Oren Rofman

Oren Rofman is a senior technology writer. He's particularly interested in information technology, big data and the cloud.

Articles by Oren Rofman

Blockchain is being used for more than just cryptocurrency. It now may be able to simplify transactions of all types by removing...

How Blockchain Is Changing the Way You and I Do Business

City populations are growing at an unprecedented pace, and cities need to accommodate these increasing throngs of people. City planners are...

Can Big Data Solve The Urban Planning Challenge?

The latest in mobile development has brought several smartphone industry life cycle issues to the fore. Here are a few things that the...

5 Issues That the Mobile Device Industry Needs to Solve, Pronto

Although blockchain started out as a technology for cryptocurrencies, it is now beginning to find new and innovative uses in industries...

5 Industries That Will Be Using Blockchain Sooner Rather Than Later

Content delivery networks (CDNs) can be a quick and efficient way to deliver your content to users. But they aren't always the best option.

3 Situations Where You’re Better Off Not Using a CDN

Data analytics has become an essential task in today's world of business intelligence, but many fear that this task will soon fall to...

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