IP out...

10 Low-Tech Ways to Protect Digital IP

In software development, focus is shifting from eliminating bugs to fixing flaws, many of which happen again and again. Here are the top 10...

10 Tips for Avoiding Key Software Flaws

A design firm's business is based on its ability to show clients what the finished product will look like. Now, with the assistance of...

Augmented and Virtual Reality Help Design Firms Please Clients

Data centers can consume massive amounts of energy, but some companies are implementing methods to lower their environmental impact - and...

10 Innovations That Have Made Data Centers More Efficient

Data security is as important as ever, especially in business. But who is responsible for that security when data is stored in the cloud?

Who's Responsible for Cloud Security Now?

Ask either corporate or IT professionals, there is little trust between the two departments. One researcher has some ideas on how to fix...

Is There Any Trust Between Corporate and IT Departments?

Google tries to make end-to-end email encryption simple to use. It will be, but there are caveats. Learn more about it here.

Google's End-to-End Encryption Isn't What It Seems

Edward Snowden's revelations of government access to personal data has cast suspicion on just how secure "encrypted" data really is. Can...

Trusting Encryption Just Got a Lot Harder

Malware doesn't just affect computers anymore - it's becoming an ever-increasing threat to Android devices as well. Learn about Android...

Why Android Anti-Malware Apps Are a Good Idea

Android marketplaces are not vetting applications sufficiently. A North Carolina State University research team has a solution that will...

Is This a Potential Cure for Malicious Android Apps?

Big data is big business. Here are some of the ways it is changing our lives as well as the world around us.

5 Key Areas Where Big Data Is Making a Major Impact

Hadoop has been helping analyze data for years now. Here's a look at it's start, what it's good for and where it may be going... and an...

7 Things to Know About Hadoop

Millennials are all about using the Internet to its fullest potential. However, when it comes to online privacy, are they doing it right?

Do Millennials Understand Online Privacy?

Gary Warner's the guy behind the end of the infamous Koobface virus. Here he discusses his career in cybersecurity. discusses where his...

How I Got Here: 12 Questions With Cybercrime-Fighter Gary Warner

The Internet of Things will change everyone’s life, no doubt there. The question is will it be a positive change or one that we all regret?

Internet of Things: Great Innovation or Big Fat Mistake?

Electronic health records have a lot going for them, but there's also plenty at stake. Here we take a look at key problems.

Electronic Health Records: Here's What's at Stake

CryptoLocker began crippling computers in late 2013. Now the new and improved PowerLocker has been discovered, and is even more dangerous...

PowerLocker: How Hackers Can Hold Your Files for Ransom

Free applications are everywhere, but most expect something in return.

Why Free Smartphone Apps Are Anything But Free

The convenience of the Internet is not lost on nefarious types who need a quick and safe way to launder money. Find out how they do it.

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